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  1. until

    Oh. Well like I said it runs too late for me.
  2. until

    I don't any any geared characters Imp side. Also that's too late for me anyway.
  3. until

    I have a reminder set, so I'm good.
  4. until

    I'm either gonna be on my Vanguard or dps Sage
  5. until

    Jokes on you, I patched this morning! Also 2GBs aren't that big.
  6. I don't really like the 9 o'clock start time as I'm never really gonna be able to go past 11, but I'll suck it up. I also have Discord if you want it. In fact, I think we should set up a Discord server for PROPS. It'd be great for easily talking to people, especially if someone might be struggling with a fight. or something like that, they can talk to people on Discord and get much faster responses than on the forums. Just a thought, but I think that it'd be a good idea.
  7. Sorry I completely forgot about the raid. I forgot I was back on the raid team.
  8. Amarix

    What next?

    What happened to the other 3 dps? Are they permanently off the team, or is this temporary?
  9. Amarix

    What next?

    I’m a ranged dps. I have 248 gear with 236 augs
  10. lol I tagged you in my LoA post
  11. @Phoenix I quit the game, Phoenix. I canceled my sub and uninstalled and am not very interested in the game anymore. I play the game for progression raiding, but the raid content is very lacking and I'm not expecting much in terms of raids from Biofail in 6.0.
  12. lol it's not a big deal. I'm still quite thin. In fact, I need to gain about 5 or 10 pounds.
  13. @Phoenix For the next 4 Thursdays I'm not gonna do PROPS because my stomach has gotten a little fat (even though I still need to gain a few pounds) and sparring class in Taekwondo is on Thursday nights, so I'm gonna go to that for 4 weeks to make my stomach look like it should. I'm still coming tomorrow, but not next Thursday.