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  1. Chasind's Artwork!

    Wow your great.
  2. Meme #0001

    That must hurt mentally... lol
  3. Meme #0005

    Oh how true
  4. In 1 month ill have been in this fine community for 1 year. Thanks for all the fun you guys have brought me with :) 

  5. Have a question/Opinion for you guys on this gaming laptop for my belated birthday present from my mom.

    The specs are as follows

    .  Dell Inspiron 5000 Gaming Laptop - 15.6" Full HD

    . Amd A10 9630P Quad-Core Processor with Radeon R5 Graphics

    Radeon RX 460 dedicated Graphics Card (edit) this card has 4gb of Video Ram

    Windows 10 Home

    . color Black

    . 8GB of DDR4 Ram

    . 1tb HDD


    Looking into it from here https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Inspiron-Gaming-Laptop-i5576-A298BLK-PUS/dp/B06XDY3T7T/ref=sr_1_1?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1520908587&sr=1-1&keywords=gaming+laptop&refinements=p_n_feature_three_browse-bin%3A9647486011%2Cp_36%3A2421887011


    So what you guys think? should definitely be a good mobile gaming computer for SWTOR and some older games but i like to see other poeples opinions on it as well.







  6. @Alli @Neo @Jae Onasi @Jixara @Rall @ryebread @Azoreth @Scya @Community. Hey guys its not a LOA per say so im not going to post it as such.. But i'm not going to be very active In TOR this week. I think im  going to take break for a few days. Ill see you when i get back :) .

    1. Jae Onasi

      Jae Onasi

      We are already missing you! :)


      Have fun on your break. Sometimes a mini vacation to rest and relax helps perk us back up. :)

    2. Jixara


      Have a good break! ^_^ 

    3. Neo


      What @Jixara said! :p 



  7. Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys.

  8. Have a great birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday, @joshhamm!



  10. @Neo @Alli @Scya @Soasa @Jae Onasi @everyone i was able to round up 15 bucks for my monthly subscribtion for SWTOR so as of today im back from my LOA :) 

    1. Soasa


      Yay!  Welcome back!

    2. ryebread


      Yay Josh!

  11. I want to come back to SWTOR but dont have the money for subscribing at this time so i wouldnt be able to do much of anything.

    Hope to be back on more soon. :( 


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    2. Jixara


      There's always more to do than OPs and cxp grinding :D come back and play!

    3. joshhamm


      @Jae OnasiLeveling event? whats that?


      @Jixara thanks ill try to be on shortly.

    4. Neo




      The new leveling event is a newly introduced event that is being added into General PvE Events. I did an open discussion asking our Hopians, what they wish to see happen as a brand new event and the most popular option was a leveling event. The first one starts this Friday, January 26, 2018.


      Since I'm on my phone, it will be difficult to link you to that page so I will just guide you.


      Star Wars: The Old Republic > Republic Barracks (PVE) > PvE Department Scheduling > The Beginning of Leveling! (thread post)


      Hope that helps,


  12. Wow my LOA is really messing me up Congratz on becoming DPT Assistant haha i hope i'm not too late(but i most likely am.)

    1. Stargirl


      thanks I'm the offical pokemon trainer

Congratulations to Siscia, Vil, Nightmare, & Shellflare on being the chosen Members of the Month for March 2018 for their primary divisions!

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