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  1. Yay! We can buy a house now. Hopefully. I don't know what the prices are. Right now I'm just excited to get my own room.....I just uuh...need the gil. I'll worry about that later. But what are your thoughts guys? You excited to get a house?
  2. Sorry for being late to the party. I was wondering if I'd still be able to world visit to Mateus once the fc moves to Malboro (I'll go wherever the fc goes.)? I'm not aware of the world visit systems limits. (My characters name is Anggir Dotharl)
  3. I just realized I haven't been tagged! Time to fix this. PvE and Rp o/
  4. Yes, I'm Currently on and thanks for the link.

Congratulations to ShogunTaira, Slyfoxmartin, MoistKumquat & TMUMT on being chosen Members of the Month for September for their primary divisions!

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