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  1. A new cycle has started the old galaxy washed away by the growing power of the Great Khan after his passing the galaxy descended into barbarism the great civilizations that bent the knee to the Khan only for his great empire to fragment tried to break free only to have a scorch earth policy apply to them the constant warefare grinded down the other civilizations that bravely fought against the unification under the Great Khan. In their last desperate act the civilizations that look to the future left enclose in time capsules a warning. Unity is the answer alone you are vulenerable together you are strong beware those that thrive in the disunity for they seek advantages! This is it folks a new Stellaris game with the Federation DLC am so looking forward to it and the galaxtic community will force their policies on those that have not joined (grins at the challange) just try it! am looking at Sunday 7:30 EST going for three hours ONLY Downscale ships mod lets get back into flow of games then we will try and nit pick more mods after hopefully a first successful game in quite a while @SyntheticPlayer @Kimberley @Tzunamis @Azraella @Kriege7 @Elohir @Morgana Ulfwe @Darkbringer105 @Tyrtaeus @Phoenix@Marbass @Telana @Rumze @Nova05 @Matatomi @ShogunTaira @KalianVan@ZEE88 @DreamingofRoses @Icarus @BisonLaFran @Vedian
  2. 78026340 This is my steam's friend code put this in and then send me a message on what your interested in so i can add notes to not only your names but i can also use it to add to the Master tag it helps organize such games!
  3. Hello all like the title says I have Returned! am looking forward to opening up a few games such as bringing back the good old Stellaris GAME! know a few are interested in that i also want to try CK2 who can dethrone me i would also like to see a little Civ a lttle HoI4! if there is anyone interesting in running a Total War game i will happily give you the reins to run them as you see fit! so be on the look out and lets get ready to plot to murder to conquror space and react WW2!
  4. Happy Birthday @KalianVan 🎉 May the force be with you!! 


    happy birthday minions GIF

  5. Hello all the owner of this account my Cousin has been in quarratine because he had a virus not the pandemic one the one he got from his niece and as some may know it is his birthday tomorrow so it would be awesome for when i go up to see him if those that know him would wish him a happy birthday i know he would really enjoy it!

    1. Tyrtaeus


      Hey Kaaaaaallllll's Cousin!! Tell him Ty misses his Panda Face! 

    2. Elisel


      oh my.  Please tell @KalianVan thinking of him and hope he recovers quickly. 


      And also please tell him Happy Birthday!!!  I hope he has a wonderful birthday, or as much a good one as he can in the circumstances!!

    3. crosius


      Happy belated birthday to your cousin, and to you also, @KalianVan!

  6. Well we are off to an awesome first session of our 4th game a standard map which means we have 8 people next session! awesome! This game started out a little different we had a surprise war declared upon me by the evil Vikings without provacation! and let us ignore the encampment being built in Dreaming direction
  7. @crosius sorry mate just gotta dive in head first i had my niece all week!
  8. "dramatic Civ 6 music" Its time civilization lovers for us to come together and play Civilization 6! Gathering Storm is a must Rise and Fall optional. Every win condition including Dominition is on the table. We shall gather at 7:30 CST and go for 3 hours every Sunday!. May your civilization withstand the test of time! @ZEE88 @Darkbringer105 @Telana @Marbass @KalianVan @Tzunamis @ShogunTaira @SyntheticPlayer @DreamingofRoses @Phoenix @crosius @Ezoura @Oswald-Plays @Vedian @Icarus
  9. Sadly it is the end of an era only five of the Civilizations withstood the test of time only one won the game and it goes too I wanna give a shout out to @Oswald-Plays @Ezoura we survived another game still talking to each other i call that a win! to the newcomers @Kalos @crosius and @Deluxe ty for joining having the extra people was fun even if you lot were peaceful on the other continent . The highlight for me was probably fighting in that brutal war with Oswald as Kalos and i struggle to stem the American Colonial aspirations! here is proof of my victory winning by a hundred points Well done @crosius for coming in second on your first MP match!
  10. Space Engineers...to buy it or not to buy it that is the question and if i do get it...how many of you poor sods will I be comanding! 😛 

  11. Ty @Ezoura @Oswald-Plays @Deluxe @Kalos @crosius such a great beginning for our new game can't wait until next Sunday and i think its only me and Kalos on our continent and the other four on another wouldn't that be awesome!
  12. @Kriege7 think rockmen that have crystals sticking out of them they look interesting
  13. ty for informing me so we will just be using those 3 mods tomorrow 7:30 EST don't be late