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  1. Hey all with RL stuff people have either move on or new events within RoH pop up so here is a new poll once again the majority rules not only including the day but how long we play for as well as asking if you want to play 2 times a week so vote away!!!
  2. And as I have family over who want me to cook lunch that is 3 out of 5 unable to make it so tonight session is called off now then can we play tomorrow or should we just resume next week @Vedian @Phoenix @DreamingofRoses @Kriege7?
  3. @Kriege7 @Vedian @Phoenix @DreamingofRoses If you can send a message to me saying you can make the event or not would be great and determine if the event goes
  4. may have gone a little mad during it but that why there is a week gap after this it i settle down and we will have a peaceful session
  5. @Matatomi there is always more room in the next game we are going to have some 20 odd AI research at 1.5% Admiral difficulty still Midgame crisis starting at 2300 late game 2400 so it should be interesting to see if we can reach technology part with the crisis's
  6. PANDEMONIUM IS AWASH THE GALAXY someone..."shifty eyes" has opened the L-gate and the Grey Tempest is running amok systems has already fallen billions of souls have been cleansed in the name of containment by the malfunctioning programming of the long forgotten AI ships and who will stem the stem "standing on a pedestal with the mighty Panuri flag" The Emperor has command we take up the charge against this enemy its time for the awakening of war within my nation to beat back the tide LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR!
  7. @Phoenix being able to go on fastest speed we should be able to wrap up this game before you leave!
  8. Sad to hear this @Malerok but good luck with your story arc!!
  9. I think we had a very good first session i blobbed out like i usually do i terrorised the 6 people that join the game into submission force an AI to become my tribute through force of arms slaughtering their entire fleet three times over while landing troops that peacefully occupied their planets except for the capital that was a bloody battle and now peace is secured in my corner of the galaxy
  10. @Kriege7 @Deluxe @Phoenix @Vedian @DreamingofRoses @LadOkapi we will be using TS and please try to arrive early 5-10 minutes so we can pick our empires and be ready though if this many people show up at once...this may be more pvp in nature only so much room to go around
  11. @LadOkapi indeed that is the only way to get better is to play against or with people depending on your Empire choice
  12. @Vedian there are no rules a little light RP so spiritualist and materialist can't be allies but a fair warning on Admiral difficulty if your a fanatical purifier and you get knocked out don't call for a restart to the game it is completely unfair to the others and @DreamingofRoses yes a new player has entered! plz sign up for the master tag list in the general tab of this club because I do more than just Stellaris I see Civ 6 and EU4 in our futures!
  13. Hey all with Icarus leaving the community I thought it would be best to start a new community game so here it is folks!!! if you know anyone else that wants in this game spread the word that next Thursday at 7:30 we will be playing for 3 hours for those that are worried about slowing us down or anything like that its simple turn down your settings when you join the game as we have discovered it works!!! (a warning will be playing on Admiral) so use this time to get some practice in) let's see if we can actually make it to a crisis this time!!! @SyntheticPlayer @Kimberley @Tzunamis @Azraella @Kriege7 @Elohir @Morgana Ulfwe @RaydenMarz @Darkbringer105 @Tyrtaeus @Phoenix@Marbass @Telana @Wavedox777@IntensePrehistoricButerfly @Rumze @Nova05 @Matatomi @ShogunTaira @KalianVan@ZEE88 @Vedian
  14. @ShogunTaira um the whole game has been overhauled so everything is pretty much new not sure what the update was called but its bloody brillant now
  15.  don't understand why this would be considered a horror movie they are just lovely pets in Aussie 😛 

Congratulations to Princess &, Chelly, Lakeborne & -Glamazon- on being chosen Members of the Month for July for their primary divisions!

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