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  1. @Kalos that would indeed make it difficult luckily for you Ezo has asked for more time so we might be starting a little later then mention
  2. @Vedian as am I it makes perfect sense for game developers to include this feature but Paradox is unqiue in this situation
  3. @Kalos am not sure it isn't a paradox game so am thinking you do need it
  4. @Oswald-Plays no worries mate next game then! would have been awesome having 6 so we didn't have a pesky AI but RL comes first!
  5. excellent come join! do the poll as well in the general tab it will be fun!
  6. ...Civ 5 and DLCS is very broad term we are using the major expansions yes Gods and King's and Brave New World
  7. @Oswald-Plays is there a better time? sorry i assumed Thursday because Ezoura said your both are in sync when it comes to times?
  8. @Ezoura its just my way of finding out what strat your going with shhhh ah Poland that extra tree
  9. @Ezoura @Vedian @Oswald-Plays @Kalos This Thursday coming up at 7:30 EST we begin our first Civ 5 game! plz try and arrive early so we can all get in and decide what civ we want to play better yet declare them on this thread so there is no confusion pick two preferred first if anyone has a match then we will roll to see who gets higher and you have a second choice ready to go the settings can be changed upon request so be free with your opinions! Small Contients Difficult for that one AI on Prince Standard Speed Low Sea level KalianVan Shoshone/Inca
  10. @Oswald-Plays pst...pst seeing how that worked can you do the availability poll that way i can set a date! and...which Civ game 5 or 6?
  11. I want at least 4 people who are intested in playing Civ before even starting a game so go forth spread the idea of a Civ game rack in the people! Songborne has sadly cancel his app so we have 3 for either Civ 5 or Civ 6 need that final person!
  12. @Kriege7 it can be you again i know i said rolling hosts but no point now without the Ancient Relics next game
  13. @Ezoura hopefully this link works @Songborne no worries about being blunt in fact easier to understand your point when you are so! yeah Civ games can be rough among friends kinda hoping we will all get along and go for non conquest victory though that is just a request not a demand and as i am in Australia it really hard for me to organize all day events so at most it will be 3 hours and thirty minutes maybe 4 if we all agree to go an extra hour
  14. @Songborne well i would never ask anyone to sit for six hours three hours at the most how its schedule is easy i look at the availbility thread in the club in the general tab see who click what date how long they selected to play for and see if they want to play twice a week i then form the event how long if we play i have no idea the last Civ 6 MP game i played we played on fast and it was over in eight sessions but it felt too quick for the majority of us but i will give everyone a voice in the game settings from how large do we want it to game speed and i have had no trouble in saving the game to come back to it later
  15. @Ezoura awesome if you can fill out the Availability in the general tab it would be so helpful right now we have a Stellaris Game on Sat and a CK2 game on Friday so that leaves five days open for the Civ game and which one am i counting you in 6 or 5? and @Vedian when i start the Civ 5 game i will make sure to mention you!

Congratulations to ShogunTaira, Slyfoxmartin, MoistKumquat & TMUMT on being chosen Members of the Month for September for their primary divisions!

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