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  1. Space Engineers...to buy it or not to buy it that is the question and if i do get it...how many of you poor sods will I be comanding! 😛 

  2. Ty @Ezoura @Oswald-Plays @Deluxe @Kalos @crosius such a great beginning for our new game can't wait until next Sunday and i think its only me and Kalos on our continent and the other four on another wouldn't that be awesome!
  3. @Kriege7 think rockmen that have crystals sticking out of them they look interesting
  4. ty for informing me so we will just be using those 3 mods tomorrow 7:30 EST don't be late
  5. @Ezoura @Oswald-Plays @crosius @Kalos @Deluxe sorry my bad folks i suck with memory all i just remembered was next Civ game will be late this is a thursday not a Sunday so 7:30 CST this way we can play a full three hours without Ezo falling asleep and there is no party due to the grammatical mistakes of this statement i thought she was calling work party not our MP game which certainly isn't a party but the dawn of new Civilizations!
  6. Sorry i forgot Ezo has a party to go to so our first session will begin at 8:30 CST time and go for 2 and a half hours but the Sunday after will be 7:30
  7. @Deluxe if everyone in the tag list comes then we should have NO AI how awesome would that be if there is it going to be set on King for the happiness difficulty if there is AI it will be on Prince
  8. its easy it like making a normal Civ 5 game @crosius
  9. @ZEE88 @Darkbringer105 @Telana @Marbass @KalianVan @Tzunamis @ShogunTaira @SyntheticPlayer @DreamingofRoses @crosius @Ezoura @Oswald-Plays @Kalos @Deluxe Its time for the next Civ 5 game with the second game coming to an end surprising end its time for a new one the most voted day is Sunday! 7:30 CST time if someone is willing to host i would happily guide you through how to set up one because the second game taught me a lot on how MP Civ 5 works make sure before the event itself you lower your settings to ensure a smoother process just saying it now Shoshone dibs! there has to be an advantage in organizing these games
  10. Congrats! on @Ezoura for winning the SECOND CIVILZATION GAME! on score! what an interesting way to end i wanna also thank @Oswald-Plays for joining as well as Ved everyone stay tune for the next Civ game!
  11. Happy Birthday from a fellow Cat person! :D 

    1. Xorno


      Have a great birthday!

  12. Christ i can never seem to stop doing new ones is my problem once i hit a block i just move onto the other dozen i have on my pc might need to do a purge soon right now am working on two at the moment the first is a cross between The Convenant in Halo where Humanity is one of the many races under the thrall of the Seers and kinda goes Rise of Atriox in the Halo's War universe only Human and the other is an Anthem/Magic blend where the MC instead of developing the five basic elements specialize in controlling Shadows due to an early trauma so yeah madness!
  13. Wow this will be my eighth game organize by me scary! So this time it will be different we will have rolling session hosts which mean one person hosts a session then another person will so we can find the optimal host in our little group as i have all the DLC's i shall be the first host. Now what i need from you is simple so I can manage to get everyone that wants to play into this game i just need you to say Count me in i will then go to the Availability poll here is the link the people who say they want to be counted in i will do my best to ensure that we end up on a date that fits the majority those that miss out i will try and organize a second day but with CK2 and Civ taking some other prime days you might need to wait for someone else to step up to lead a game so...LET THE THREAD BEGIN! p.s. The game will occur not this week but the next so there is no rush p.s.s if anyone has any suggestion or changes they wish to introduce to the game say so then on the day of the event we will take a vote if they pass or not!
  14. With the end of the last session i call this game a close and the human player with the highest points is... With the Awaken Empires roving in giant 130k stacks with the highest we can field being 70k is the reason why i have called this game a close i shall be starting a new thread for the next game!