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  1. ah with the end of the last it time for a new game! who will come out top can you build a civilization that stands the test of time!!! @ZEE88 @Darkbringer105 @Telana @Marbass @KalianVan @Tzunamis @ShogunTaira @SyntheticPlayer @DreamingofRoses @Phoenix @crosius @Ezoura @Oswald-Plays @Icarus @Merredith next Monday 8:30 EST is the usually time i host but depending on how many people want to play on a different day that is up for debt just not Sunday because i have Stellaris who will join with me on another painful jounery! Players! Bents88
  2. THE NEW EXPANSION IS UPON US! Gather everyone Sunday 8:30pm EST we start a new Stellaris game old comers and new comers are welcome! message me over discord if your interested over discord as we now have a mix of people so we must gather at a secret bunker known to select few but beware we may have a megolmanic or two...alright am not going to lie i am one of them FEAR THE SLAVING STARFISH EMPIRE! lets see how many people join this time!
  3. Happy Birthday @KalianVan.  Hope it is amazing :)

  4. HERE WE GO AGAIN FOLKS! With another game ending a new one shall start up! on the 21st 8:30EST the more players we get the more different Empires and general back stabbing and plotting is expected all to be the one ruler of the galaxy come one come all if your new or have a 1k hours of expereince everyone is welcome message me over the forums or discord if your interested we have some people that are outside the community that have come to enjoy the games and we want to include everyone!!! @crosius i gave you like 6 months to get ready! @DreamingofRoses can't wait to see what kind of plant you will play as this time and for all the new folks that are interested...come...we all float down here DISCLAIMER people wishing to play Fanatical Purifiers, Devouring Swarms, or Determined Exterminators be prepare for a rough time a moment of weakness can bring down your civilization you have been warn!
  5. Just as it has always been, when our memories of the ancient world fade into twilight, anew era dawns to fill the void; an unfamiliar path with a pulse of its own, a tempo notdictated by the labor of men, but accelerated by the rhythm of machines, launching the worldinto an age of bold innovation. From this cauldron of steel and sweat, a vision of prosperityemerged; harnessing the untold power of the elements, turning night into day, creatingnew designs that brought the world's stage to the masses and providing an experiencethat many had never imagined. The advent of mechanized warfare brought devastation likenone the world had ever seen, providing a window of opportunity for some to dictateconformity as regimes spread their ideologies with a heavy hand, inciting the world to thebrink of war. And yet, some chose a different path and, through their vision, brought uniqueprospectives to the world. As singular proponents of free thinking remained striving for peacein their endeavors to unlock the secrets of the universe—some of which, would fill ourhearts with fear and regret. And as this progress unfolds, the finite nature of our world becomesclear; our survival, the survival of all the world's peoples, depends on our ability tocoexist in peace, but this peace is tenuous. Although mankind will always look onward,yearning for more, searching for new boundaries, only to break through them, with the understandingthat this world is one, in which, we all share, comes the responsibility of knowing that thedecisions you make today will have a lasting impact on the generations of tomorrow. Who here still feels the chill of those words... THAT RIGHT FOLKS CIV 5 IS BACK! been a long time since the last time a civ game was held but am ready to host one again 7:30 EST Thursday! not this one the next gives you a whole week to decide whether to join me or not @ZEE88 @Darkbringer105 @Telana @Marbass @KalianVan @Tzunamis @ShogunTaira @SyntheticPlayer @DreamingofRoses @Phoenix @crosius @Ezoura @Oswald-Plays @Vedian @Icarus @Merredith for newcomers or veterans of my games all are welcome to join i run enjoyable sessions of humor and passive aggressive warmongering that many can attest to! "cough" Dreaming i apologize! or "coughing" OSWALD AND LACK OF SIEGE WEAPONS IN CIV 6! yeah that right i remember can't wait to see how many i can get in this session!
  6. just like with the previous CK games the objective game is to pick a dynasty and play till the end either fall to your neighbours or rise and forge an Empire! its just open ended pick a part of the world then survive!
  7. Wow already ten games over the spam of what a year...maybe two alright that is not as impressive but who cares it takes a lot of effort and planning to get these games going so shh! Here we are Game 10! we will playing a Large map so we can a little more space it won't be this Sunday coming up but the next! the 13th at 8:30pm going for 3 hours! with Downscale ships and also another mod that i believe Machine Empires will love their own race specific ships suggested by Kriege Machine Shipset by AryxLizzie and because we already include Downscale Ships in our modlist you will also need to download the Downscale Machine Ship Patch same author should be easy to find make sure in the start up screen that Machine Shipset is above the Downscale patch otherwise it won't work and your ships will be huge compare to others so make sure you set it up correctly! if anyone else wants to suggest the mod please inform me as early as you can so i can test it out and see how it works...why...simply am the Game Master obey me! can't wait to see how many people we get in this game last time we had 6 lets aim for more! @SyntheticPlayer @Kimberley @Tzunamis @Azraella @Kriege7 @Elohir @Morgana Ulfwe @Darkbringer105 @Tyrtaeus @Phoenix@Marbass @Telana @Rumze @Nova05 @Matatomi @ShogunTaira @KalianVan@ZEE88 @DreamingofRoses @Icarus look at all these people...we should be able to get more then six!
  8. With this the 9th game comes to a close with 5 thousand points lead i declare @Kriege7 the victory of his 3rd game this has been a longer game due to my missing 3 weeks because of RL but i like to think that there were many highlights we will be taking a weeks break then starting a new Stellaris the following week i can't wait to see how many we get in the next game!
  9. @Vedian @Kriege7 my mum took a fall down some stairs and she is holding up at my place 2 weeks maybe 3 and she will need me to help so i don't think i will be able to keep going with the Stellaris game so you can either call it quits declare Kriege the winner for having the most score or keep playing if my empire self destructs thats the way it will go but i don't want to you guys to stop playing maybe Wave can take over my Empire seeing how he is vassalized to Lord i don't know but its almost midnight am stuck at the hostpial sorry i didn't message you guys on discord but my sister phone dosen't have it so i logged into my account on it hope you guys get this before the event!
  10. A new cycle has started the old galaxy washed away by the growing power of the Great Khan after his passing the galaxy descended into barbarism the great civilizations that bent the knee to the Khan only for his great empire to fragment tried to break free only to have a scorch earth policy apply to them the constant warefare grinded down the other civilizations that bravely fought against the unification under the Great Khan. In their last desperate act the civilizations that look to the future left enclose in time capsules a warning. Unity is the answer alone you are vulenerable together you are strong beware those that thrive in the disunity for they seek advantages! This is it folks a new Stellaris game with the Federation DLC am so looking forward to it and the galaxtic community will force their policies on those that have not joined (grins at the challange) just try it! am looking at Sunday 7:30 EST going for three hours ONLY Downscale ships mod lets get back into flow of games then we will try and nit pick more mods after hopefully a first successful game in quite a while @SyntheticPlayer @Kimberley @Tzunamis @Azraella @Kriege7 @Elohir @Morgana Ulfwe @Darkbringer105 @Tyrtaeus @Phoenix@Marbass @Telana @Rumze @Nova05 @Matatomi @ShogunTaira @KalianVan@ZEE88 @DreamingofRoses @Icarus @BisonLaFran @Vedian
  11. 78026340 This is my steam's friend code put this in and then send me a message on what your interested in so i can add notes to not only your names but i can also use it to add to the Master tag it helps organize such games!
  12. Hello all like the title says I have Returned! am looking forward to opening up a few games such as bringing back the good old Stellaris GAME! know a few are interested in that i also want to try CK2 who can dethrone me i would also like to see a little Civ a lttle HoI4! if there is anyone interesting in running a Total War game i will happily give you the reins to run them as you see fit! so be on the look out and lets get ready to plot to murder to conquror space and react WW2!
  13. Happy Birthday @KalianVan 🎉 May the force be with you!! 


    happy birthday minions GIF

  14. Hello all the owner of this account my Cousin has been in quarratine because he had a virus not the pandemic one the one he got from his niece and as some may know it is his birthday tomorrow so it would be awesome for when i go up to see him if those that know him would wish him a happy birthday i know he would really enjoy it!

    1. Tyrtaeus


      Hey Kaaaaaallllll's Cousin!! Tell him Ty misses his Panda Face! 

    2. Elisel


      oh my.  Please tell @KalianVan thinking of him and hope he recovers quickly. 


      And also please tell him Happy Birthday!!!  I hope he has a wonderful birthday, or as much a good one as he can in the circumstances!!

    3. crosius


      Happy belated birthday to your cousin, and to you also, @KalianVan!

  15. Well we are off to an awesome first session of our 4th game a standard map which means we have 8 people next session! awesome! This game started out a little different we had a surprise war declared upon me by the evil Vikings without provacation! and let us ignore the encampment being built in Dreaming direction
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