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    Travyrin (Paladin Protection/ Retribution) Jinghoo (Monk Windwalker Pure DPS all the way! :D)

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  1. @Phoenix we are still in the process of what I am calling game 5b will announce the 6th game after this current one ends
  2. @ShogunTaira um the whole game has been overhauled so everything is pretty much new not sure what the update was called but its bloody brillant now
  3.  don't understand why this would be considered a horror movie they are just lovely pets in Aussie 😛 

  4. The plague that wiped all but a few Isolated Empires has passed into the void nor will the galaxy remain empty for long as already a dozen races have discovered the FTL drive and are preparing to step out into the harsh galaxy who will emerge as the strongest race who will be thankful to survive for am ensuring a Mid-game Crisis and a Late Game this one is for the long haul gentlemen and Ladies the settings will be Medium-Large Galaxy Size depending on the number of players we get Time Thursday 7:30pm-11:30pm EST Difficulty Commodore Medium 8 AI for Large 12 AI (+2 for every player that joins) 3 Pirate Empires giving us a greater chance of the Great Khan appearing for Midgame crisis 3 Fallen Empires for Medium 4 if Large Distribute Players settings Habitable worlds set on 1.75% Primitive set on 1.5% Crisis set on 1.25% Tech/Tradition 1% Midgame Crisis ticker will start 2400 Late Game ticker will start at 2600 Giving us 200 years to deal with the Midgame crisis (I know am kind and benevolent) Mods Required Downscale Ships and Astronomical Emblem Pack @Phoenix @Kriege7 @Vikkie @Nova05 @Marbass @Deluxe @Malerok Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!
  5. Someone just gifted me Kingdom Rush Origins....and there is a panda monk hero whoever did gift me it...ty :D 

    1. Kemenril


      I love that series of games. They're straight-up the most fun tower defense games ever!

    2. KalianVan


      Trying to do Impossible difficulty on it...best addition so many more mobs to destroy :D 


  6. Hey potential self-publish authors currently looking for more clients to fill 20 hours I have left in my fortnight schedule for those that are interested send an email to me at catoaqulia@gmail.com for more details I do first chapters for free and I do have a reference if you need it 

  7. Happy birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday! 🎂 Hope you enjoyed your aging!


    2 years ago I made a leap put myself out there and join RoH through the swtor division from watching videos such as Swtorista it wasn't until later that Aravail who I had been watching for the 3 months before was part of the same community youtube such a small world 😛. At this time I began to become independent diagnosed with Aspergers my family overcompensated for me in terms of control and shelter the home I am in was bought with money my grandfather left me when he died because he knew better than most how hard it was for me to interact with the world. My income is through rent money of the master bedroom and my own small self created job as a proof reader for future self-publish authors I tried working for a publishing house but my disability allowed others to take advantage of me under the guise of friendship I would help with their work on top of my own anyway anyway its in the past am happier working for myself.


    Before going on a little background is required I had only played WoW with my father who always insisted that no one on the internet is my friend and to never tell them where I am I thought everyone had been told this but in my rebellious youth 18 (late bloomer 😛 ) I secretly used the account he set up for me to play on other realms join other guilds because all i ever wanted while growing up is people to game with. My father  grew furious with me I couldn't understand why in his own misguided way he thought he was keeping me safe...too bad it was scarring and during 2016 we had a fight and our relationship has never been the same sadly I stopped playing any MMO's after that fight something that brought me so much pain I didn't want it in my life. I put my head down and I worked from 8am to 6pm getting crappy jobs and pay but it gave me enough independence to want more from my life little did I know it would cost me another family member after my grandfather passed away my uncle and I grew close but as he hit his late 70's he had to give up living in his family home to live in a nursing home I took over the place looking after it instead of rent....couldn't afford the place otherwise. Taking him away from his home ultimately killed him three weeks later he passed in his sleep he must have known because in his will he left the property to me he had no children of his own and believed while I don't have the last name after the fight with my father I have all but taken my mother last name that it should stay with a Griffin. Depression came around how can it not the number of people I interacted with was slowly fading playing games by myself no longer stave the pangs of loneliness then came RoH.


    With a small income I decided to take a leap after binge-watching youtube videos about swtor I enjoyed the storyline videos that Aravail did then came a recommendation video made by Swtorista after watching it took a lot for me to write out the application I was so self-conscious about my answers I messaged the swtor RO at the time in a panic that I forgot to even post it! looking back I can laugh about it now because I was so focused on leveling my first toon Vannatos the last half of my name shorten is from thankfully :D I was able to be a bit more conservative about my answers this time. 😛 When I saw that RoH had a WoW division I felt something for the first time concerning WoW a sense of longing with a steady income I could afford it and after a month of being with the swtor division I switch from that one to WoW creating a whole new account away from my father away from his achievements because he had got them all nothing I had was earned by myself so it felt liberating to play WoW from scratch. I had always been interested in pvp during my rebellious youth I became second in command of a horde pvp guild before being found out by my father and forced to leave it and there was an opening to take the pvp position I came in with such grand promises that only a few months of achieving nothing I felt embarrassed by my failure and retire quickly. From then on I lost interest in wow but not the community I hang around watching from afar doing Random BG's to pass the time an occasional raid but PvE is not really my thing. Fast forward to the last part of the previous year after bouncing through ESO that flame out quickly I return to wow around  April I think I created Jinghoo best damn monk panda on the alliance side of Azeroth :DI learned how to tank and did so quite well at the end of Legion and into the start of Battle for Azeroth and once again the officer position for PvP came around I had mixed thoughts about this but it was the members of the WoW division that convince me to take on the role once again and I would like to think it has been far more successful. After this week it has been....a trial drama both in RL and community am not ashame to admit almost broke me but the support from everyone from members to my assistant and my DC gave me the fortitude to halt my retreat into the protective shell I created to survive high school and the interactions in RL and come out...not stronger but not as battered...baby steps.


    I write this to not only celebrate my third year in this community but to the friendships, I have forged I did not write this to garner sympathy or to make anyone feel sorry for me nor do I want anyone to treat me differently after reading this but to express how important this community has become to me. Not only for my physical health but mentally as well two years ago I would never be able to do this. To put so much of myself out here for some 550 members last time I check how many people call this place home I hope everyone continues in whatever work they do to grow this community whether it be showing kindness to putting content on platforms such as youtube and Twitch... Now! "rubs hands together" lets see how many people i can get to wish me happy birthday because in 5minutes it will be! :D 


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    2. Kell


      Happy birthday :)

    3. Mevraz


      Happy birthday buddy. You're awesome. Be you. Stay you. We've got your back ❤️

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      happy birthday bud from your best assistant in the world. 🤩


    instead of the day think whole bloody week thing still looks better than I do :D 

  11. The title says it all...Rimworld Multiplayer...let the terrifying confusion begin
  12. KalianVan

    Rated Battlegrounds

    Hey all Rated Battlegrounds need 1 tank 3 healers and 7 DPS

Congratulations to Lupe, Kitty Chelle & Ennuigo on being chosen Members of the Month for May for their primary divisions!

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