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  1. Just did m8! And yes we play pc. @Outshined
  2. Sry have been bussy! Since i got no answer i believe not. But @WhitePhoenix an i are currently playing a lot, @Outshined.
  3. Alright mates , do you guys still play? If yes i have a few quesions! 1) Do we have a RoH dedicated clan? 2) If yes where do i sing in? If not, why? 3) Do you have tipps on how to make platin as a new player, like items i schould look for to sell and such to unlock more warframe and weapon space space?
  4. I've been playing on our Conan Exiles server for a few days and found a lot of Bases without an actual owner... I suspect it is because of inactivity. I've also noticed that all your pets and thralls where starving and i couldn't let that happen... it broke my heart knowing that does digital creature where suffering... So i went hunting and stocked the pens with meat and i also did it for the thralls. Now i noticed some buildings disappearing and breaking, my guess is because of the decay timer. So i just wanted to remind everyone who plays and wants to keep the stuff and buildings to log on, claim and repair everything or even deactivate the decay timer or else it will be all gone someday. For the record since i can not save your buildings and Thralls from decay I've been saving as much materials as i could so if you go online and find your Base intact but no mats or thralls there know that i took them so that they don't get lost and your are welcome to message me to get your stuff back Sry if i post it in the wrong corner but i couldn't find Conan Exiles on the Topic list.
  5. Hey Folks! I am playing Pokemon Go and my wife does it too so i was wondering if there are also active Pokemon Go players in here. We just got a quest that requires us to get three new friends and that woke my interesst in finding out if anyone here plays and if you are interessted in sharing friend codes. Here is mine if someone want: 1139 2280 6475 and here is the friend code of my wife @WhitePhoenix : 7848 4115 6512
  6. Hey Folks i still play Ultra sun and moon, since i have no money to spare for the Switch so if someone is intressted here is my Friendcode for 3DS 3282-6448-4517 I would enjoy doing Battles from Time to time

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