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  1. I'm enjoying it. just got to mapping playing as skeleton necromancer has been pretty fun, only died to some one shots but other than that not too many times
  2. Happy birthday Shant!! 🎂

  3. Was a lots of fun, thanks for hosting it and teaching! Here's picture of my screen got into duke and my brother as my rival xD
  4. Alright, then best for me would be from 1 am to 2 pm est but i can come like from 10 pm est and stay up to 4pm after that it starts to be a bit late hope this makes sense but i'm like + 8 to est and + 7 to edt
  5. i would say 2,3,1,4 but anything goes, for time do you want it for est or edt because of summer? @KalianVan
  6. for me best times will be from Friday to Sunday because i'm working at Monday to Thursday.
  7. sounds good to me, i'll get ck2 as soon as i can
  8. Jarxa is name for my character i'm using, and by username i guess you mean steam? If so that's Thorni
  9. I don't play everyday but i play a lot and would like to get invite sometime
  10. I started with some melee build did not like it and now going with essence drain & contagion trickster feels more fun to me
  11. Will at least check legion out not sure what build yet but some melee build
  12. Like always i'm playing also on pc so if simeone wants to team up my blizz name is Thorn#2123 atm farming at T11
  13. Anyone else started new season on Diablo 3? I started as demon hunter going to gear for n6m4 sentry build, can't wait to test this free ring of royal grandeur buff
  14. Happy birthday! 🎂

    1. Tyrtaeus


      Thank you, Thorn!!! You're a CHAMP!!

  15. update to this: 1. Thorn#2123 2. HotS, WoW, D3 also got Overwatch! 3. 9 am to 9 pm. (edt) most of the days 4. Just started my seasonal D3 character on pc, so will be pushing that a lot
  16. Happy birthday! 🎉

    1. Elisel


      Thank you @Thorn I miss you!

  17. I play from Finland so i get high ping also, but i don't mind it's more fun to play with guildies than just solo
  18. Happy birthday Shant!!!! 🎂

  19. Happy birthday! 🎂

  20. 1. Thorn#2123 2. HotS and WoW 3. 9 am to 7 pm. (edt) most of the days 4. I play diablo 3 and overwatch on xbox one, id is: Thorni1
  21. yea i could play for around full hour so yes