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  1. until

    I will not be here this week same as last week.
  2. Hey Google guess who has a birthday today!


    Happy Birthday Katalaw!

    1. Katalaw


      HEY GOOGLE, IT'S ME!!!

  3. until

    @Cixial for another weekend!!
  4. until

    @Cixial is gonna be around for dps tonight if we need as well!
  5. Saw everyone else doing it sooooo...



    Image result for star wars hug gif

  6. I had heard of that one myself! It looked pretty good but I fear it shall wind up in my never ending list of "shows to watch"
  7. Howdy Folks! As we approach the end of the Spring 2019 season ( Sad because Shield Hero Ended ) We approach the super Hype Summer of 2019. Featuring Shoes like Danmachi Season 2 ( Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon) Dr Stone And many others ( mostly my hype 2 tbh) Let us know what you plan on watching or catching up on in this season of summer! Here is a website I use to find whats coming this season and many others that are coming later https://www.livechart.me/summer-2019/tv
  8. Happy Birthday little bro!


    Image result for happy birthday  gif star wars

  9. until

    Tank 1: @Scya Tank 2: @Sayuri Heals 1: @Merliah Heals 2: @Hippy MDPS 1: @Jed MDPS 2: @Aedi Lanigiro RDPS 1: @Katalaw RDPS 2: @Owyn Backups: @Sithlike @Passiflora @Revanite @Rama Tag going out for reminder!
  10. until

    I won't be able too tonight @Sayuri @Owyn V-Day stuff going to be going on a bit longer tonight then i Thought.
  11. Happy Birthday Mate!


    Related image

  12. until

    I can be around, I only carry healers on Pub side these days soooo. @Katalaw

Congratulations to LadyAdrienne, Vorn, King Ragnar & Randal Arin on being chosen Members of the Month for August for their primary divisions!

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