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  1. until

    Sign me up as super bad dps
  2. Another year down. I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays my dear! I'm so proud to have been apart of 4 birthdays with you now. My forever SWTOR wifey ❤️ . Love you much! 


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    1. Merliah


      You always know just what to say 🥲 hard to believe it's been this long! 💗


      ❤️ you Hippy

  3. until

    RDps but I can also heal.
  4. until

    imma rdps as well.
  5. until

    i come dps
  6. until

    I can come dps.
  7. Hi Fellow Anime Friends! I know this club has been very inactive for a few years but I have not left you all! Your Senpai is always here. For those new to the club Welcome aboard! Glad to see so many faces here in RoH who also share some form of love for one great source of entertainment. Updating my current tastes and things I have gotten to enjoy in the years. Still loving my Slice of Life High School anime. Still holding a deep love for the Isekai genre as well. And well I still really like the OP Main Character who kinda just one shots everything but.... What I love the most are my Villain's of shows. As you can see by my pfp I especially love the ones that are made so strong the only feasible way that they go down is by plot. Some of my favorite shows are The irregular at magic high Love is War. Golden Time Death March to a Parallel World Rhapsody Rising of the Shield Hero Nisekoi Haven't you heard? I'm Sakamoto Please feel free to share your own favorites!
  8. until

    I can heal or rDps
  9. Happy Birthday Hippy!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hippy



  10. until

    Id gladly DPS this as well.
  11. until

  12. until

  13. until

    Pew Pew Dps Dude. (rDps)
  14. until

    YO merl, I need a watching in discord role.
  15. until

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