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  1. Hippy

    [SWTOR] The Last Line


    I won't be able too tonight @Sayuri @Owyn V-Day stuff going to be going on a bit longer tonight then i Thought.
  2. Happy Birthday Mate!


    Related image

  3. Hippy

    [FUN WEEK!] Strike Team Alpha


    I can be around, I only carry healers on Pub side these days soooo. @Katalaw
  4. Hippy

    The Last Line (SWtOR)


    @Scya @Owyn Hey I won't be able to make it, mom is currently on her way to the hospital and I probably won't have the freedom to come play if she happens to come back home tonight or stays there.
  5. Hippy

    The Last Line (SWtOR)


    inexcusable @Scya
  6. Happy birthday to the ALT toon QUEEN! More toons then your own age ( and boy is that up there ) 

    Much love to you my friend. Hope it was an awesome day. 

  7. Hippy

    The Last Line (SWtOR)


    I shall be here!
  8. Hippy

    Happy Birthday my friend!

    I hope it is as awesome as you are! 

    1. Neo


      Thanks Hippy! ❤️ 

  9. Hippy

    Strike Team Alpha Plan!

    Sayuri has me number and both her and tyrlo have me on discord and passi has me on facebook!! Plus, Thanks for stepping up on this Katalaw. I should be able to heal more often once the 11th moves by.
  10. Hippy

    What next?

    Round 755900 Roster! Tank 1: @Tyrlo Tank 2: @Aravail Heals 1: @Sayuri Heals 2: @Katalaw DPS 1: @Orig Wrangler DPS 2: @Vorn DPS 3: @Passiflora DPS 4: @BattingChart Back-up @Hippy @RaVem
  11. Hippy

    What next?

    So how about this! I have a busy next 3 weeks coming up with preparing for finals for college. Tank 1: @Tyrlo Tank 2: @Aravail Heals 1: @Sayuri Heals 2: @Katalaw DPS 1: @Orig Wrangler DPS 2: @RaVem DPS 3: @Passiflora DPS 4: @BattingChart I can fill as a back up just in case since I have to focus up a little more for school.
  12. Hippy

    What next?

    Uh, well we are trying to remake some DPS we lost soooooooo You can of course come back!!
  13. Hippy

    What next?

    Sorry!! I thought i posted it but doing this on my phone didn't work. Mom is sick and I am in charge of watching her tonight! No can do but GL !!
  14. Hippy

    What next?

    Tank 1: @Tyrlo Tank 2: @Aravail Heals 1: @Sayuri Heals 2: @Hippy DPS 1: DPS 2: @Katalaw DPS 3: DPS 4: So as you can seen, we have lost 3 of our DPS for our team. Which puts us in a very tight spot with our team. SO That being said, we would have to go back and recruit in the guild. That being said ( not trying to be mean or anything) we would most definitely have to start back at doing HM raids before we even think about going back into NiM. Curious on everyones opinion IF they want to keep going or not.

Congratulations to Peureki, Biri B & Jason on being chosen Members of the Month for February for their primary divisions!

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