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  1. Welcome again friends to some more of the HHH. We did great with getting Vorn that HM DF clear and the quick move to NiM TFB We had some really great pulls and the one heart breaking pull at 0% ( big F in the chat) So we are gonna dive back in again to NiM TFB The Roster for Saturday 7-9 Tank: @brnji Tank: @deltastarfighter Heals: @Vehirt Heals: rDps: @Hippy rDps: @Neo mDps: @Vorn mDps: @brazymando Backups: @Saal , @Rykyn We still are looking for a perm healer to fill so if you know anyone who is interested, let me or brnji know.
  2. Requirements to join our team in certain roles! 18k DPS on 6.5m dummy 14k HPS on 3.25m dummy All SM clears VIA tank role. 15k threat per second on 1m parse dummy. ABOVE all else you must show a willing to learn more and adapt with your class going forward.
  3. Hello and welcome to the Hungry Hungry Hippies! Thank you for expressing your interest into joining our team. We are an Imperial only team that raids on Saturdays and occasionally on Fridays. If there are any questions or if you want an invite in, please PM me or Brnji
  4. until

    Tank: @brnji Tank: @deltastarfighter Heals: @Vehirt Heals: rDps: @Hippy rDps: @Neo mDps: @Vorn mDps: @brazymando Backups: @Saal , @Rykyn
  5. until
    Welcome to the Hungry Hungry Hippies Raid night. It is every Saturday, 7-9pm. This week are going to be running Saturday is Brontes VM first. Then Nim TFB. 7-9pm impside.
  6. oh absolutely! I wasn't so happy when they delayed the new season.
  7. Hey there everyone! With the recent joining, I figured it was time for me to get back into posting here! So for everyone new and old! Welcome to the anime club! I am Hippy or as I am known by some others. Hippy-Senpai! I'm a fan of most genres but i'm a fanatic for the highschool romance and "transported to another world" ( good ole isekai) Also a huge fan of the overpowered Highschool MC that just transfers in. I welcome anyone and everyone to join in and introduce themselves and their genres.
  8. until

    R dps
  9. Hippy



    i am down to dps in vorn spot!
  10. until

  11. until

    ill join for some heals back up or some range dps.
  12. Happy Birthday man! 

  13. Happy Birthday to my amazing wifey! I hope today brings you as much happiness as you bring to everyone else, each and every day. You are a beautiful person inside and out, and deserve nothing but the very best today and always. 
    Thank you for being my best friend ever since I have joined RoH. The many late night talks or just randomness that happens. 

    I hope you have an awesome day, but I'm sure you will tell me about it later on anways. 



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      ❤ you Hippy!!!


      Thanks! ✨

  14. Neo

    Happy 31st—I mean 25th birthday Hippy.