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  1. Happy Birthday to our Imperial Princess! I hope you had an amazing one! 


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    1. Merliah


      Thanks Hippy!!!!! ❤️ youuuu

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    X rDps
  3. Happy birthday Ravem!!!



  4. A bit behind because of course I am but Happy Belated birthday!! 


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    rdps also @Neo
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  8. Happy birthday!! Hoping there's no double wide surprise. :D

  9. Hippy!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you are doing super well! ❤️

  10. Vorn

    Birthday blessings, Hipster!!!  Congrats on completing another trip around the sun!

  11. Happy Birthday @Hippy ! I hope you have an awesome day.

  12. Happy birthday!!!! ^~^

  13. Happy Birthday Hippy.   Hope it is wonderful!!!!

  14. Neo

    Happy birthday bro, thanks for being one of my best friends even to this day. Hope it’s a good one! <3

  15. Welcome again friends to some more of the HHH. We did great with getting Vorn that HM DF clear and the quick move to NiM TFB We had some really great pulls and the one heart breaking pull at 0% ( big F in the chat) So we are gonna dive back in again to NiM TFB The Roster for Saturday 7-9 Tank: @brnji Tank: @deltastarfighter Heals: @Vehirt Heals: rDps: @Hippy rDps: @Neo mDps: @Vorn mDps: @brazymando Backups: @Saal , @Rykyn We still are looking for a perm healer to fill so if you know anyone who is interested, let me or brnji know.