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  1. @KalianVan Aren't we missing a mod? I thought we used two different emblem/flag mods Astronomical Emblem Pack and Flags: Emblems & Backgrounds 2.2.2
  2. It usually ends up @KalianVan vs everyone (because everyone gets mad at him) or everyone vs AI (because Kalian got his but whooped and everyone feels sorry for him). We encourage everyone to play what they prefer, but most player conflicts occur over Authoritarian vs Egalitarian.
  3. Might need to get used to creating Vassals, planet management tends to get overwhelming late game. That being said, let's hope we don't end up with anymore fanatical purifiers, devouring swarms, or determined exterminators; I don't wanna have to deal with that kind of border gore again...
  4. Yeah... don't play with bloom effects and lens flares... Trek is way better without it anyway...
  5. Was attacked by the Eradicators again but managed to forever cripple them, the poor people of Horizon will live on in our memories. Gained a new friend but lost another in the process. We split the Purifiers in half and took their capital. Federations began to form. @Nova05! Your people have been breeding with the Slug people!
  6. @Malerok I'm sorry to hear that. Looking at the map, you seemed to be doing quite well, but then again it's kind of hard for me to tell what's happening on the other side of the galaxy. I supposed it can also feel really difficult having a paranoid player as your neighbor.
  7. @Nova05 What you may have to do is Impose Ideology on your Zaxoid neighbors, even though that war goal is technically Authoritarian and goes against Egalitarian thinking; so roleplay-wise, as pacifist egalitarians, you're really stuck with only Liberation and Defensive Wars.
  8. Got my colony and systems back from the Eradicators... and even took some of theirs. Next on the agenda: Grab the Yuht homeworld before the Mirovandia steal it.
  9. @Phoenix Yeah, you'll want to build up that station and try to hold it until your allies arrive (assuming they don't just sit at their capital) because they have a good sized fleet that will be a big help. I'll still need your fleet, or at least part of it, to harass the Kenjodan Eradicators; it'll be nice, just before or after my truce ends, if we can get their fleets at Procyon to follow you into my territory so that I can temporarily banish them by closing my borders.
  10. Well, the way things have played out, I would declare war on the Eradicators as soon as the truce ends, and then soon after, the other Purifiers would declare war on whoever it is that @Phoenix has a defence pact with but then completely focus on attacking Phoenix...
  11. It's all about exploiting the A.I.s tactics. The Eradicators have 4-5 fleets ranging from 1k to 2k in strength, so the only way to achieve victory is to force them to split their fleets by diverting them away from the main objectives; only ever dealing with one fleet at a time. That being said, the outcome might be better with @Phoenix controlling his empire instead of the A.I... Oh... and the other purifier empire is even worse... Once I've taken back my territory, colony, and strengthened my defences, I'll be able to assist @Phoenix with his unfriendly neighbors.
  12. ...Nevermind, I played a bit further and the OTHER fanatical purifiers are even stronger and ended up spreading out of control, steamrolling through Phoenix's empire.
  13. As shown, the fanatical purifiers completely ignored my defences and have taken root within my borders, I managed to take back the systems to the left of my capital but they still have my colony. I've played things out a couple times and I should be able to turn the tide within ten years in-game; it just requires precise timing, coordination with Phoenix, and of course some RNG luck with tech research...

Congratulations to Madhatter5510, KalianVan & Felipe on being chosen Members of the Month for April for their primary divisions!

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