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  1. Nah, I'm gonna be playing the Terran Federation from Starship Troopers... That is if Citizen Republics aren't negatively affected by the update...
  2. Is this the update? or just a major announcement?
  3. Kriege7

    Third Stellaris Game

    @KalianVanSo, is the next game on Monday or Thursday?
  4. Ended four Robot/Synthetic Uprisings Conquered both Fallen Empires (turned both of them into vassals) Defeated the Unbidden ...And revived humanity from near extinction.
  5. Kriege7

    Third Stellaris Game

    The united coalition split the Huxganniga in half; and, after the Alari were pulled into a defensive war against the space hobbits of the Giroid Covenant, the Alari began inviting other nations to join them in a federation of galactic prosperity. Now the Alari have tasked themselves with supplying their new federation with a grand fleet using the combined technologies of all the members within the federation as a symbol of their new found alliance...
  6. Kriege7

    Stellaris Mods

    @KalianVan - Downscaled Ships - Astronomical Emblem Pack P.S. I personally like the Realistic Star Names but in Multiplayer, it would make it much more difficult to call out systems to other players.
  7. Kriege7

    Third Stellaris Game

    Stuff happened... ...A united coalition banded together to avenge the Citizens Coalition of Light by obliterating the Huxganniga fleets and capturing their homeworld.
  8. Kriege7

    Third Stellaris Game

    The Alari have begun their quest to spread peace throughout the galaxy... and then they ran into a border dispute with the Butterfly Commies... and are dealing with claim disputes with the Snail Warriors...
  9. Kriege7

    Empire Declarations

    I looked at that emblem pack... the Astronomical Emblem Pack still has better choices imo... and a much larger variety.
  10. Kriege7

    Third Stellaris Game

    Not sure if I'll be able to use the UI overhaul mod. People were saying that icons and text begin to overlap on smaller resolutions. Here's two mods I prefer using: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687037851&searchtext=downscaled+ships https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1302897684&searchtext=astronomical+emblem+pack
  11. Kriege7

    Third Stellaris Game

    Hopefully I can get all my work done before Thursday, this week is looking to be extremely busy.
  12. Kriege7

    Third Stellaris Game

    When is the next update with the planet overhaul?
  13. Kriege7

    Empire Declarations

    I'm having trouble deciding on what to play next... This may be my top choice; if need be, I can swap spiritualist out for Fanatic Xenophile, but I like the extra unity bonus... This is in case I feel like being aggressive... This one is just for the lolz...
  14. Kriege7

    New Stellaris Game!

    @KalianVan, @Phoenix, @Nova05, The game tonight was cancelled, right?
  15. Kriege7

    New Stellaris Game!

    Those Fanatic Purifiers are really spreading... not sure why anyone hasn't tried to do something about them yet...

Congratulations to Marjevante & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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