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  1. Last week we started our latest game of Stellaris. I've lost count of which one we're on so I've dubbed this one, the Villain's Game; seeing as how all four players were playing "villains" or rather antagonists. The players playing as Skynet, the Union of Space Socialist Republics, the Commonwealth of Man, and myself as the System Lords Alliance. Unfortunately, Skynet opted to bow out; being surrounded by enemies and not seeing any possible options to expand.
  2. It's bringing back so many memories of FFXI, I basically just remade my character from that game
  3. Just started the Free Trial. Seeing as how I'm apparently in the "Crystal" Data Center being on the East Coast, I figured I'd poke my head in to get a feel for which World to choose.
  4. @KalianVan Sorry to hear that. On the bright side, if we are to continue, I'm certain your empire will do fine on its own... unless of course Vedian decides to try and gobble it up...
  5. A few shipsets that look like they're Downscale compatible: - Machine Shipset - Federation Builders P.S. Machine Shipset is Downscale compatible and the ships look awesome, there isn't a single design is this set that I don't like the look of, I probably will using this set for humans from now on.
  6. I certainly haven't tried mining yet, a prep guide for miners might be helpful (i.e. best ships for mining, necessary equipment, lucrative RES's). I assume we'd have to pick out a good location to start with . It also wouldn't hurt to have a few (2-3) people on escort duty, maybe even offer multicrew with ship launched fighters. I'd probably volunteer to be lead escort for a first time mining event. For exploration events, depending on the destination, we may need to treat those like we treat Progressions in other games. Since some expeditions (such as: Bernard's Loop, Colonia Sector, or Beagle Point) will take up far more time than the usual 3 hour event bracket and could spill over to a span of several months. We can however, instead do 3 hour "mini Road-to-Riches" events where the event leader would plot out a course within human space (using a road-to-riches course calculator) and we can see how many lucrative systems we can explore within 3 hours; at the end players can turn in the cartography data collected during the event to earn money and exploration experience. Although I'd personally prefer to go on the larger sight-seeing expeditions, they would require participants to forgo any other E:D related events in order to commit to the whole length of the journey. Lastly, I'm curious if anyone would be interested in some sort of relief-effort event, where we'd help out recently attacked or damaged stations.
  7. It's usually just brown dwarves, because they're basically superheated gas giants.
  8. I think I'm getting the hang of playing as a Megacorp...
  9. @Midget Cowboy I don't think allegiance to any Superpower has any affect on overall gameplay, I was asking more as personal preference as I'm in all three. I think it really only affects powerplay, which I haven't dabbled in yet. In which case, I'd prefer either Alliance (with Mahon) or Federation (with Hudson or Winters). For squadron names and IDs, names can be pretty long but IDs require four characters. I thought it would be kind of cool to roleplay the squadron as a private business or service, so I'll go ahead and list what I've thought up: 1) Remnants of Hope Enterprises, (ROHE) 2) Remnants of Hope Intergalactic, (ROHI) 3) Remnants of Hope Squadron, (ROHS) P.S. If you want that Sol permit, try finding delivery jobs in Tun. Every faction in that system should be with the Federation, allowing you to pick up multiple jobs at once and rack up reputation and influence quickly. A fast ship with a lot of cargo is recommended. P.P.S. Apparently there's a Federation Rank bonus going on until Dec 16, so you'll be able to rank up faster.
  10. I'd say I did pretty good for a megacorp... even with the AI taking over for me.
  11. Sorry, it's been a while but I've finally found some time to get back into the game. We can either start up a wing/squadron as @Midget Cowboy suggested or we can create a Private Group Session. While I usually prefer to play in the Mobius PvE group, I don't mind us joining up in Open Play. If anyone wants to add me to their friend list, my CMDR name is Niclas Grandell. P.S. If we want to start up a squadron, we might want to set up a poll on what we'd want it to be. If it's going to be RoH affiliated, I have a few Names/IDs in mind, but we'll definitely want to vote on Superpower and Power we want to be affiliated with.
  12. Pulled up some screenshots I've archived from my first exploration trip. Destination: Pleiades Nebula First image I took of a neutron star after they were updated. I found the huge gap between the planet and rings interesting. My first time seeing a brown dwarf with rings expanding that far. (could've also been my first time seeing a brown dwarf with rings) A water-world with some interesting rings... and another ringed brown dwarf in the distance. Exiting Obsidian Orbital in the Maia System (center of the Pleiades Nebula)... Named after Youtuber ObsidianAnt. View of the Nebula from a distance... I labeled the image "Pleiades Approach" but I think I was leaving when I took the photo. Binary Ringed Brown Dwarves... with the nebula in the background. This might've been my first close-up to a black hole, I'm not sure I ever got close enough to Maia B to get a good picture. I just felt the lighting and coloration of this planet was worth a screenshot... A red gas giant, my first time seeing one I think... A "hell planet" with equally ominous rings. Again, I found the color and wide gap between planet and rings to be interesting. Another Neutron Star, this time without the HUD...
  13. I'm just trying to roleplay, I don't care for metagaming much.
  14. Well, test things out at your leisure. Just make sure not to save or, if you do, make a separate save. Keep in mind that FE in the NW is a Fanatic Xenophile and attacking them unprovoked doesn't seem right, I'd wait until they awaken... or if for some reason they insult you...