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  1. Yeah... don't play with bloom effects and lens flares... Trek is way better without it anyway...
  2. The issue with gene clinics is that they take up a tile that I could use for something more useful in the longterm, like a robot assembly... but that was mostly just me being impatient and having to wait for the planet to populate before building in the building tiles; because building in the building tiles too early or before the worker jobs are filled can crash your economy... I'm now having to deal with overcrowding and unemployment and not really wanting to have to resettle everyone manually; existing pops don't appear to move from one planet to another on their own, even if they're free to do so. A good way to fix the "too many megacorp" problem is to just create a bunch of custom empires and play only with those.
  3. After finally getting a chance to try out the Le Guin update for Stellaris, I wanted to know who else has had a chance to try it and what their thoughts on it were. My first game with the new update has gone rather well so far, I'm playing on Commodore with 40+ empires and full hyperlanes. The new economy and planet growth is almost agonizingly slow and can be confusing and difficult to manage (especially when most of your resources are going toward establishing your borders), but I finally managed to push ahead of my neighbors by 2260. I do like how colonizing no longer requires a massive upkeep, though I'm a little annoyed at not being able to terraform habitable planets if you have species that can live on those planets... I really like the new federation rules, although I'd still like the ability to merge with other friendly federations; leadership seems to go to the strongest member and doesn't cycle and any member can supply ships for the federation fleet at any time... Lastly, it might just be because I'm playing with a lot of empires, but it feels like there are WAY too many megacorporations in my current campaign; I'm currently neighboring six (the majority of my neighbors) and two of them are in my federation.
  4. Nah, I'm gonna be playing the Terran Federation from Starship Troopers... That is if Citizen Republics aren't negatively affected by the update...
  5. Is this the update? or just a major announcement?
  6. Ended four Robot/Synthetic Uprisings Conquered both Fallen Empires (turned both of them into vassals) Defeated the Unbidden ...And revived humanity from near extinction.
  7. @KalianVan - Downscaled Ships - Astronomical Emblem Pack P.S. I personally like the Realistic Star Names but in Multiplayer, it would make it much more difficult to call out systems to other players.
  8. I looked at that emblem pack... the Astronomical Emblem Pack still has better choices imo... and a much larger variety.
  9. I'm having trouble deciding on what to play next... This may be my top choice; if need be, I can swap spiritualist out for Fanatic Xenophile, but I like the extra unity bonus... This is in case I feel like being aggressive... This one is just for the lolz...
  10. @KalianVan, @Phoenix, @Nova05, The game tonight was cancelled, right?
  11. Those Fanatic Purifiers are really spreading... not sure why anyone hasn't tried to do something about them yet...
  12. We're doing pretty good down here, though @Nova05 keeps pissing off everyone he meets...
  13. Here's my new empire, I've tested it out and I'm pretty happy with it. However, if anyone else wants to play humans, I can play this empire instead

Congratulations to Kingston75, Katalaw, Stormtree & DoohickeyJones on being chosen Members of the Month for June for their primary divisions!

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