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  1. If anyone would like a guide written for a specific fractal, or just have a question about a specific mechanic, don't be shy to post it up and ping me @BlixBlix
  2. @witchbolts I'm glad you were able to join us!
  3. With several different teams for the last 4 nights, we've given this fractal a shot! We were all very happy, and we wanted to share with the fractal club that one of the teams finally beat this friggen thing! No thanks to Josh Foreman, carefully watching over us! @Silver From left to right! @Griff @KageSennen @BlixBlix @Tanksk @Halindar #Samefight #Firsttry
  4. @Tanksk I'm totally down to do it. @KageSennen maybe can join us too! Or anyone else that reads this post. Edit: I'm tagging all the T4 Fractal runners in case they are interested in either learning 100cm or helping others learn it. @Tanksk @Halindar @BlixBlix @Colathan @Kagrenac @Peureki @demonbunny @Deyna @Squeeks @snowhawk @Drubid @RaVem @Griff @AceGonzalez @Pixid @Zulune @IntensePrehistoricButerfly @Gestalt @Itsscience @Altoid @Arianor @tiu359
  5. @TankskSorry I wasn't able to make it! I'm glad you got a group together, and I hope it went well!
  6. Hmm, yeah could you make it open. People can join themselves as well if it's open, and I can send invites to people I see in guild asking fractal questions.
  7. Thank you! @RaVem How come the member's tab is gone, and none show up on the club? I can't modify moderators and such or send invites.
  8. @RaVem I already sent Scoobs a message to change it. If you can do it yourself, please do. I originally made it private while I added the guides, then learned I couldn't change it myself haha.
  9. @Tanksk I don't really have a set time either. I usually attend our guild events, except sPvP and RP..So not during those times. Other than that, if you set up a time I could probably make it. I also get off work and am home by about 2-2:30pm est except on Mondays.
  10. So for those of you that have been wanting to dip your toes into fractals, the Tuesday runs are a great start. I run them every tuesday at 9pm est. I let the lowest amount of AR dictate which tier we do. We usually do dailies, collection runs, or do Tyria MPs. Depending on how advanced the team is, I will go through all the mechanics of specific fractals with people, and any question you have about a fractal I'll try my best to answer.!
  11. Hey @Tanksk I am as well! I know @Halindar is also very interested (has been for a months) and @KageSennen would also be down to come for sure. I can bring Chrono or thicc holo DPS.