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  1. Hey y'all, since there have been quite a few new people to this game I thought I'd share a video explaining how the HUD editor works, for me the ability to do this is amazing and really enhances my experience! Also in general this channel has a lot of great content regarding FFXIV and the FFXIV community!
  2. Not going to miss a chance to show off my character lol I'm also #TeamMiqo
  3. YES MORE FFXIV PLZ! Hi friends! I'm a recent refugee to Aether on the Jenova server but I do have an alt on Maetus that I might play more after 5.3 to see what they changed in the 2.X stuff. Jenova: Niri Nirith (my main) Maetus: Ruiko Yonagi (basically a new toon) Once 5.3 is live I'll probably be back to maining FFXIV but I'm also trying to play all the division games too.
  4. Icy

    Congratulations on yet another orbit around yourself! Cause we all know you're at the center of our galaxy!!!! CONGRATS VORN!!!!

    1. Vorn


      Thanks, Iceman!!!  Well played, youngling, well played!!!!!!

  5. until

    mdps or tank
  6. I was thinking we could try to balance between events for people newer to the game and those of us who have a fair bit of progress in the game maybe just adjust what we do depending on who shows up that day lol, I guess that means we should figure out a day and time to try for this then, the only days that are hard for me are Monday, Friday, and Saturday evenings but any other time is do-able for me, how about y'all?
  7. Hey all my fellow Warriors of Light! The purpose of this post is to test the waters a bit, first to see how many RoH peeps are on the Aether Data Center and secondly to see if we have the interest to try and schedule a weekly event! While we do not have anything close to a Division for this wonderful game, we still can play it together! Currently we have a CWLS for Aether and honestly that's enough to have fun with friends! So yeah, let me know if y'all have the interest to do stuff together and we can hammer out the when and what of it!
  8. Hey everyone! Super glad to see us trying to get a FC going on Aether, which is a new home for me I must admit. I know most of us probably main the actual Division games, but FFXIV is by-far my favorite MMO, and im sure it has a special place in yall's hearts too! I'm wondering if we should try to set up like at least a weekly event to play together! Having seen who all is in the FC currently seems most peeps are still leveling newer toons so we can easily do leveling parties! For all ARR content I can easily tank, heal or dps! Also as I am new to FFXIV with RoH peeps, please let me know if there already are events that we do... and sign me up! Peace and love! -Icy P.S. my toon is Rinami Minami
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  10. Icy


    Hey hey people! I recently switched over to Sargatanas and looking for a FC invite to play with you fine people! Toon is Rinami Minami.
  11. Icy

    Flashpoint Thursday


  12. Icy

    [ESO] Story RP

    The Circle of Hope strikes out on a series of adventures! Join them as they seek glory!
  13. Icy

    [ESO] Saturday Night Wildcard RP

    Come join the RP Team as the continue their adventures in Nirn! This time is reserved for either a continuation of the Story session, or for either Social or a special Wildcard style One Shot! Time is 10:30pm-12:30am
  14. Bow Warden rDPS cause it's all I got at the moment. Can run Ice Fortress/Leeching Vines
  15. Haven't seen you around much lately, hope things are well bud!

    1. Elisel


      Agreed, hope all is well @Ennuigo You are missed!

  16. Icy

    RP: Skyrim Bound!

    Event details here!
  17. Happy birthday pal! Congratz you're old enough to make terrible decisions! :D jkjk Have a good one!

  18. Icy

    Hahahappy birthday! ...old man. xD