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  1. Icy

    [ESO] Story RP

    The Circle of Hope strikes out on a series of adventures! Join them as they seek glory!
  2. Icy

    [ESO] Saturday Night Wildcard RP

    Come join the RP Team as the continue their adventures in Nirn! This time is reserved for either a continuation of the Story session, or for either Social or a special Wildcard style One Shot! Time is 10:30pm-12:30am
  3. Bow Warden rDPS cause it's all I got at the moment. Can run Ice Fortress/Leeching Vines
  4. Haven't seen you around much lately, hope things are well bud!

    1. Elisel


      Agreed, hope all is well @Ennuigo You are missed!

  5. Icy

    RP: Skyrim Bound!

    Event details here!
  6. Happy birthday pal! Congratz you're old enough to make terrible decisions! :D jkjk Have a good one!

  7. Icy

    Hahahappy birthday! ...old man. xD

  8. until

    Oh my gosh! You act like I don't like doing stuff on Imp Side
  9. until

    Hey @Merliah Imma have to drop out of this one, something came up last minute and I gotta handle/prep some RP matters. So much for me trying to raid three days inna row xD But foreal, sorry for the last minute change.
  10. until

    I can finally test out my Assassin DPS! Yay
  11. Icy

    Happy birthday Eli! Hope your LoA extravaganza is going great!

    1. Elisel


      Thank you!  It was great. Looking forward to RP tomorrow :)

  12. Icy

    Happy birthday! We miss you buddy!

  13. Bout to see the My Hero Academia movie at the theater! :D whoo!

    1. Hellary Ren

      Hellary Ren

      Scoobs should add 'HYPE' reaction of some sort, lol 

  14. Yay changed my name! IcyFrost93 was to many letters :p

    1. Merliah


      Who honestly called you the full name lol 😛

    2. Icy


      Not even me! 

    3. Neo


      Should've changed it to Spicy. 😛 

  15. @Junlar Happy birthday battle! Hooah hooah hooah and all that jazz! XD

  16. Happy Birthday Katalaw! Hope you have a wonderful day! :D 

  17. Icy

    *clears throat* Happy birthday old chap! Congratulations on yet another solar rotation! Haha now that I've done my best Northroyal impersonation hope you have a good one brother.

    1. Vorn


      That was awesome, Icy!!!  Thanks!!

  18. Happy birthday to @Marris Radwin our favorite non-doctor doctor!