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  1. Slazersc

    (PVE-PUB) Friday Night SMOPS


    DPS please
  2. until

    mDPS please
  3. until

    DPS or heals if there's a spot
  4. until

    DPS or heals pls
  5. until

    DPS if there's still a spot
  6. until

    DPS please
  7. until

    DPS please
  8. until
  9. until

    DPS if there's a spot (lol or heals if you don't mind dying ;p)
  10. until

    mDPS if there's still a spot (lol or heals if you don't mind dying )
  11. Slazersc

    (Op-Pub) Morning Smops Dxun


    Will be there of course DPS or heals
  12. until

    I'll be there! Usual DPS or heals
  13. until

    DPS or heals
  14. until

    DPS or heals
  15. until

    DPS or heals
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