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  1. Happy Birthday Jae!


    happy birthday rainbow GIF

  2. this guy GIF by Paul McCartney

    This guy!! My man!


    Happy birthday Vil!

    1. Vil


      LOL awesome, thanks! You all are chasing away the bday funk. 

  3. Happy Birthday Chelly!

  4. Big Happy Birthday to you Eli!


    happy birthday GIF

    1. Elisel


      Thank you!!!  Nice to be back and looking forward to Tuesday RP :)

  5. wish her happy birthday GIF


    ❤️ bro. Looking forward to when you return.

  6. Good fun at the social / gala !!  Thank you and @IcyFrost93 


    PS Don't forget theme song thread when got a moment 😛


  7. Hello everyone. As some of you may have seen (through notifications and word of mouth) PvE is hosting 7 days of raiding this week.


    This will NOT affect any RP event start times. DrfH (thank Icy for the acronym of the story title) and Social RP will begin at 9:30 PM EST on Tuesday and Friday. Imperial RP on Thursday will begin at 10:00PM EST. Social this week is Frolo Friday...YEA, who wants to miss that??? Woohooo, going to a fancy auction, get that life size portrait of Anderson.


    If your going to any of the raids, enjoy, win a deco or two for the Hope's Light once we finish unlocking it. If not, hope to see you at the regularly scheduled times.


    @IcyFrost93 @Elisel @Chelly @Vorn @T'rissanna'niss @Nova05 @Marris Radwin @Slazersc@Jae Onasi @Junlar @Vil

    1. Elisel


      "Life size portrait of Anderson? My characters have 'plans' for that life size portrait!!"

    2. T'riss


      Slash it and burn it while filming it and say this is what I think of you -lets out long list of cuss words- Anderson

    3. Chelly


      Ryver is going to use as a dart board and anyone gets bonus points for certain areas. :D

  8. Well...well...well...look whos completed their own revolution around the sun!


    Congratulations Vorn. *adjusts monocle* Jolly good ol chap....bully!

    1. Vorn


      Very nice!!! :)


  9. eyyyy champ, happy birthday!


    Hope that BBQ today goes well. Remember, more ice, more beer, and if you have more than necessary just....ya know...


    beer cooking GIF by Budweiser


    1. Icy


      Ha it was a trap, he took me to the range instead and we shot some bullets xD which is fine cause it's 100 degrees and I did NOT wanna cook in that.

    2. Jarkuta


      the office agree GIF


      I wouldn't wanna cook in that either. Total dad move as well, to go to the range instead xD

  10. Big guy! Happy Birthday!


    Don't crash that speeder on your way out to party xD

    1. Nova05
    2. Jarkuta


      I expected nothing less. Thanks for the laugh xD


  11. Jarkuta

    SWTOR Republic RP

    Start time is 9:30 PM EST. Though if you want to get started earlier, feel free while you wait for others to join in the fun.
  12. Jarkuta

    SWTOR Republic RP

    Come and join the SWTOR RP Team for Republic Side RP. We start at 9:30 PM EST in game and in Team Speak. RP's typically last 2-3 hours. Hope to see you there.
  13. Happy Birthday Aedi! :IMG_3738:

  14. Happy Birthday Triss. Hope its a good one. See you tonight for b-day ops fun!



  15. Jarkuta

    Zaifos' Spare Time

    Sugar spice and everything nice! xD

Congratulations to Peureki, Biri B & Jason on being chosen Members of the Month for February for their primary divisions!

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