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  1. Happy belated birthday @Chelly! Hope it was a great day! 🥳


    (Sorry for the late post)

    1. Chelly


      Thank you Jarkuta :) 

  2. Happy Birthday Eli!


    Happy Birthday GIF

  3. carl sagan space GIF by Challenger


    Congrats on another orbit of your own friend! Hope its a wonderful day. 🥳

    1. Vorn


      Ha, ha, that's awesome!!!!!!!!  Thank you!

  4. Point This Guy GIF by Paul McCartney


    Eyyyyyyyyy. Happy birthday brother!

  5. 1DFk.gif


    Hope you've had a great day, @Jarkuta!

  6. Happy Birthday, @Jarkuta!  I hope you had a wonderful day!

  7. Happy Birthday Jarkuta 😁

  8. Happy Birthday! 🥳 🎉

  9. Happy Birthday @Jarkuta - and thank you for all the awesome story telling and creativity you have provided.  So glad to see you back in SWTOR RP. 

  10. Have a very Happy Birthday!! ✨


    happy birthday minions GIF

  11. youre awesome bill murray GIF


    Happy birthday @Elisel, hope your having a fantastic day!

  12. Hello Everyone, 


    Question on RoH Roleplay.  Do you RP in game or is does this guild do a Creative writing style RP.  Just asking as I primarily was looking for a RP guild... just checking the syle of play.





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    2. Baroness Vezspa

      Baroness Vezspa

      Sure sounds good.. although unfortunately I work nights... and sleep in the early AM... not sure how many of those I will be able to attend.

    3. Madhatter


      Man that stinks there is a forum RP coming up so when I get you into the taglist you should be notified of it sorry to hear about you not being able to join us 

    4. RoguishZero
  13. leonardo dicaprio GIF


    Happy Birthday Brobi-Wan Kenobi  👊

  14. Hey ya'll, So with the newest patch not including a matchmaking option for the 8 player raid, I was wondering if folks here would be interested in putting a group together to complete that? Also, would anyone be interested in some weekly gaming sessions to complete some projects, find exotic weapons, or help some lower gear score people? I'm 500 right now but I dont mind helping some guildies out.
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