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  1. Ah hoy old friend! Congratulations on another revolution around the Sun! Hope the waters are treating you well, and the NiM raiding is going good!


    British Yes GIF by Acorn TV

    1. Vorn


      LOL!  Thanks so much!  Keep up the storytelling!

      Yours aye,


  2. Happy Birthday old Friend! Hope 2022 is treating you well, and that you're having an awesome day and celebrate the long weekend in style!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. Happy belated birthday @Chelly! Hope it was a great day! 🥳


    (Sorry for the late post)

    1. Chelly


      Thank you Jarkuta :) 

  5. Happy Birthday Eli!


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  6. carl sagan space GIF by Challenger


    Congrats on another orbit of your own friend! Hope its a wonderful day. 🥳

    1. Vorn


      Ha, ha, that's awesome!!!!!!!!  Thank you!

  7. Point This Guy GIF by Paul McCartney


    Eyyyyyyyyy. Happy birthday brother!

  8. 1DFk.gif


    Hope you've had a great day, @Jarkuta!

  9. Happy Birthday, @Jarkuta!  I hope you had a wonderful day!

  10. Happy Birthday Jarkuta 😁

  11. Happy Birthday! 🥳 🎉

  12. Happy Birthday @Jarkuta - and thank you for all the awesome story telling and creativity you have provided.  So glad to see you back in SWTOR RP. 

  13. Have a very Happy Birthday!! ✨


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  14. youre awesome bill murray GIF


    Happy birthday @Elisel, hope your having a fantastic day!

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