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    Video Games, drawing (pencil and digital), painting, music, singing very badly, dancing when no one is watching, video games, solving puzzles, creating my own theories, meditating, journaling, picture restoration (amateur), hopefully soon to learn piano, anime, movies, video games, programming (amateur), electronics, PC building, legos, and video games. I'm a jack of all trades, and master of none....yet

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  1. Razael

    Volcanic Glory

    Did you create this? If so, which program did you use?
  2. Razael


    I'm going to post a couple of drawings I've done. Please be kind I only have been seriously trying to draw for about 2 months with these. The first drawing was my first attempt to draw the face, and I didn't have a reference photo so I was just pulling it from my imagination. The 2nd drawing is my lips phase and really liked the way it turned out. The 3rd drawing is does have a reference photo that I was using. My next thing to learn is hair, but I'll have to sit down and start drawing again.