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  1. Happy Birthday @Elisel

    1. Elisel


      Thank you Iggy!!  Sorry to hear you've been having so much trouble with work stuff.  Hope it gets better soon!!


  2. Hey everyone, been away for a bit. Been dealing with a lot at work lately. Basically there's been two things going on, 1) I'm getting ready to re-deploy from Germany, and the new unit coming to replace us has arrived. This meant that we had to completely vacate our base we were on and re-locate. So there's been some unexpected time that I had to go without internet, or I would've came on and let everyone know that I was going to be MIA for a bit. And then there's no. 2) recently discovered through a series of random urinalysis screenings that many of my Soldiers in my company had been taking Ecstasy. So there's been this huge investigation, that blew open this drug ring going on around post, and unfortunately I had many people in my team affected by this, which in-turn led to many of late nights for me doing paperwork, reports, and dealing with the investigators. But anyways, now I'm settled (well partially) in my new temporary barracks right before we redeploy back to the states later this month! I'm so excited to be coming home and finally on the same schedule as everyone else in the guild. We still have some re-deployment ops to get through such as Seaport Operations and moving aircraft to port. So even though I'm stationary for now, I'll still be busy, but not as much as the last few weeks. I hope to be able to get in on some of the PVE action going on with Vestige with all my Dark Side pals. Anyways, that's about it for now, see ya'll in game! :)



  3. Thanks for all the B-Day wishes everyone!


    Attached are some pics of me after 14-hours of fun filled army stuff, lol, on this fine rainy day in my Germany barracks room (excuse the mess). Also, my wife bought me this new Freeboard which should be waiting for me when I get back state-side :D






  4. Happy Birthday Ignibus.  Was fun running Seeds of Destiny with you last nite.  Welcome to RoH!

    1. Ignibus


      Elisel, I had a blast as well! Thanks for the B-day wishes!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! :D Have a great day!

  6. Happy birthday! I hope you're having fun with us so far:D

    1. Ignibus


      Thank you! And yes I had a blast last night with Seeds of Destiny and the EV run! Got a bunch of new gear :D

  7. Happy Birthday! Hope, your trials go well. :) 

    1. Ignibus


      Hellary Ren, going great so far! Having a blast, thanks for the B-day wishes! :)

  8. Happy Birthday, fellow trial member Ignibus

  9. HAHAH, Just found this awesome pic of Han Solo, so I had to switch my avaitar......that'll probably happen often :)




  10. Is that a dancing storm trooper on your profile??? :laugh:

    I love the youtube video of the dancing troopers!

    1. Ignibus


      Yes, lol. To be specific, he's moon walking. B)