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  1. Skaal (he/him)


    Come sing a few toons or just support your friends on Karaoke Night!
  2. Skaal (he/him)

    Community Meeting

    Come join the community for our monthly meeting!
  3. Skaal (he/him)

    Origin Stories

    Join the whole community for a panel of long-time members discussing the beginnings and development of Remnants of Hope!
  4. Thank you Grumps for your service and sacrifice.

  5. Come show & share game-inspired food & drink creations!
  6. Skaal (he/him)

    Among Us!

    Come kill or be killed--in space! https://innersloth.com/gameAmongUs.php https://apps.apple.com/us/app/among-us/id1351168404 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.innersloth.spacemafia&hl=en_US&gl=US
  7. Skaal (he/him)


    Come sing, enjoy, or just hang out!
  8. Skaal (he/him)

    Community Meeting

    Community Meeting, to be followed by a Town Hall about planning a 2022 meetup!
  9. Skaal (he/him)

    Pet show

    Join your guildies for a show of RL and in-game pets!
  10. Skaal (he/him)

    Women Samurai

    @Triss will be hosting a community event on the Forgotten History of Women Samurai!
  11. Skaal (he/him)


    Come and sing your heart out, or just watch and enjoy!
  12. until
    Starting at 8 PM Eastern on Feb. 26, we will stream the great film Hidden Figures, about the African American women who helped launch the US space program and the rise of computers.
  13. Skaal (he/him)

    Community Meeting

    Join all your guildies to hear about other Divisions and the community as a whole!
  14. Skaal (he/him)

    Fashion Show!

    fashion is the true endgame
  15. How long can he go? Calypso will be streaming a Bioshock playthrough to raise money for the guild!
  16. To be followed by FF XIV Announcement watch party!
  17. Skaal (he/him)

    World Bosses


    I am going to try to come tomorrow but I am only level 52, so I really don't count lol
  18. Skaal (he/him)

    Community event

    Community event sponsored by GW2
  19. Skaal (he/him)

    Art & Music Night

    Share your talents with your friends in RoH! Any medium or format; 5 minute limit.
  20. until
    For more information see
  21. Come hang in #Social and stream your Night City adventures!
  22. Skaal (he/him)

    Tier 3 Trials

    Objective: To improve our skill and encourage team synergy as we take on harder veteran content. The purpose of the requirements is to help establish some expectation of the difficulty level of veteran trials and to have a reasonable chance of groups completing content or seeing noticeable improvement. Included Trials: - Veteran Aetherian Archives Hard Mode - Veteran Hel Ra Citadel Hard Mode - Veteran Sanctum Ophidia Hard Mode - Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj - Veteran Cloudrest + 0 - Veteran Asylum Sanctorum + 0 - Veteran Sunspire - Veteran Halls of Fabrication - Veteran Kyne's Aegis Requirements: ~600 CP Two 5 piece sets and a monster set or equivalent, purple or gold, all correct traits and enchants. Completion of any 3 of the following Veteran Content: Fang Lair, Scalecaller Peak, Bloodroot Forge, Moonhunter Keep, March of Sacrifices, Dragonstar Arena Completion of Normal Maelstrom Arena on any character Required Addons: Hodor Reflexes - DPS & Ultimate Share, Code’s Combat Alert, RaidNotifier Damage Dealers 60K+ DPS trial dummy parse. Combat Metrics screenshot of Fight Stats and Info pages preferred. Suggested completion of Veteran Maelstrom Arena Support Damage Dealers 50k+ dps trial dummy parse. Combat Metrics screenshot of Fight Stats and Info pages preferred. A damage build that is focused on buffing group damage. Examples: Necromancer with Elemental Catalyst and/or Master Architect/War Machine, Frost Warden who is focused on keeping up Brittle, MagDK with Z’en’s Redress Healers Required to have 4 sets that buff group damage, defense and sustain. Suggested Sets include: Spell Power Cure, Olorime, Hollowfang, Jorvuld's Guidance, Roaring Opportunist, Master Architect, Z'en's Redress, Worm’s Raiment Suggested Monster Sets: Sentinel of Rkugamz, Balorgh, Symphony of Blades, Nightflame, The Troll King Tanks Required to have 4 sets that protect and buff the group, or debuff enemies. Suggested sets include: Ebon Armory, Claw of Yolnakriin, Roar of Alkosh, Powerful Assault, Worm’s Raiment, Bani's Torment Suggested Monster Sets: Lady Thorn, Lord Warden, Earthgore, Bloodspawn, Encratis
  23. Skaal (he/him)

    Community Meeting

    Come see what's happening in the community!
  24. Skaal (he/him)

    Community Meeting

    Come check out what's going on in the community!
  25. Skaal (he/him)

    Community event

    Sponsored by WoW
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