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  1. This is an experimental, member-led event seeking to provide a better play time for our members in Australia and the Western Pacific.
  2. Member-led group event for our members with play time during the North American daytime.
  3. Spend your days at home? Live near the International Date Line? Independently wealthy? Trying to sneak in a run on your lunch break? Look no further than the Daytime Dungeon! This is an experiment--let's see how it goes! Please note that no PvE Department officer or assistant is likely to be present, so group up whenever you are ready and go for it.
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    This event is an experiment with endgame content--the hardest veteran dungeons, areas, and other aspects of the game requiring experience and practice. Minimum CP 300. Join us and Foxoptimized will teach you what you need to know!
  6. until

    Characters level 3+ are welcome to come help rid our "home" zone of Deshaan of World Bosses! We will start at Quarantine Serk Wayshrine, northwest on the map, and work our way east. No need to have the wayshrine; you can easily "travel to player" to reach the zone. See you Friday at 8:30!

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ESO: wolfrine


GW2: Cybele and Steve

SWTOR: Archangel Azure and NerdyWordyMav




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