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    May the day be as awesome as you are! Happy birthday @Skywolven :)

    1. Skywolven


      Thank you so much, @Telana!  I just turned 56 and getting old, but I'm still hanging in there.   


      Take care and have fun,



  2. Have a very happy birthday!! 🎉


    happy birthday minions GIF

    1. Skywolven


      Thank you, @Azilori!!  


      Have fun and be safe!

  3. Anybody on Bloodsail Buccaneers (Alliance) that is in a good guild? Was looking to join up with a guild, but wanted to stay with RoH members if possible. OR.... if we have enough RoH on Bloodsail, maybe we can start up our own. As for my Horde characters, I'm on Old Blanchy for that. So, same thing there, if you have a good guild that is taking new members. I'm really enjoying Classic! Bringing back a lot of great memories. Take care all, Skywolven
  4. @Jae Onasi,


    Happy Birthday, my old friend!  I hope you have a great day!

  5. If you can't on your phone, just put an (A) for Alliance or a (H) for Horde.
  6. - Skywolven - Old Blanchy - Vokkar, Rakkvor, Skohr, Staelon, Fodderhorn, Syrod and Racsana - Bloodsail Buccaneers - Skywolven, Bulgarvin
  7. In an attempt to get information localized to one post on which WoW Classic Realms our members are using, please list... -RoH Member Name -Realm Selection Used -Name of Character(s) - (Make text color coordinate with the faction you play... Alliance and Horde to your character's names) I understand that we don't have an Official RoH WoW Classic Guild, but if there are enough of us on, then maybe we can get something going! Also, remember to update as needed! Thanks and have fun! Skywolven
  8. I've got a couple of toons saved on the Old Blanchy PvE realm. It's a West Coast realm, but I'm EST. I'm not big into PvP, so this one seemed best. Oh, and I'm Horde, of course.
  9. Happy Birthday, @Robert the Bob!  Us old guys have to stick together around all these youngsters.  Love your name by the way.  LoL

  10. Happy Birthday @Elisel!!  One of my favorite people and best RoH buddies that I have!  You were the one who took me around and helped me out when I first joined RoH.  Thanks for all that you do for us.  ❤️

  11. I absolutely love the game and everything to do with Tolkien. That said, I can't say for sure that I'd be on and in game enough to contribute much. I need to login and play a while. Then I'll see how I feel about going all out. I really hope it works out though.
  12. Happy Birthday, @Frarry!!  I hope you had a great day today!

  13. Happy Birthday, @Sayuri!  I hope you had a wonderful day!

  14. Happy Birthday, @Siscia!!  You are greatly missed.  I hope you have a great day!!  ❤️ 

    1. Siscia


      Thank you, @Skywolven! You're incredibly thoughtful, as always! I miss you, too! ❤️