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  1. Happy Mother's Day to all our RoH mothers out there.  Have a great day!   ❤️

    1. Elisel


      Hope your day is awesome as well Skywolven!

  2. Happy Birthday, @farowyn!  Good to see another old guy in the community.  :D

    1. farowyn


      <Looks around for the old man...> Haha, thanks!

  3. Happy Birthday, @witchbolts!!   I hope you have a wonderful day today!

  4. Happy Birthday, @Telana!!  I hope you have a great day and thanks for all you do for this great community!  :D

  5. Happy Birthday, @Lagerfueled!!  I hope you have a great day!

  6. Just wanted to reach out to  my RoH family and firstly, thank you all for being who you are and what you mean to me.  At this point in my life, I'm not able to play games with you all, but I still check in to see how things are.  


    Secondly, a special "Thank You" to all of our leadership folks, past and present, that put their blood, sweat and tears into keeping us great.  From our founders like @Telana all the way down to our newest recruit, through thick and thin, good times and bad - we are ONE and I am very grateful and proud to be apart of this community.


    Everyone stay safe and have fun!  ❤️



    1. Telana


      Appreciate you, Sky ❤️  Thank you for being part of our loving family.


      Stay safe my friend!

    2. Elisel


      All the best, my friend.  I've loved the time have spent with you in games and hope sometime to see that again.  But even if not, I really appreciate you still being a part of our fam and your thoughtful, encouraging words.  Please stay safe !!!!



  7. Happy Birthday, @Aedi Lanigiro, my old friend!  I hope you have a wonderful day today and be safe!  ❤️

    1. Aedi Lanigiro

      Aedi Lanigiro

      Thanks buddy!!!

  8. Happy Birthday, @Azilori!  Hope you had a great day!

    1. Azilori


      Thank you kindly!! :) 

  9. Happy Birthday, @T'riss!  I hope you have a great day, my old friend.  ❤️

    1. Triss


      Thank you!

  10. Happy Birthday, @Saal.  I hope you have a great day today!

    1. Saal


      Thank you, Skywolven!

  11. Happy Birthday, @Savanthe!!  I hope you have a wonderful day!

  12. Hope everybody is doing well and that you all have a pleasant and safe weekend!   ❤️   


    1. Azilori


      Hope you are well @Skywolven ✨


      dog hug GIF

    2. Elisel


      Hey @Skywolven - hope the same for you!! Please be safe, healthy and the same for your loved ones.

    3. Telana


      Same to you and yours my friend!! Went hiking in the mountains today and got some much needed fresh air. Hope you are doing well. ❤️ 

  13. Happy Birthday, @Koro!!  I hope you have a great day!

    1. Koro


      Thanks Skywolven! Much appreciated!

  14. Hey, @Elisel, my old friend!  Was going through some old computer screenshots and came across these.  I absolutely love Middle Earth (LotRO) and had a blast hanging with you and @Koro during our journey there.  Such a beautiful game!


    Take care and be safe and thanks for all you have done for us!  ❤️





    1. Elisel


      Oh what a wonderful memory ❤️  SSG/Turbine did such a splendid job imaging and bringing to life Tolkien's world.  I do miss LOTRO, just got burned out. Maybe someday I shall return.  If I do, and return to the troll glade, I shall be reminded of that great time we had.


      Hope you are well, my friend :)

  15. Happy Birthday, @Jarkuta!  I hope you had a wonderful day!