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  1. Grats, @Kyn, for the new position!  I know you will do well and I wish nothing but the best for you, WoW and RoH!   ❤️

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kynn


      So when you coming back?  You know since I'm RO I have to recruit you now :) ❤️

    3. Skywolven


      Well, I can't say that I don't miss RoH, that's for sure.  But, it would be just a matter of time before I felt like voicing my opinions and wanting to get back into leadership or help out.    ;)

    4. Kynn


      Love to have you :) nothing wrong with helping and voicing opinions lol. Will keep a chair warm for you all the time! 

  2. Happy belated birthday Sky!! ❤️ 

    1. Skywolven


      Thank you, Empress!!  I hope all is going well with you and I know you are doing a great job as HE!


      Take care and have fun,



  3. happy birthday GIF

    Happy Birthday, @Skywolven! Miss ya already.

    1. Skywolven


      Thanks Neo!  Miss you to, my friend.  

  4. Birthday blessings to another old guy!  Congrats on completing another orbit!

    1. Skywolven


      Thanks Vorn!  Us old guys have to stick together!   :)

  5. Happy Birthday @Skywolven!  Hope all is well you.  *hugs*

    1. Skywolven


      Thanks, Elisel!  I hope all is well with you and yours.  


      Take care and have fun!

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes.  I hope everyone is doing well and know that I'm missing my RoH friends.  Take care and have fun!



  7. You probably won't see this, but wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! ❤️ Hope you're doing well!

    1. Skywolven


      Thanks, my friend.  I check in ever so often.  Being away from my RoH friends has been hard.  :(


      Take care and I wish nothing but the best for you!

  8. Happy anniversary of your 29th birthday!

    1. Skywolven


      Thanks so much, Jae!  I'm missing my RoH friends.


      Take care and have fun,



  9. Skywolven

    A found Farewell....

    WHAT THE ACTUAL FREAK IS GOING ON?!! This is both crazy and so very sad to me at the same time. @Kyn, you were the one spearheading this proposal from the very beginning, what happened? All the work and effort that you put into making this a division, heck, I only got the game and played it because of YOU and how you sold me on the game with your passion for it. That's not a cut on you by any means, because you were the one out there recruiting and trying to pull support for the game. Not being "in the know" of what was going on behind the scenes, I'm not aware of the inter-fighting that was going on about the proposal. As great as this community is, it's this political crap that makes me sick! There's no reason that FFXIV shouldn't already be a MAIN game and you being it's Division Commander... NO REASON. Y'all had the numbers, the structure and a great leader/DC. I'm sure there were others that helped with all this, but you, @Kyn, YOU were the face of FFXIV for RoH. This is a just not right!
  10. Skywolven

    Screenshot (259).png

    Vokkar, the Orc Warlock, displaying his plain-unmarked tabard of the Nomad.
  11. Skywolven

    Skywolven's wrath!

    Something Wicked, This Way Comes.....
  12. What news on this? Any progress? I still say there's no reason that FFXIV shouldn't join the ranks of the main four games. Just as many of you play than the other main games.
  13. I'm all about more, Teddy Brosevelt! Username: Skywolven Character Name: Thornshank
  14. Well, I've logged in 16 hrs of game time over the last few days and I'm really enjoying it! Got my Rogue up to level 17 and tried the Witch and Barbarian too. So far, I'm liking the Rogue, Witch and Barbarian - in that order. Does anyone play with any mods? Haven't checked yet, but was wondering if Curse or some other site has them and if any of them are worth using. Also, I read that we do have a PoE RoH guild. How do you get an invite?
  15. Thought I'd load this game up and play it, to see what all the hype was about. 3 1/2 hours later... I realized that I hadn't taken a drink or had a bio break! It is a good game and it is very deep as far as how you can fine tune your character. That skill tree HAS to be one of the deepest trees in all of gaming history! WoW! After about 30 minutes into the game, it started feeling a little familiar to me.... like I had been there before. I knew I had played something similar to PoE before. I've played Diablo 3, but that's not the game I was remembering. Then it hit me! The game I was thinking about was "Titan Quest"! I had that game years ago and loved it! Played it for many, many hours. Of course it was not as deep as PoE, but it still had that same feel to it. Anyway, I'll be playing more of PoE and just wanted to let you know that I was in. @Lagerfueled @MaximumOverdrive

Congratulations to Peureki, Biri B & Jason on being chosen Members of the Month for February for their primary divisions!

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