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  1. Hey if you are around sometime @Scoobs,  can you help out laundryman from wow division on getting sorting out his account  website setup correctly cause he is having problems  connecting the right one to the ROH discord channel. @ShogunTaira tryied helping but its a website thing soo he cant do more due to website privalages and he knows if he would do more it could revoke his rank status. So if you can help  we would all appreaciated it very much. @Scoobs. at the moment he is in the Teamspeak Voice program  thats where you can guide him. Thx.

  2. pues voy a tratar de poner mas informacion de mis acuentas en este sitio pero yo se que no van a importar para nada , parese mas y mas dias pasan y lo que yo digo en los articulos nomas se van en el viento, lo miro en el juego tambien se va, agrego  ayudar a personas siempre estoy viendo si algiuen necesita ayuda nadien , hasta que una personas de viento viene en necesidad de ayuda y hasta unos que nadien les ayudan en el juego , es cuando yo ayudo porque nadien les ayudan. dicen gracias y despues en el futuro vienen para atras que necesitan mas ayuda entonces les ayudo pero estos son los que si se hacen verdaderos amigos hechos en el juego. como el otro dia  unas cuantas personas mientras jugaba en la callida del dragon dijienron miren no vamos a fallar porque aqui vino Lupiito ayudarnos y el sabe lo que ocurre y el nos salvara, esto me hizo muy contento porque yo siempre ayudo a personas en necesidad, hasta con esos trolls del juego que nomas les gusta atacar a los novatos o al que no sabe mas bien de nada, y si me mandan un mensaje despues de todo y me preguntan porque son a si las personas y yo les tigo  porque en mi opinion pero no los hago entir mal en el proceso. entonces despues de todo eso continuo jugando y salvando personas en el juego porque hay una gratificacion de que alomenos si nadien te  necesitan alo menos hay unos cuantos que si, y no me importa que esto este en espanol y no en ingles . jaja.

    1. Azilori


      ¡Gracias por toda tu ayuda y felicidades por ser miembro del mes! ((Thank you for all of your help and congratulations on being member of the month!)) 



  3. hey Twonkie, arent u one of those peeps from the fortnite community u kinda look  like one of those that hangs with Ninja, idk u kinda do to me :)

    1. Twonkie


      Nah i don't play fortnite. Never really got into it.

  4. Ty Azilori for following me :)

    1. Azilori


      Of course! Same to you bud :D 

  5. sooo if anyone knows me and they will like to hang out a bit heres my discord server channel for 1 day: https://discord.gg/ZvGuFfH

    i'll try to keep changing it day by day cuz it has limitations. if i remember 😛 lol

    1. Azilori


      You can "set link to never expire" if that would make it easier for you?? 

    2. Lupe


      Ok nvm idk if this will work or not but ill put it there just in case


  6. !!Happy Birthday Witchbolts Savvy!!




    1. witchbolts


      Thank you!

  7. On May 25, 2019 , a new movie is coming out, its more realistic like true life its a new remake of the cartoon series of Aladdin. I saw a few familiar faces but the one that stuck out was Will Smith as the Genie. There's a few trailer teasers out there in media right now sometimes they show it for a few secs , but that's Awesome, to see this come out to life as we pressive the world true to life of Disney's Aladdin.
  8. !!Happy B-Day Xero, O' friend o'pal!! on ur 33th b-day


  9. !!Happy Birthday Kage!!


    1. KageSennen


      Thanks you, Lupe! Mew! ❤️

  10. !!" Happy B-Day"!! Martini, May all your wishes come true today for  you on this Joyful day.


  11. until

    uhmm can someone take me out of the Props public group interest team please, i tryied leaving it, i play swtor from time to time and i thought at one time maybe getting higher in level but from what happened a while back i dont want any part in it now in days maybe in the future if i have some interest in it. that will only be known to a few true friends that i trust.. but anyways just do me the favor of uhmm taking me out of the props cuz theres no leave button or i woulda have done that already. ty
  12. i loved the stories to the dumbo series and im gonna watch the new dumbo movie, but im still wishing that they'll make a new pinochio movie that is Not cartoonie like but more like real life based, plus as i was growing up my dad used to sing me or play me a record on the pinochio song to me which at times got soo annoying to me over the time passed. but now that he is gone from this world i kinda missed the times what he was trying to say that he really loved me. but anyways tell me if u r like me and r u wishing for the next coming pinnochio movie or what new movie r ya waiting for?
  13. can someone explain to me why do letters in the names of hidden contents section appear in  pink? while other appear normal blueish, is there a reason for this? as in hidden contents and u clikc on it and it shows all the names beign addressed to.

  14. Happy happy birthday!🎂🎉🎊🎈🎁 

  15. To whoever this will be mindful, but a while back  someone told me  to post a "leave of Absence" note for Swtor, sooo for now and maybe  a few weeks i think idk yet how long i will be awall from SWTOR and GW2, cuz I'm playing a racing game that i always play and stream on 3 accounts i do, sooo i spend all my day and night time on it on getting different cars that last within 7 days or 2 weeks to acquire with time and effort and non stop waiting of breaks in between, meaning that i dont have time to come on SWTOR or GW2 or any other game related to the RoH channels games u might have for the whole community. Maybe in a full moon  when i do have time i will pop into one but that is not certain when or which day. but u will see me pop in the voice channel in teamspeak here or there just for some socializing with peeps, but thats it.

    1. Stargirl


      have fun drive safe

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