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  1. just saw the post for assistant of pvp wvw but i think another good addition for this post can be Omni the trial person that is trying to join RoH:hope in my opinion , i've heard him talked thru some conversations  and trying to help people out in game for wvw or pvp, soo that would be another great assistant, for both u and mearic

  2. So can anyone join in this conversation or not, cuz i on the other hand a non mmo would be a racing game I always play online and its for both the windows pc and the iphones/android devices, maybe some of yall have heard of it. Its called Asphalt 8: Airborne/Asphalt Xtreme and on blue stacks from time to time sometimes Asphalt 9: Legends, which to some people it might be old but to me and other people that still play it. We just play it becuz of its pro-ness we have become towards it. It might be kinda oldish but... they still have added lots more cars to the factory sence, that is a constanly ever evolving form of interaction that cant be stopped. I do play other games in the ROH community (like GW2, WOW [but not on the guild cuz i have my own guilds], and recently SWTOR) but other than that i wouldnt bring it up as a point of a becuz they aint an non mmo thing. Other games i play on tablet r like this one im gonna say out loud , but its like a kiddish kinda way... its called "ToM and Friends Gold Run" I love it cuz at least it bring eye coordination and accuricy and it wont stress me out alot when I'm feeling bored, it will get my brain a little more focus and out of its slumber and back in pace in a matter of minutes. well to me at least i can say that
  3. hi, this is lupe uhmm here's the discord to my  discord channel link: https://discord.gg/jE36HD and my friend Spikeypup the person i told u that could probably help u build a pc with parts and soo fort he is an engineered: https://discord.gg/2qxjBn

    1. T'riss


      Thank you, but everyone can now find you. lol

    2. Lupe


      no worries i have done it before noone did it to join plus... the other thing has a expiration date link  in 1 day sooo no worries :)

    3. T'riss


      I will be joining as Karidwen.

  4. Happy B-Day Kage!!

    may u had a wonderful day on this joyful occasion of ur b-day

    and just for fun to enjoy it i found a video on youtube just for u ❤️ :)


    1. KageSennen


      thanks :) mew mew ^^

  5. Lupe

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