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  1. can someone explain to me why do letters in the names of hidden contents section appear in  pink? while other appear normal blueish, is there a reason for this? as in hidden contents and u clikc on it and it shows all the names beign addressed to.

  2. Happy happy birthday!🎂🎉🎊🎈🎁 

  3. To whoever this will be mindful, but a while back  someone told me  to post a "leave of Absence" note for Swtor, sooo for now and maybe  a few weeks i think idk yet how long i will be awall from SWTOR and GW2, cuz I'm playing a racing game that i always play and stream on 3 accounts i do, sooo i spend all my day and night time on it on getting different cars that last within 7 days or 2 weeks to acquire with time and effort and non stop waiting of breaks in between, meaning that i dont have time to come on SWTOR or GW2 or any other game related to the RoH channels games u might have for the whole community. Maybe in a full moon  when i do have time i will pop into one but that is not certain when or which day. but u will see me pop in the voice channel in teamspeak here or there just for some socializing with peeps, but thats it.

    1. Stargirl


      have fun drive safe

  4. just saw the post for assistant of pvp wvw but i think another good addition for this post can be Omni the trial person that is trying to join RoH:hope in my opinion , i've heard him talked thru some conversations  and trying to help people out in game for wvw or pvp, soo that would be another great assistant, for both u and mearic

  5. So can anyone join in this conversation or not, cuz i on the other hand a non mmo would be a racing game I always play online and its for both the windows pc and the iphones/android devices, maybe some of yall have heard of it. Its called Asphalt 8: Airborne/Asphalt Xtreme and on blue stacks from time to time sometimes Asphalt 9: Legends, which to some people it might be old but to me and other people that still play it. We just play it becuz of its pro-ness we have become towards it. It might be kinda oldish but... they still have added lots more cars to the factory sence, that is a constanly ever evolving form of interaction that cant be stopped. I do play other games in the ROH community (like GW2, WOW [but not on the guild cuz i have my own guilds], and recently SWTOR) but other than that i wouldnt bring it up as a point of a becuz they aint an non mmo thing. Other games i play on tablet r like this one im gonna say out loud , but its like a kiddish kinda way... its called "ToM and Friends Gold Run" I love it cuz at least it bring eye coordination and accuricy and it wont stress me out alot when I'm feeling bored, it will get my brain a little more focus and out of its slumber and back in pace in a matter of minutes. well to me at least i can say that
  6. hi, this is lupe uhmm here's the discord to my  discord channel link: https://discord.gg/jE36HD and my friend Spikeypup the person i told u that could probably help u build a pc with parts and soo fort he is an engineered: https://discord.gg/2qxjBn

    1. T'riss


      Thank you, but everyone can now find you. lol

    2. Lupe


      no worries i have done it before noone did it to join plus... the other thing has a expiration date link  in 1 day sooo no worries :)

    3. T'riss


      I will be joining as Karidwen.

  7. Happy B-Day Kage!!

    may u had a wonderful day on this joyful occasion of ur b-day

    and just for fun to enjoy it i found a video on youtube just for u ❤️ :)


    1. KageSennen


      thanks :) mew mew ^^

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