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    I am an Apostolic Pentecostal. I enjoy every time I get to go to church whether it be on Sunday or even when I get to clown around on Wednesday night at Kids Church. I love Graphic Design as a hobby as well as Online and Console gaming.

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  1. Hey @Scoobs — I’m a new trial member. Wanted to introduce myself. I work in Marketing and, while I generally focus in Marketing Automation, I also do a good bit of Web Design. I just wanted to offer my services in case you ever need a hand with anything!


    Just looking for more ways to get involved :)

    1. Neo


      Once you get accepted and completed your trials, you could probably apply for Web Specialist. Just be wary that @Scoobs is a horrible Web Admin. :D


      jk. no. jk about the jk. hehe 😛 (jk).

  2. It's Remnants of Hope Lana@ScubaSteve21885 - Federation Tactical Sco'b@ScubaSteve21885 - Federation Science
  3. I want to get a count of current folks who can/are playing STO If needed I can get you invited into the RoH fleet. But most of all I just want to see who is interested in getting something going this weekend during the evening for some time in the stars. @Azzareth @Penarddun @Maeric @Vyrigan @Sayuri @Saal @ryebread @Koro @Matatomi @Eskimo @deusgosta @Patman300 @Vikkie @Kamillus @Thoriman @Xyain @Midget Cowboy @Brondarm @Mich1969 @Maecyn @Mistro @CheekyMonkey66 @NachyoChez @Revanite @Wolf @Kammus @Jed @Sawatar @ScrubTier Shenanigans @Chelly
  4. I'm planning to log in tonight for a bit if anyone needs an invite
  5. Scoobs

    Website Move

    We will be moving from a VPS to a Dedicated Server and the Site/Forums will be unavailable during this time
  6. Hey Scoobs, I had to get my discord re configured my boyfriend Bears did it for me 

  7. unfortunately my toons got removed due to not logging in within the 2 week timeframe they have
  8. Scoobs,


    Whom do I speak to about requesting a dedicated channel for TTRPG sessions? I will be running a campaign for RoH members on Saturday evenings, from 5-8 PM CST, and would like to use an RoH Discord channel for ease of access.



    1. Scoobs


      you can utilize the Temp Channel feature available by clicking Join to Create and it creating a temporary channel for this event.  

    2. javaapp
  9. We have a Supergroup set up on Excelsior for anyone that is interested!
  10. lets set up a time to meet on excelsior to set up a SG
  11. @ScoobsThanks so much for saving my butt and finding my lost application.  I look forward to seeing you in game!

    1. Scoobs


      Always happy to serve!  see you ingame!

    2. Kingston


      Does that make you a "server" lol lol

  12. Scoobs

    Website Maintenance

    The Website will be unavailable for 30 minutes during an extended maintenance window