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    I am an Apostolic Pentecostal. I enjoy every time I get to go to church whether it be on Sunday or even when I get to clown around on Wednesday night at Kids Church. I love Graphic Design as a hobby as well as Online and Console gaming.

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  1. May the 4th Be With you all!

    has it really been 8 years since I joined?!

    1. Azilori (he/him)

      Azilori (he/him)

      Happy Star Wars Day!! And happy anniversary!! 🎉


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  2. Happy Birthday Telana!

  3. I play SC2, I'm probably next to horribad but I can hold my own at least for a bit
  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Happy belated Birthday!  Hope it was simply amazing :)

  7. Happy belated birthday, @Scoobs!! I hope it was a great one 🎊 

  8. Happy Birthday Scoobs

  9. Happy Birthday, hope you can do something fun!

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    Hope it's a great one 😛


  11. Have a very happy Birthday @Scoobs ;) 


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  12. Hey @Scoobs — I’m a new trial member. Wanted to introduce myself. I work in Marketing and, while I generally focus in Marketing Automation, I also do a good bit of Web Design. I just wanted to offer my services in case you ever need a hand with anything!


    Just looking for more ways to get involved :)

    1. Neo


      Once you get accepted and completed your trials, you could probably apply for Web Specialist. Just be wary that @Scoobs is a horrible Web Admin. :D


      jk. no. jk about the jk. hehe 😛 (jk).

  13. It's Remnants of Hope Lana@ScubaSteve21885 - Federation Tactical Sco'b@ScubaSteve21885 - Federation Science
  14. I want to get a count of current folks who can/are playing STO If needed I can get you invited into the RoH fleet. But most of all I just want to see who is interested in getting something going this weekend during the evening for some time in the stars. @Azzareth @Penarddun @Maeric @Vyrigan @Sayuri @Saal @ryebread @Koro @Matatomi @Eskimo @deusgosta @Patman300 @Vikkie @Kamillus @Thoriman @Xyain @Midget Cowboy @Brondarm @Mich1969 @Maecyn @Mistro @CheekyMonkey66 @NachyoChez @Revanite @Wolf @Kammus @Jed @Sawatar @ScrubTier Shenanigans @Chelly
  15. I'm planning to log in tonight for a bit if anyone needs an invite