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    I am an Apostolic Pentecostal. I enjoy every time I get to go to church whether it be on Sunday or even when I get to clown around on Wednesday night at Kids Church. I love Graphic Design as a hobby as well as Online and Console gaming.

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  1. Various client and server crash fixes Players can now declare war as long as there is not an invasion imminent Players will no longer be able to bypass the refresh timer for town project missions by logging out Players will no longer receive rewards from duels
  2. title says it all, I've also included a poll that allows for multiple selections I'd like to get a good feel about what the interest level is on the individual parts
  3. On one hand, I agree with you, on the other hand I can see why they didn't go with megaservers, in particular. Given the Company size limit of 100 and the amount of territories currently, it would start to feel a little crowded That said I do hope they resolve the server issue for launch, they for sure have the resources to do so. What I suspect is coming from something @Michael noticed last night where name selection is unique cross server. with that in mind I think they fully plan on merging servers at some point, which I guess isn't necessarily a bad thing overall (I personally don't really care what server I'm on at the end of the day, as long as I can play and not have to wait in a que aside from the obvious it needs to be in the same region). Seems a smarter approach would be to start with megaservers out the door to limit the amount of merges you need to do later on. When we know an official server list for launch I will put up a poll for that and we can discuss more there when we start getting a better idea where streamers and what not are going.
  4. Server (NA-East): Olympus Faction: Syndicate
  5. Added! I think its extremely important that we are all together for the closed beta to get a feel for the guild systems, however, if anyone wants to go on a server on a coast closer to them then by all means! It is by far more important that you are able to experience the game in the best case scenario for yourself during this beta. The only thing I would remind is that your experience may vary if the Server chosen at launch is on the opposite coast
  6. looks like they already have a new zone they are going to be adding post launch! Height ordered from highest to lowest Black Red Pink Yellow Green Light Green/Teal
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