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    I am an Apostolic Pentecostal. I enjoy every time I get to go to church whether it be on Sunday or even when I get to clown around on Wednesday night at Kids Church. I love Graphic Design as a hobby as well as Online and Console gaming.

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  1. I mean, lets try and not wish things like this against a Divisional game. I've been loosely following this game for awhile, interesting but from what I've seen, it is more leaning towards the standard hotbar type mmo. Not necessarily a bad thing, just my observation thus far.
  2. Scoobs

    Division Meeting

    Discussing plans for launch
  3. Hey you!  Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Scoobs

    New World Release Date

    Join us in Aeternum when New World Releases!
  6. Happy Birthday!

    1. Ezoura


      Thank you so much, @Scoobs!!

  7. May the 4th Be With you all!

    has it really been 8 years since I joined?!

    1. Azilori (he/him)

      Azilori (he/him)

      Happy Star Wars Day!! And happy anniversary!! 🎉


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  8. Happy Birthday Telana!

  9. I play SC2, I'm probably next to horribad but I can hold my own at least for a bit
  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy Happy belated Birthday!  Hope it was simply amazing :)

  13. Happy belated birthday, @Scoobs!! I hope it was a great one 🎊 

  14. Happy Birthday Scoobs

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