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  1. Happy Birthday Pen, hope you guys do something fun!

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      Thanks Gray! It was quite the exciting weekend! :D ❤️

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    Hope it's a great one, @Penarddun!

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    Happy birthday, Pen! ❤️ 

  5. I love them all! I've sung them all as a kid. Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Aladdin, etc. I used to practice them into a tape cassette recorder and play them back and then try again. But uh, I have some extreme nostalgia for this one.
  6. Another thought about the always on server. It says that the way this works is that it basically bots the host to do their daily activities. With the way the game never pauses in multiplayer, seems like within 2 real time days, a whole in game year would have gone by.... unless I'm missing something. Not sure how practical that is. However, I did read that there is a way to edit the save file to change the host. So this might help in case our chosen host's schedule changes in the future.
  7. Yep, this so happened. I finally convinced @Maeric to play one day in Stardew Valley, and I installed Timespeed so we wouldn't feel rushed.... I mean, he was only going to play 1 day afterall. He went straight to the "Journey of the Prairie King" arcade game in the Saloon, and spent the whole hour (real-time) only playing that. I was... not... amused. (ok, maybe I was a little amused) ----------------------------------------- This is a great post @Bonkey! You bring up many very important points. After you mentioned we could play with 10 players, I looked up a couple of mods, some said they were having issues with the new version/updates to the game. But I think this one had the least current bugs. This actually looks like it works pretty well. The only thing I saw was that one poster said there was a bug with the Social Tab. He posted some code to patch it, but it needs to be manually installed obviously. We could test it out and make sure it works and then walk the rest of the group through it. I checked on NEXUS but from what I read it seemed like Community Farm and MTN are currently being worked on so as not to conflict with the new version of the game. MTN was made open source so others could work on it at the end of October, according to one post. So that is promising! Are there others that I missed that might do similar things? Like you, I would enjoy using a few mods, except ones that substantially change the mechanics of the game. At the very least, everyone should install SMAPI.... since that is necessary for most other mods to function. You're absolutely right, we will need multiple people to make this work. And a solid host will be the biggest hurtle I think. In reference to the Resource Coordination, we should probably set up a place in these forums to have votes on any major purchases. This will be more of a struggle in the beginning game than the late game. It might be helpful to have a game plan laid out before we even start the first day. For instance, everyone get 15? parsnip seed packs when they arrive, so we could plan to have everyone plant those and sell them to get a little gold. Then we could decide that we want to use 50% of that gold to buy cauliflower. A mini plan to build up funds in the beginning. And then, if purchases like building a Coop need to be voted on for when that can happen, based on how much money we have. Maybe that is too min/max feeling, but with so many people it might be worth it to have at least a plan for the first week, and a basic voting system in place. I can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts on this! Tag List (so everyone sees this thread): @witchbolts, @Zulune, @Siscia, @ShogunTaira, @Chelly, @Bonkey, @Penarddun
  8. Hello and Welcome @Bonkey! I'm SO glad you joined! Also, that is an amazing idea! I had no idea there was a mod that would allow 10 people. That would be fantastic if we could start a game and include everyone who was interested!
  9. Penarddun

    Shed Design

    I found this cool interior shed design. Someone turned theirs into a Tea House!
  10. Penarddun

    Shed Design

    Creative Interior Designs of Sheds
  11. I hear ya. I've only tried the Standard and the Forest Farm, and the space is definitely an issue. But I have to say, all that hard wood so early is really nice in the Forest Farm.
  12. What's your favorite Farm Layout and why? As you may already know, with the many updates Stardew Valley has had over it's 2+ year lifespan, one added different starter farm layout styles, with unique bonuses and challenges, that can really affect your progression in the game at different stages. Let's talk about them! There are also many mod additions, so feel free to bring up those as well, if you like one in particular. Standard Farm Riverland Farm Forest Farm Hill-top Farm Wilderness Farm Those are the official five, for reference above.
  13. Stardew Valley is a game filled with many things to enjoy. One of those things are the way in which you design your farm layout. This browser tool is a helpful way to see the big picture and get a rough idea of how things can look, without taking up your valuable in-game day hours standing around your farm mulling over where that barn should go or where to plant a tree.