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  1. Shoulder is slowing in recovery. Hoping that I will be able to game come the 24th


  2. Hope to be playing by thursday (the 18th)

  3. Rest, heal, recover!!!

  4. Still in recovery. about 30% usage and endurance is low. Really hoping to start gaming again come wednesday. 


    Hugs to all.


    @Scya, still working out the patreon mess.

  5. I LOVE THE BLOG!!!!

  6. My Facebook account has been disabled with no real explanation. I have put in a report but have not even received an acknowledgement of them (did 6). The splash page says fraudulent identification. No idea when I will be getting it back up. My messenger still works on my phone for now. If any of you follow me, let me know what you are seeing.

  7. Sorry for the 2 week absence. Had some real life garbage to deal with.

  8. I have an idea...

    I am going to play SWTOR in chronological order and record it.

    Class: Jedi Knight
    Subclass: ????
    Race: ?????

    Sex: ?????


    I wonder what I should do.

  9. Happy-Birthday-Minion-Wishes-600x350.jpg


    Hope you have an amazing day!!

  10. Happy Birthday, @Talonspryde!  I hope you have a great day!

  11. Talons: <hooking up a printer> I really hate this thing not recognizing it. <hits search for printer>

    Computer: No printer found

    Talons: <adds printer>

    Computer: <finds printer and names it printer #2>

    Talons: <looks at it like it grew a 5th head> Phricking read it!

    Computer: <demands a restart>

    Talons: <restarts computer and sees all of his drives are re-lettered except the boot drive> ??????? <tries to access the drive manager> ??!!??? <reboots again -- drives fixed except for the one critical one


    At this point, I basically grumbled for an hour trying to figure out what happened. In the end, I had to reinstall Windows and lost all of my GUI settings for SWTOR. Everything needs to be reinstalled and I am working on it. One question is the TS channel. I had my TS auto sync but am not sure if the channels are saved or not. Just in case, could I get the channel name? Also, Discord no longer installs at all. Kernel32.dll is unfound. I do wonder if the restore point is a file to save in the clouds like Bespin.

  12. Lifeday???? WOW! Excellent.


    Party time.

    1. Elisel


      Lifeday drinks :)

Congratulations to Lupe, Kitty Chelle & Ennuigo on being chosen Members of the Month for May for their primary divisions!

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