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  1. NO! I refuse! Aka, I really don't have time to dedicate to a Civ 5 game, and the time set is right in the middle of class for me.
  2. Happy Birthday @Tzunamis!!!  I hope you are doing well.  Miss you :)

  3. Happy Birthday dude! I hope it's one of the best :) 


    happy new year yes GIF

  4. Honestly, if you are going to buy it. I would reccomend doing it now. Steam has it for 75% off during the sale currently. Won't likely find it that cheap again anytime soon considering you can get the Base game + All DLC and Both Expansions for less then the base game costs normally currently.
  5. @KalianVan You are lucky I love you...and that the Steam Sale is on I was able to buy the Civ 6 Platinum Edition with all the things
  6. Haven't hda a chance to give it to him yet, never see people online with
  7. Made some for you, Going to give them to Stolar to put in the FC chest for you.
  8. This is for Max Optimal DPS, but just questing and stuff. Doesn't matter as long as you are doing the thing you need to, to kill the shit you want. This is going to change again in a few levels when you get more skills anyway. Perfect or near perfect rotation doesn't really matter for you until you get to closer to max level. And if you think that is really don't want to see some others at high levels.....
  9. Honestly, food and potions aren’t really worth it. If you want better food then the raisins, just go to a vendor around your level and buy what suits you fancy. Healing pots are basically never used, if you really want them. Just go to the MB and buy high quality ones for your level, they should be pretty cheap.
  10. Keep in mind that of those 14-16 at end game, probably half of those are going to be 60second + cooldowns. Not stuffyou need to be consistently hitting. You may not even use them during most fights depending on what class you are and what you are doing. Also, you might not even use some at all. As a White Mage, I have abilities that I never use at end game because I have better options,
  11. I main WHM in FF, I love it. Lots of versatility and things to keep you busy. I tend to only heal about 40% of the time, most of the rest I am just bouncing around or dpsing. That is a main point to remember as a healer in FF, you will not need to be healing 100% of the time, it's not necessary to keep people at 100% health at all times. So you will spend a good amount of time doing dmg as well.
  12. Game is fantastic. Expansion is amazing. Loving everything.
  13. You would have to pay a fee. If you have just started out. I would reccomend just making a new character there instead of transferring.
  14. Importanjt first bit of information. Is that the FC as moved from Mateus to Malboro. Guess no one has bothered to keep things here up to date. @Goodsby @Visucius Do your stuff
  15. Seems things are pretty lively around here