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  1. NO! I refuse! Aka, I really don't have time to dedicate to a Civ 5 game, and the time set is right in the middle of class for me.
  2. Happy Birthday @Tzunamis!!!  I hope you are doing well.  Miss you :)

  3. Happy Birthday dude! I hope it's one of the best :) 


    happy new year yes GIF

  4. Honestly, if you are going to buy it. I would reccomend doing it now. Steam has it for 75% off during the sale currently. Won't likely find it that cheap again anytime soon considering you can get the Base game + All DLC and Both Expansions for less then the base game costs normally currently.
  5. @KalianVan You are lucky I love you...and that the Steam Sale is on now....so I was able to buy the Civ 6 Platinum Edition with all the things
  6. Seems things are pretty lively around here
  7. I'm Tzunamis there as well!
  8. Maining Interceptor, but all of my Javs are 400+ so can play them all. Int is 452 so good for GM2 if people want to do it as well.
  9. our birthdays are 3 days apart and same year 

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    2. Vikkie


      btw my steam is VicMjolnir if interested for when we play endless legends ^^

    3. Tzunamis
    4. Vikkie


      invite accepted

  10. I have Endles Legend, I'll play sometime if you want....really have no idea what I am doing in it though.
  11. @KalianVan Crap, guess I better get practicing!
  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. Not going to happen with me, no games on my friends computer/should probably spend time with them
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