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  1. I actually just started playing again. It's been a while and I'm a little turned around, but I'm up for playing if something gets set up. ~M~
  2. I've always wanted to really get into a good game of D&D, but it's so much about finding the right group to fit your playstyle to make it enjoyable. Difficult task thus far. ~M~
  3. haha - Against my better judgement, I seem to be still playing this game... and may be slightly enjoying it... so I might as well join at this point lol ~M~
  4. Happy Birthday, Sunnee! I hope you had a great one :) 




    1. Sunnee


      Thank you! I did!

  5. until

    Oh my, that's an unfortunate turn-out lol. I could probably still make it work. I'll see if I can talk a couple others into joining us if possible. If you'd rather reschedule, though, I'm perfectly fine with that as well. My BNET ID is NecroTech#1220 ~M~
  6. 1. NecroTech#1220 2. Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Diablo III 3. Most evenings after GW2 Raids (around 11-12pm EDT)
  7. My wife and I are dealing with the exact same thing lol. We're rather stuck in our GW2ing, but there's so many amazing things happening over in STO we're hoping to get around to trying. The new DS9 is beautiful, and I've heard that the expansion story is great.
  8. I will be a Bard, and never look back. I mained a Bard in EverQuest and have missed the class ever since. I could not be more excited to make one in Pantheon lol. ~M~
  9. Hey, Koro! Welcome to the STO Interest Group! @Penarddun and I played for years by ourselves, so we know exactly what you mean. It's a great time to return to the game, however, and join in on the fun. The newest expansion just released (free, of course), called "Victory is Life". It's entirely based around Deep Space Nine (my favorite Star Trek, so I might be a bit biased). The Summer Risa Festival event also starts tomorrow. We could all plan an event to meet on Risa sometime this week, or make a group to go through the expansion story with. I haven't gotten too far in it yet, myself. Let me know what you guys think. See you in space! ~M~
  10. I love the Specializations in STO and really feel that they add a lot to build diversity, which is a great thing. My Federation Science Officer flies the Wells Class Temporal Science Vessel (the ship from the future - 29th century - that was featured in Voyager), along with the peripheral ships that provided the consoles to complete the set, and my lovely wife just bought me the new Tier 6 version for my birthday! It's amazing, because I've been flying those ships, the most Temporal-Themed ships from Star Trek canon, for a long time, but they were Tier 5 and didn't allow for specialization seats until this new one. Now I'm really enjoying the TO specialization as well! My Kelvin-Themed TOS Engineering officer flies the Kelvin Enterprise and uses the Command Specialization, which fits well and is pretty fun in groups. And finally, my DS9-Themed Tactical officer flies the Defiant and really makes excellent use of the Pilot Specialization (which, at the moment, is probably my all-around favorite hehe). I haven't really experimented with the Intelligence Officer Specialization, nor have I had the chance to take a look at the Miracle Worker either. I am really curious about looking into the new Constable Specialization, though! Can't wait to give that a try. What's the new T6 ship you got for your TO Tac Officer, @Scoobs? ~M~
  11. Lander Ward@Necro_Tech - Level 65 Federation Science Officer Jayser Gray@Necro_Tech - Level 65 Federation Tactical Officer Asher Ward@Necro_Tech - Level 60 TOS (Kelvin Themed) Engineering Officer Letant@Necro_Tech - Level 60 Romulan Republic (Federation) Engineering Officer Jaerek@Necro_Tech - Level 47 Klingon Tactical Officer Like @Penarddun above me, I really wish I could have made a Vorta rather than a Jem'Hadar lol. I'm not sure how committed I am to my new Dominion character at the moment -_- ~M~
  12. Omg you're a baby lol


    Happy Birthday, Kage :)





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      Thanks @Maeric!! :D Mew mew :) 

  13. I laughed out loud haha Count me in! I finally got my first Triumphant Armor Box last night (I cannot believe how long those things take lol). WvW is a lot of fun and I had no idea what I was missing. Looking forward to Wednesday! -M