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  1. OF course you did lol. I won’t be able to make low tier event tonight. But I’ll be on between 10:30-11 for sure for t4s
  2. It’s usually around 9 am if I remember right. regardless of what time it launches, the best time for me would be our usual midnight. However, I may be available at other times depending on how the day goes. I’ll try to keep a lookout in guild chat
  3. I have some good news for all of us pushing for 100 CM. I am nearly, like 25 shards away from finishing my 3rd legendary armor piece for my DH. Which means I’m the next few days it will be done. Why do you care? Because with a tear of alba and the mistlock singularity, this gives me 150 ar. I will have a power character for CM very soon. No more unimpressive condi berserker
  4. I would love to. Some RL crap came up yesterday that I had to deal with so I couldn’t get online. Not sure if I’ll be able to today either. If I’m on, I’ll join. But if you find somebody else first, don’t wait for me. I can’t guarantee anything yet
  5. Well, I should be home shotgun the next half hour, I hope. I don’t expect you to wait for me...but if you need somebody, I’ll be online as soon as I can
  6. I would love to say yes but I don’t think I’ll be online that early. Gotta take my car for inspection after work today, if I’m online...I’m in
  7. @Tanksk I, at least, don’t really have a set time. I tend to do my fractals later at night because of guild events, raiding, etc. depending on the night and what guild event we have, I’d say a safe bet is anywhere between 9 PM and 1 AM EST
  8. Like @BlixBlix said I am also interested in learning CM 99 and 100. I’ve done 99 a few times (completely) and tried it with guildies a couple times as well. Our guildie runs have gotten close to finishing it but it was a combination of people that haven’t done it before and really rough instabilities that held us up. But I am confident we’ll get it if we keep trying. Ive seen the past few days when you post in guild chat in game about doing t4s and every time I’m like “damn, if I hadn’t just started X, I’d definitely be willing.” Just bad timing lol