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  1. I hate going to the gym also and that added with my vision/hearing it can be a little harder for me. I kind of like the stuff either online or the dvd's.
  2. I need to get back to the routine of exercising, I do have a fitbit watch. I would love some plant based recipes or something healthier. I am am never going to be a vegetarian. I love fish/chicken/turkey too much I have been trying to be better incorporating fruit smoothies (i add protein powder to it ) . What is a HIIT workout @Ezoura? I am also limited in what I can do (ok not really since there is a adult center with classes and a small gym about a mile away) since I use public transit or my two feet. (also financially limited ) I am going to try slowly because if I do too much at first I will get bored and or burnt out. Wish i had pointers @Ezoura, I need motivation and pointers myself.
  3. Happy Birthday *hugs*  I hope it is great

  4. It’s free on pc to I don’t know if there is a difference game wise. Starter ships are always crap
  5. Ah glares at sto's search engine, the search engine is being a little weird to me but i sent you a friend request on both toons @Scoobs and I was going by scoobs Thanks @Scoobs
  6. Saturday evenings are devoted to eso/swtor rp. So I can do it either after those or before them. Sunday nights are swtor rp also, (Swtor rp tends to not run 2 hrs ever ) So during the day those two days are the best @Scoobs what is the name of the guild, i tried to search in the search engine and i couldn't find anything that resembled our remnants. Also i couldn't find you. THough I probably did it wrong on both counts.
  7. Sure, I did make a new toon i do need to get leveled up I wouldn't mind having her in the fleet and maybe add my main.
  8. My main is a Temporal Operative (TOS toon ) science officer, she normally drives a Temporal battlecruiser. She has the full chroniton buildup on her and the ship. I made a new toon (science ) and I think I am going to have her do a gamma quadrant build. (I might do the rep ship set and then have her get the beams from the missions).. I love beam torp builds
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    @Merliah do you want me on heals or dps? Since rama is doing heals and I guess @Madhatter5510 wants to do heals. I prefer to do tfb (especially the last part ) as heals.
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    *superhugs* i hope you get your sleep schedule back
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    OH you know you want to get decos for Vorn
  12. Happy Birthday

  13. Chelly

    Fashion and Conquest!


    Yay I will be there
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    I don't think my potato could handle a second version of the game. but when the content comes out i am willing to die alot trying the new op.
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    I will be there
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    do you have a cold? *hugs* I hope it gets better soon
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    I will be there, should i tell revanite that we are going to kill revan's followers
  19. Sure I can bring my healer
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    Hopefully you can catch up and I will miss you tonight . *hugs*
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