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  1. Yes, it is that time of year again to post my fav Halloween song! 



    1. Azzareth


      This is my favorite holiday.

  2. I can’t wait for October. Especially Halloween since it is going to be the best ever! Why you ask? Well I will be meeting a very special person to me!

  3. Okay, okay, if you all want to recruit people to FC. Then I suggest having a structure and making sure officers do not run roulettes with the only ones they prefer. This does not make a person feel welcomed. It does the opposite to the person. I feel we drifted off the mark and our goal and motto. I know, because I feel that way and I was told a certain thing by someone in an officer position. That was not welcoming at all to a returning person and might also not feel welcoming for new potentials. Just saying. If things do not change and stay the same then I vote for a change of command. Because keeping it as only RoH mindset makes us no better than Elitists and far off what RoH stands for which is Welcoming players regardless of their gaming backgrounds. You cannot say we cannot do that because of lack of structure or anything because that is also bs. If you want to make it happen then make it Happen. Again the mindset needs to change or give command to someone who can make change happen.
  4. 7993DE2A-AE31-4B17-AF94-156043ABB4F0.thumb.jpeg.28bfecf53c33a392eb6d0a1d645b7322.jpeg


    It is done! FOR MANDALORE

  5. Finally feeling better. Last week was all sorts of bad for me. How are you?
  6. *A knock on the door* Sir the Dossier on the person in question as requested. Full name: M’eowrra Nyanta Race: Miqo’te, moon Age: Unknown Height: 4’10” Occupation: Traveling Dancer (?) Dancer is her cover and while a Merc/Assassin is her real job. Also sir we do know that in order to contact her you need to post XYZ on the bulletin board of city she currently in at the moment.
  7. Welp... time to work on my ninja from Doma... or I can pull and expand on one of my characters from D&D. Claymore... she would dress like a light armored knight since her class is Blood Hunter.
  8. I'm sad I missed Karaoke!! I hope you all had fun? :)  

    1. T'riss


      Yes and no. I am disappointed in someone.

    2. Azilori


      Oh no! I hope the singing was at least beautiful as ever! 

  9. T'riss

    Sunday Karaoke!

    Guess what is happening again! That’s right Karaoke Night and with RoH family!! So come on and join me and others for some Karaoke fun times! What time you say? 3pm pdt and 6 edt and this will be hosted on TS. I hope to see you there! T’riss ^_~* (wink)
  10. Can it be played online? Would you mind setting something up?
  11. In some way... he is like Flynn Rider to me. He showed me the fun things in FFXIV, then the world of Borderlands and its DLC stuff, and now can’t wait to see what else is in store with Flynn. ❤️

  12. Omg omg omg omg this!! November 12!! 760D02E6-345B-4440-8C17-FCBCCBAF2361.thumb.jpeg.d5c46507ec10ebf46b2fc184b3a4c127.jpeg

    1. Jagg


      Can't wait!

    2. T'riss


      @Jagg Me either! Hopefully before then on August 2nd or the 3rd I can finally get this done as a tattoo!BE67A244-DDF7-4C8B-9331-B5A1FD576DBB.jpeg.cee8b22b137fc2ff415fc861e847a2c8.jpeg


      And after that one it will be this one as a tattoo!7A534004-F2EE-4878-95DF-F81BEF3B470F.thumb.jpeg.a14ca43bb6026295dd259db5cdc8b967.jpeg

    3. Jagg



  13. Hi hi all who are joining! My name is T’riss and I am from the Swtor Division, but right now mostly focused on playing FFXIV at the moment! Please forgive me on the blandness of the club for it is the first time I have ever done this. Also since we are from different divisions I would like to ask suggestions of what can we do for online fun to hang out. Two thoughts I have is the first one is Online Karaoke night and Scribbli.o which is like Pictionary, but instead of being on teams everyone has to guess what that person is drawing. Well thank you for joining and if you ever see me on ts or disord please don’t hesitate to say Hi! Let the Singles unite! T’riss
  14. Hopefully I get this job that I have an interview for and then I will be able to go to RoH Meetups!

    1. Junlar


      I hope you get the job, @T'riss!

    2. Owinn


      Good luck T'riss on your interview.

    3. T'riss
  15. I know it isn’t like fancy or well done, but made these last year to hand out as thank you gifts to my guests for Women’s annual tea party event at the Church that I attend.

Congratulations to Pupp, Jed, Feladris & jermz1804 on being chosen Members of the Month for October for their primary divisions!

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