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  1. So I hung out with the LAdynerds yesterday at a very interesting bar and I had a few drinks, but not enough to get me tipsy..but I know it is getting close to that time again for a woman's emotion to go haywire. I know because after a two drinks and a half...I was about to start getting teary eyed to this song. 


  2. I am this girl... and this is a powerful message...


  3. I love this song and it reflects how I feel. 


  4. Okay, that was interesting. Okay, so I was playing an Otome game on my phone called Blood Roses and the character I picked to be the romantic interest has a storyline close to the situation I am in right now. It hit me in the feels... and I understand now.

  5. This was the reason why I was melting in my car even with the ac on.7EB9AEB2-1580-4C6A-B05F-4A1E9B0284CB.thumb.jpeg.11025a4538cfcd4bb3323105af563cb6.jpeg

    1. Chelly


      arizona was 103 at 11am 

    2. Kitty Chelle

      Kitty Chelle

      OK who turned on the oven.  wow temps are climbing.

  6. Join me in praying for those who are hurt by the violence done against them at the Pride Parade across the US. It is unnecessary and as a Christian, I am ashamed of the stupidity of the extremists. 

    1. Kitty Chelle

      Kitty Chelle

      There are many out there who just need one person to great them bu their proper pronoun, or tell them they are a good person, or say that they did make a difference in some small way.  It doesn't matter if your Straight, Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Transgender, Black, White, Christian, Muslim, American or European.  It take a brief moment to tell someone thank you for being you.


      Thank You @T'riss for you kindness and heart. 

    2. T'riss


      @Kitty Chelle My view changed after I saw an anime called Fruits Basket. Because each of us is a unique flower in the garden we call the world. It is okay to be yourself and true to who you are. We are not here to be someone everyone else wants us to be, but our own person. Everyone here is a beautiful flower. I wish I can give all the LGTBQ in here a hug and let them know they are beautiful and don’t let the hate bring you down.

  7. I can’t wait for the last week of October to come. That week will be the most happiest week for me. What is it? Well it’s a secret and I will post pictures from it. Teehee.... 😜😆😁

    1. Azzareth


      Hmm, I think I may know, but I will wait till you post them. I can't wait till November 11th or 12th. Disney stream comes out. I will be in Star Wars heaven. :)

    2. T'riss


      If I can renew my Disney pass I will be going to Galaxy Edge a lot! 

  8. Why can't I sing along to this song without getting so teary eyed. I love this anime, but it is so short!


  9. Does Meowsby...eerrrr Goodsby know he has leadership rank now? I will of course support him!
  10. There was a thread on it.
  11. I go where ever Meowsby aka Goodsby goes too. I am his little minion.... lmao! I guess cigarette sounding name is it.
  12. Happy birthday!


  13. Happy birthday Girl!

    lilo and stitch love GIF

    1. T'riss


      Thank you!

  14. Happy birthday!!

Congratulations to Kingston75, Katalaw, Stormtree & DoohickeyJones on being chosen Members of the Month for June for their primary divisions!

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