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  1. This rain is making me feel sleepy....

    1. Azzareth


      I love sleeping when it's  raining for some reason.  Moss seeing your name in swtor. I know u've been playing final fantasy.

  2. This is going on my bucket list of places to visit!! 


  3. At times I feel so awkward around people.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. T'riss


      Yup, exactly how I feel.

    3. MrChavez1234


      It's hard to realize but everyone is thinking that everyone else is thinking of them. In reality everyone is thinking of themselves. Key to confidence is realizing that.

    4. Passiflora


      I used to be the exact same way.  Then one day, many years down the road, I just decided that I didn't care what people thought of me anymore and just starting speaking with my heart instead of my brain.When I do that most people I meet are ok that I'm awkward and overly honest and weird. 

  4. T'riss

    Secret Santa In Eorzea

    Meow want to join! Hopefully I will get catnip! Lmao
  5. T'riss


    Yes, T’riss here and I need to also lose weight for health reasons. I easily get discouraged if I see a change in my looks or if the fact I am trying to lose weight is not noticeable. I am looking for a routine that is fun to do and not boring.
  6. Hey T'riss :)


    Hope your doing good. Miss chatting with you.


    I have been off the forums for a bit because of a situation but everything is ok now. 


    See you soon ~



  7. Lmao this shirt at the thrift store I work at.... 


    1. Kamillus


      wouldn't vader be the fries? you know since obi wan left him to burn....

  8. Tonight was the happiest night ever! :3

    1. Kamillus


      tell us more, if you can

    2. Felipe


      Wooot! Happy nights are the best! :D  

    3. T'riss


      Yes, because now I can tank in FFXIV! Learning new stuff every day and able to dye my clothes and it is a lot easier to switch! A lot easier than WoW and Swtor!! Also one character can be all the classes! Need a tank no problem switch clothes, need a dps no problem switch, and need a healer no problem switch. None of the logging out then back in on other one. Love love FFXIV!

  9. Your Character Name: M’eowrra Nyanta How long have you played FFXIV or are you new? I am new to the game. Favorite thing to do in game? Hang out with SilenttheGray Greatest accomplishment in game? Reaching lvl 13 in a day or so. How long have you been in Remnants of Hope? Almost a year now. Have you every been in a leadership or assistant position? Yes, first as a recruiting assistant for swtor, then currently now as PvE assistant and crafting assistant for swtor. Have you ever ran for any offices in RoH? Yes, PvE officer for swtor, Division commander for swtor, and EC. Have you any projects that you worked on in RoH? Yup, Halloween Karaoke night, Stronghold decoration contests in swtor.
  10. Woohoo! Here at Universal Studios with good peeps! 

  11. Well someone posted a remix of this song to me and I don’t know if he is serious or not, but since that one was weird I had to post the original up. 


  12. I don’t know why, but I like chatting with a certain person.

    1. Kamillus


      I'm flattered

  13. :3 Me at times... D65FC42E-98B5-419D-81FA-177BE2698C98.thumb.jpeg.9587b6ebcfcfefd508454e3f5cda697c.jpeg

    1. T'riss


      @Felipe You got the best profile picture ever and I mean ever! I love that guy! Otaku side coming out here!!! He is my anime crush.... Roy Mustang!

    2. Felipe


      Mustang is the best! My favorite character of everything easily. I want to be like him when I grow up. HAHA! 

  14. I love this song! 


Congratulations to Marjevante & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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