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    Cooking, baking, and making jewelry among other things.

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    T'rissanna'niss, Zenshou, Zauath, and Zentora (Republic)
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    Jedi Sentinel
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    Sialiama, Rynarae, Triss Neko, and Sainyu
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  1. Might have to take a LoA soon depending on how things will turn out due to rl issue.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Merredith


      Sending good vibes

    3. Pupp


      Hope everything's going alright ❤️

    4. Triss


      Thank you all for your concern. Everything is okay for now.

  2. Join me in some Karaoke up @10pm est!
  3. Though this year had a lot of painful events for me, some moments of wth, and such.  I know everyone here had them as well. I am still grateful for the moments that I had with the people and such. I am grateful that during this time I was able to meet someone who is my first in experiencing what it is like to be in a very mature and loving relationship. Not to mention being grateful that soon I will be able to start working again. Yes, 2020 is one f***** year, but try to remember the joyous parts that did happen even the small moments. That is what I am trying to do to help me get through this year. Love y'all in RoH! 

  4. Got a new pc... might also download swtor to see how it looks on good graphics.

    1. Hellary Ren

      Hellary Ren

      I hope to get my own at some point too ^-^

  5. The best feeling ever is meeting the person that is everything you prayed about and having a lot of firsts with the person.

    1. Pupp


      Hope it went amazing, T'riss ❤️

    2. Triss


      Oh, it did. He is the one I am dating since June and he is wonderful.

    3. Princess


      I'm so glad this is working out so well for you!! ❤️ Sounds like you've been having an absolutely incredible time! 

  6. Hi! I hope everyone is well during this craziness and finding some way to be safe and sane. Me, a new exciting chapter in the story of my life happened and once it is solid then I will post what it is. Some already know, but most do not know. xD

    1. Azilori (he/him)

      Azilori (he/him)

      I hope you are doing well! Sending you my best wishes :) 

  7. That moment when you get smitten.

  8. That moment when spending time with someone dear to you and you still smile about it after.

  9. Hi all. I changed the owner title to @Rellik. I do request to still keep it civil and welcoming. Since it is still my brain child. Lol
  10. T'riss here and I am looking for someone who would be interested in taking this over from me if you are single. I am actually in a unique situation with someone. We both have feelings for each other, but he needs to work things out on his end before we can actually move forward with this. Then it will be the big move for me and working things out in our unique sitation. xD If you feel like you can take this singles club idea and make it something and bigger. Please pm. T'riss Meow =^_^= p.s meeting someone special can happen over video games. I met him in the fc I am in on FFXIV and we are both dorks and understand each other completely.
  11. That feeling when the person you thought had friend zoned you decides to send you flowers for your birthday. Then later asks to speak with you on discord then by phone. That moment when you tell him how you felt in seeing the Orchids and he tells you he still has feelings and knows that we have a lot to offer each other, but let him sort things out before we can move on to a relationship. These are the Orchids. B3D28AB5-57AB-489E-8253-5FA66C0869CB.jpeg

    1. Merredith


      So beautiful!!!

    2. battleshield


      So beautiful!!! So happy for you!!!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday

  13. Neo

    Happy Birthday, @T'riss! Hope it’s a good one! :)

  14. Happy Birthday my friend!!!  Have a fantastic day!

    happy birthday minions GIF

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