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  1. I would like to apologize ahead of time for my weird behavior that is about to happen once it starts to get closer to April. 

  2. Not a good day when the lunch you just had and can eat with no problem now made you feel sick.

  3. I always wondered how they got the ships into the bottles.... 🤣68B721BE-9674-4456-93B2-587BCA7BD29F.thumb.jpeg.ccbdb487cd9cd89971837e86f008205f.jpeg🤣

  4. One of my obsession is collecting bags, purses, clutches, and backpacks of all kinds. So since my supervisor told me do something I like that destresses me and so I looked at bags and stuff. So the one I bought came today and here is my new addition to my collection. 378CD6E6-2920-442A-9123-86C0DCBBC3B4.thumb.jpeg.8b24182f7b1574fc776f206eaaaf62f6.jpeg

  5. After the pictures I have seen from friends who are in Chicago. I came to the conclusion that this is happening. 3A834F94-AE99-4347-AF53-7A4B41D01DEE.thumb.jpeg.61ed962645b1df8b4e6157bc5a0501ef.jpeg

  6. Without looking up the singer and the song... name the song this chorus is from... 


    And she wants you and you want her

    We want everyone

    And she wants you and you want her

    No one No one no one... 

    1. Loviotor


      Howard Jones - No one is to Blame

  7. I just love his voice and the feels in this song. 


  8. Yup, not subbing for Swtor again..... FFXIV..... I just love being a Red Mage!

    1. Hellary Ren

      Hellary Ren

      Aww, well I'm glad you having fun in FFXIV tho :)

    2. Azzareth


      Gonna miss seeing your name in the swtor  roster. So many new people joining now. Feels weird not recognizing anybody.

  9. I love this picture as the sunsets behind us and screenshot credit goes to Goodsby.ADC4C988-B27E-467E-803E-99BF2F0E5153.thumb.jpeg.52a48b97f78f29bf8d37ac94a46ec4aa.jpeg

    1. Kamillus


      I wish I was there

  10. Omg... FFXIV hits you more in the feels than any other mmo I have played....

    1. McCay


      It is a remarkable game like that.

  11. So next month is coming up and the day I don’t like will be here soon. 

    1. Goodsby


      Presidents day?  Yeah that day sucks

    2. Kamillus


      the 14th? yeah that one sucks

  12. T'riss

    FC Leader Election Applications.

    -Why do you want to be guild leader for the FFXIV FC? I feel that with a gentle yet firm guidance with the willingness to work with others is what I would like to do as Guild leader. It isn’t about the power or obey me I am guild leader is needed at all, but a passion to work with others and watch the FC grow. - What goals do you have for the FFXIV community? My goals to see the struggling yet not to dimmed light of the FC be snuffed out, but to have the passion of players ignite a passion feom other members of RoH, who have yet to play this game be ignited. In this hopefully other players can see the passion and join us. I also plan to evaluate the current structure and look at what worked and didn’t. - How do you plan to achieve these goals? By scheduling new events and having the members of FC to lead the events. Events that can be streamed, recorded, or something is the nature. I won’t demand, but to ask as an equal member of the FC and someone who loves FFXIV to work together in creating a FC that will burn bright as it once did and will continue to do so for other new and old players alike to be proud with the willingness to help keep this FC’s candle burning with passion.
  13. Practicing singing a big song for Karaoke night on Thursday, 1/31.... teehee not saying what it is.

Congratulations to Peureki, Biri B & Jason on being chosen Members of the Month for February for their primary divisions!

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