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  1. Teehee... there is something I am doing and planning things out. Hopefully it all works out and then Meet up in Texas here I come!

  2. Huzzah! Survived my first day and now time to go to sleep.

  3. Right now I wanna spazz out like a cat running back and forth to get the nervousness out because of tomorrow. Just so grateful for this chance to start a new chapter in my life that I know will lead to many more beautiful beginnings.

  4. This Tuesday starts another new chapter in my life and it gives me a focus to follow.

    1. Hellary Ren

      Hellary Ren

      Good luck! ^-^

  5. T'riss

    Karaoke time!

    Sorry due to the meeting and the movie night we are gonna reschedule this to when I can host it as I will be starting a new job soon....I know i am saying this all in one breath....
  6. T'riss

    Karaoke time!

    All good and get well soon!
  7. T'riss

    Karaoke time!

    Hello RoH Family! Sorry for the late notice, I totally forgot to put this one. However, yes it is that time again for Karaoke! I hope we will have a good turn out like the last time! Date: February 7, 2020 Time: 4:30pm pst/ 6:30 cst/ 7:30pm Where: Some where over the discord.. just look for T'riss. (Did you sing that in the tune of Over the Rainbow?...... good my job is done. lol) See y'all there and lets have some fun! T'riss ^_~* (wink)
  8. T'riss

    RoH Karaoke!

    Exactly what Saal said. It doesn’t really matter and I sing along to the songs while others do actual karaoke. I am not that brave enough for that. Lol
  9. Hi! I was thinking we should do some kind of RoH event online for us single people! Any suggestions? T’riss
  10. Those moments when you think you found someone you wanted to get to know and see where it goes. They say the words you wanted to hear, but in the end it was just a dream. A dream you want to grasp, but cannot grasp. So you wonder if you should walk away from ever believing that dream would come true. You wonder if you should just let the dream fall through the fingers like sand. As you watch the sand fall and washed away by the waves of tears... because it was all just a dream. You were just a dream.

    Just musing from a dream I had.

  11. I love this 80s band and their cover of the song. Yes it is going to be one of the songs I sing on Friday. I hope he sees this and understands.



  12. T'riss

    RoH Karaoke!

    Errrr I forgot that part again. Yes let me correct it. So the time is 7:30pm est/4:30pm pst/6:30pm cst.
  13. T'riss

    RoH Karaoke!

    Hello RoH! It is that time for Karaoke again and this time there is no theme! Just sing your heart out and sing with feeling! Me, I am gonna do 80s songs, but that is because I love 80s music. When: Friday, 1/31/2020 Time: 7:30pm Est/4:30pm pst/6:30pm cst Where: Some where in RoH Discord! (Just look for T'riss name) I hope to see you all there and lets have fun! T'riss ^_~* (wink)

    1. Azzareth


      Lol, does that pick up line actually work? 

    2. T'riss


      I dunno. Just wanted to make people laugh.