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  1. Happy birthday, dude!

    1. RaVem


      Dude, you have my phone number; we are on gchat and whatsapp... but you message me here...


    2. Shaaahn


      I messaged on gchat and you responded here first, so who looks silly now? Haha 

  2. Was as lot of fun @RaVem! I know my Rifle + P/P Deadeye isn't an ideal build, but can't help but pew pew all day. Will try using D/P for the added stealth while solo roaming.
  3. I'm in for Wednesday nights! Had a great time last time and this is definitely becoming my favourite game mode.
  4. Sorry, I won't be able to make it. Start time is a little too late.
  5. I'll eventually be running something like the Ghillie Snipe build from metabattle, but for now I'll run some sort of Sw/D + SB thief and try not to die. I'll be the decoy while you burst down the bad guys.