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  • Birthday December 27

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    Central Tn

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    Haloa, Rubyirene, Danexi, Billydale, Aikane, Beshala

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    Haloa Ohana, Kymie Ohana, Danexi Ohana, Lexani Ohana, Ruby Irene Ohana

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  1. Happy birthday Haloa! Miss you! ❤️ 



  2. Happy Belated Birthday, @Haloa Ohana!

  3. Happy Birthday! Miss seeing you ❤️

  4. Good morning! Happy Birthday! Miss you! ❤️

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    You know how to reach me if you need anything. My thoughts are with you and yours as you traverse these troubling times. 

    Much love to you and your mom.

  6. Image result for i am sorry to hear about your loss my condolences


    Haloa,  Please share this with Trin, My deepest condolences and I hope that you have all the support you and your family need at this time.  Even though I am far away and we do not talk everyday this news made me wish I could help you both in someway.  

    Please call if you need someone to chat with.


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  7. Happy birthday, Haloa!

  8. Happy Birthday Momma Ohana!!! <3 

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