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  1. Maybe something like Armageddon Brand?
  2. Jaqques

    Titan Gauntlets.png

    I think the game is telling me to equip titan gauntlets
  3. Jaqques

    Game Session Scheduling

    @witchbolts @SilentTheGray Ah - unfortunately I will need to bow out of games for the moment, as I just roped-in, er... convinced ... well @Siscia decided to jump on in and start playing. So we are going to probably do a full run through, or at the very least give @Siscia time to grow her Divinity legs, before we jump into any larger games. That said - I still want to get something together with you guys once we run through it again.
  4. Welcome back to PoE! I loved Titan Quest back in the day, and PoE is like that x100! I'm about 105 hours in, on my third character and still feel like a filthy casual, but I'm having a great time min/maxing. It feels great when you make a few tweaks and suddenly you can drop mobs in a single hit. Looking forward to seeing you around!
  5. Jaqques

    Game Session Scheduling

    Are we still planning something for this Friday? 12/14? I should be free if anyone wants to start up a game.
  6. Jaqques

    Game Session Scheduling

    @SilentTheGray Cool cool cool. I'll plan to be there 12/14. @witchbolts We can schedule something during the day - I currently have availability Thursday afternoon, or we can plan for something next week. Do we know if anyone else is available during the daytime hours?
  7. Jaqques

    Game Session Scheduling

    @SilentTheGray Is this Friday 12/7 or Friday 12/14? If its the 7th I will be busy on that one particular friday, but normally I'm available. @witchbolts What timezone are you in? I can probably get a session in during the day soon.
  8. Jaqques


    Welcome @Vikkie ! I think you'll be pretty happy with the game once you really dive in! I finished it recently and am really excited to jump back in as I know I missed a bunch.
  9. Jaqques

    Game Session Scheduling

    I'm open pretty much any evening, although friday/saturday nights work best simply due to the lack of work the next day. I'm in CST and would need it to probably be around 7. All that said I could probably carve out some time during the day on Thursday or Friday if anyone is available during the week.
  10. Oh one more thing I forgot to mention - in the final battle when...
  11. So I recently finished and all I can say is: Now lets discuss: Speaking on the events leading up to the ending: And the ending itself: Anyway. Those are my thoughts - what did you guys think? @SilentTheGray @witchbolts @Anan
  12. Jaqques


    I'm having some fun playing a Warrior/Polymorph build, as things like tentacle lash do straight physical damage, and wings/horns are really fun to use as a 2 handed warrior.
  13. Jaqques


    Hi all, thanks for the invite! Finishing up my first run through of the game, afterwards I'd love to jump into something multiplayer. I sort of just ran through the mainline quest and missed a ton of stuff, so it would be cool to take it a bit slower and explore every bit of the game.

Congratulations to Peureki, Biri B & Jason on being chosen Members of the Month for February for their primary divisions!

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