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  1. Happy birthday friend!  Sorry kinda late. 


    happy birthday good job GIF

  2. Oh my gosh happy birthday! Enjoy your party :)

    happy birthday GIF

  3. Kyn

    Akatsuki Rose, The Healer

    @witchbolts how do your pronounce her name? Is it like Sooki from true blood, if you seen that.
  4. Thanks! Added everyone above.
  5. Kyn

    Akatsuki Rose, The Healer

    This is great! Another great example for character bios!
  6. Kyn

    Naming Convention Help

    Well, maybe post in RoH general forums as well? Get more minds involved? Maybe someone else from the outside looking in may have a suggestion?
  7. Kyn

    Naming Convention Help

    Im saying you may want to be more open about tweaking your first name if your that set on finding a last name that sticks with the lala naming convention. There has been a good amount of feedback providing help to try and get a new last name, all of which you did not like the suggestions, so just saying maybe be more open about a first name tweak. That was all.
  8. Remnants of Hope Final Fantasy XIV Content Poll Afternoon Eorzeains! Wanted to first thank you all for being a great bunch of players to play with in game. These last few months have been a great experience. As we are headed down the path to become a Division, I wanted to see where everyone stands as far as in game content. We have grown to now over 60 Members and want to make sure we are still providing the content members desire as far as events. So, do you like PvE, RP or PvP. I am posting a poll above to see where we stand and to what extent. So please, this is for the entire guild and I will be tagging everyone. We need your voice! The options are going to just be generic simple options. The one difference will be in PvE because there is a wide range of activities in game and members may like some, but not others. Of course, I can not list ALL of the PvE content so will break it down as follows. Role-Play PvP PvE - Raiding PvE - Dungeons PvE - Trials (Primal Fights) Do not forget we also have our Divisional Tag List. You can let us know what content you want to be tagged in for when important topics arise. So please follow the below link and add to the replies what content you wish to be tagged in. *Poll results will not be an indicator on whether or not we close events in certain areas. https://www.remnantsofhope.com/boards/index.php?/topic/40434-ffxiv-divisional-tag-list/&tab=comments#comment-452914 Tag Lsit - FFXIV Guild
  9. This is still a thing, so please let us know what you wish to be included in. Remember, FFXIV does not have an in game calendar. So you will need to check the forums and the Events Calendar for upcoming events.
  10. Kyn

    Naming Convention Help

    Julius is very hard to match. Just start going down the alphabet. Aulius Bulius Culius Dulius Eulius Fulius Gulius Hulius Iulius Hulius Kulius Lulius Mulius Nulius Oulius Pulius Qulius Rulius Sulius Tulius Uulius Vulius Wulius Xulius Yulius Zulius In the end, you have to think of it this way too... I have a Volkswagen but want it to look like a Ferrari. Well, you need to buy Ferrari.
  11. Kyn

    Welcome Wagon Post!

    Yes you can, right now though they are limiting characters created on this server. Just checked 15 mins ago and it was locked. So have to wait when it's not peek hours. Welcome @Richinja !
  12. Kyn

    Welcome Wagon Post!

    Welcome @midgitary ! If you have any questions just yell! Also check out our information post.

Congratulations to Marjevante & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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