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  1. Also on the topic of things that recently happened.


    I used google for a lot of stuff. All my gaming accounts were google tied via emails etc.. Well somehow, someone hacked into my accounts somewhere and got my debit card info. They even used my PIN number at a Lowes in another state. They ended up getting 700$ off that. I got that money back but had to get new card. In my panic, frustration and anger, I deleted ALL my google accounts. POOF!!


    Side effect - all my gaming accounts were tied to them, so currently on brand new accounts. All my characters over 15 years of gaming, gone. Oh well. Time to start new and enjoy the experience!


    After all that, my new debt card got hacked as well. This time from Paypal.... somehow I was still getting stuff hacked..

    So this time I turned in my Samsung Note8 and bought a new iPhone Xr. Done with google. At least on those accounts :)


    I have a couple google accounts that have no debit card info attached to it. But what a hassle and it took weeks to get my money back. In the end between the two hacks, they took 2k from my account. I was beyond upset. But, in the end, prob my fault. Now I use a few accounts only and all have different passwords.



    1. Ezoura


      If someone was so set on hacking your accounts, they may have more information on you then what you realize. I'd recommend downloading Credit Karma app to keep track of any hits your credit may take! I also would call Transunion and Equifax and place a hold on your credit until things die down. Of course you can't apply for any cards or loans at that time, but it will also keep others from doing the same. I hope this mess passes over for you! That's frustrating to say the least.

    2. Kynn


      Indeed it was a pain. I just don’t know how they got my card PIN number. That’s odd to me. I did a credit check and nothing strange but a credit freeze maybe a good thing to do. 

  2. Hey RoH,


    Wanted to update on my life :)


    So when I left the community I was totally stressed about new job position and gaming and family. I was offered the management job (old bosses job) which was a huge pay increase and another accomplishment or personal goal of mine. I ended up actually turning down the position. Not only that I ended up getting off the night shifts as well. I now work normal 8 to 5 hours. My wifey still works nights though.


    I made that choice because although the pay would be nice, the away time from family and my wife was not worth it. Now I actually have time with my family and way less stress :)


    Any who, thats about it. Missing you all. ❤️



  3. Happy Birthday Mevraz !!!

    1. Mevraz


      Thanks Kynn! Welcome back :)

  4. Kynn

    Happy late birthday @RaVem ! Hope you had a great one and not anywhere that is -60° lol!

    1. RaVem


      Thanks @Kynn We're positively toasty here at -31 lol.

    2. Kynn
  5. Kynn

    Kynn Pics

    My personal gaming pics
  6. Grats, @Kyn, for the new position!  I know you will do well and I wish nothing but the best for you, WoW and RoH!   ❤️

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kynn


      So when you coming back?  You know since I'm RO I have to recruit you now :) ❤️

    3. Skywolven


      Well, I can't say that I don't miss RoH, that's for sure.  But, it would be just a matter of time before I felt like voicing my opinions and wanting to get back into leadership or help out.    ;)

    4. Kynn


      Love to have you :) nothing wrong with helping and voicing opinions lol. Will keep a chair warm for you all the time! 

  7. Happy Birthday!! Hope its a great one!


    birthday cake alf GIF by HULU

  8. Happy Birthday @FlyingHamTaco !!  Hope you have a great day today!


    happy birthday GIF by Leannimator

    1. FlyingHamTaco


      omg XD thats freaking adorable, ty Kyn!

  9. No idea what to do with myself now........ other than drink this cup of coffee... *sigh*

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