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  1. Happy Birthday!! 🎉

  2. Myavar

    Mya's Album

    Dust effect from the riding broom still stays active even when riding a mount. Dusty butt!
  3. I have no idea who all will notice this, but I thought I'd warm up the old writing hands for a RP journal post.


    63 Colossus, 1331 AE -


    "Today was interesting, to say the least. I'd initially only planned on sewing up another yard of damask cloth, I'll figure out what to do with it some day, but ended up using more materials than I'd intended. Amateur mistake, but things happen. 


    Not long after that I got together with some members of my guild to spar in the arena, to have fun and practice my combat techniques, and my magic felt weak to say the least. I held my own in a couple one on one matches, but beyond that I went down like a sack of potatoes repeatedly. There was this Char there too that just would not yield! No matter what anyone did she just... stood there! We were all infuriated by her. I think her name was Ruka? Ruca? Rusha? I don't know. Something obnoxious, I'm sure.


    I had to leave our arena, though, because I'd signed up to help fight something called a Cairn. This... giant... rock golem thing? It was an intense fight, the magic it used was incredible! I'd managed to dodge this spear arm it summoned to swipe at everyone, which I was quite proud of I might add, but I came out of that encounter looking like a viciously bruised omnom berry. I think next time I'll wear some thick Norn crafted armor to protect myself better.....


    I went home and slept for hours after that."