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  1. Yeah, I'm back, despite my disappointing (to me) fantasy football showing last season. Is anyone interested in a March Madness bracket contest? Many are available at no cost, and we might get interest from non group members in the guild...
  2. Happy birthday, Elisel! May this be your best day and year ever.

    1. Elisel


      Thank you @crosius  Miss you and sending digital hugs!

  3. Thanks, and yes, I still plan on drafting/playing in the league.
  4. I'm taking a 'Leave of Absence' from the guild, and would appreciate someone stepping up to lead the group. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested. Thanks!
  5. Only a couple more weeks until our 2018 RoH fantasy football draft....don't wait to sign up; first come, first served.
  6. Thanks, @Cyconax! Much appreciated. Flex is RB/WR/TE I assume? (I only ask due to one other league I'm in allows for a QB at the flex.)
  7. It looks like most are in favor of a Yahoo league (I voted 'other' as I don't really have a preference). Next question: anyone want to step up and be commissioner of the league? I could do it, but would prefer not to because: 1. I want to avoid any perceived 'conflict of interest', and 2. I like to customize my leagues' scoring away from the default settings. If we get the league registered quickly, we might be able to 'advertise' in the forum and get a full RoH league. I'd rather a 10-12 owner league personally, and don't know if we've got the numbers here. Barring that, we could either do a 6 owner league, or recruit non-RoH owners. I'd rather the commissioner make that call...
  8. Ever wonder what it would be like to own a sports team? Don't have a few million dollars idling around to invest in a team? Then fantasy sports are for you! Here I will attempt to provide some basic information, and hopefully explain some concepts unique to this game. According to Wikipedia, fantasy sport, "...is a type of online game where participants assemble imaginary or virtual teams of real players of a professional sport. These teams compete based on the statistical performance of those players' players in actual games". Fantasy sports have been around since the 1980s, and started with major league baseball. Since then, the game has exploded to epic proportions, covering all major and some minor sports, and has led to a slew of publications, websites, and (for better or worse) betting arenas. First, someone has to step forward as 'commissioner'. This person is the owner of the 'league', and sets the scoring rules, roster limits, and even the number of participants (many websites have established default settings for this, saving the commissioner time). The next step in a fantasy sports league is to find a number of willing participants, who are referred to as 'owners'. They can be friends, coworkers, or even complete strangers, all bound by their interest in the sport. The league then schedules a 'draft', where each owner gets to select players for their team. This can be done online (live) or offline. The owners designate their team's 'starters' on a game by game basis. These starters are the players whose stats count in the team's score. The remainder of the team's players are referred to as the 'bench', and have no bearing on the team's score for that game. Players can be moved between starters and bench between games, but the 'lineup' must be set before the games start. According to the particular leagues' schedule and scoring settings, a winner and loser is determined for each game. This process repeats until the end the league's 'regular' season, and the 'playoff' teams are determined. Playoff teams usually are in a bracket format, and the league winner is the survivor of this bracket.
  9. hiya, Eli asked me to contact you about end of trial reviews.

    I'll be on Saturday late afternoon through late night if that works for you?

    1. crosius



      How does Saturday, June 23rd @ 6PM Eastern work for you? You'll only need Team Speak; logging into the game is not necessary. 'Hope' to see (or rather hear) you then!

    2. Wizztu


      I'm working today, but should be off by then...depends on subcontractors...I have to baby sit them.

  10. Happy birthday! May this be your best day and year ever.

  11. until

    My apologies; I must have missed this one...
  12. until

    What about the Community meeting?

Congratulations to Lupe, Kitty Chelle & Ennuigo on being chosen Members of the Month for May for their primary divisions!

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