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  1. Happy birthday, -Glamazon- ! May this be your best day and year ever.


  2. Howdy! Sorry to have missed your birthday; I was in training, and didn't keep up with the forums. Hope you had the best day, and have the best year ever!

  3. I'll definitely be there! No sure what's involved in the hosting, however...
  4. Any day, any time (well, not 1AM-7AM Central), no longer than 3 hours, and available twice a week.
  5. Please add me to AoE and Civ lists...thanks!
  6. Happy birthday, Eli! May this be your best day and year ever!❤️

    1. Vorn


      Birthday blessings, Eli!!!  Congrats on completing another orbit!!!  Hoping this year exceeds all expectations!!!

  7. Happy birthday @MoSteel!


  8. Happy birthday, @Cyth27! May this be your best day and year ever.


  9. Happy birthday @DreamingofRoses! May this be your best day and year ever.

  10. It all begins tonight, with the Packers @ sure your line-ups are set.
  11. My apologies, but I just realized the draft time was has now been corrected to 9PM Eastern tonight, as originally stated. Although it's not a necessity to join (you WILL have to be in the Yahoo league draft page to draft), I will set up a Discord channel. There were positive comments last year regarding a voice area to 'trash talk' during the draft, so it will be in Discord this year. Good luck, and I'll see you there!
  12. Schedule is set; each team will play the others in their division twice, and every other team once. Playoffs will consist of 4 teams; the 3 division winners and one wild card team. Playoffs will be held in weeks 15 & 16; I purposely avoided week 17, as rl teams that are playoff bound tend to rest their starters. I will be setting the league up with keepers, but that will have no bearing on this season (and if there's no issues with you owners). As far as the draft is concerned, I highly recommend pre-ranking players (which can be done up to one hour before the actual draft) as Yahoo's default rankings leave a bit to be desired. Participation in the live draft is not required, but if you can't make the draft (personal conflicts, internet issues, etc.), Yahoo will use either your personal rankings (if set) or its default rankings. 'Hope' to see y'all a week from Thursday!
  13. "Are you ready for some football?" The RoH fantasy football league is ON again for 2019! @Cyconaxhas gracefully passed the commissioner's position to me, so I'm now at work getting things ready. I have scheduled a LIVE draft for 8/29 @ 9:00Eastern, for reasons stated previously. As we have had additional interest from others, the league will be expanded to 12 teams in 3 divisions. For any comments/questions/concerns, please contact me in this thread, in the league forum, or shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  14. Thanks, and glad to hear you'll be back!
  15. I saw you checked in a couple of weeks ago, and you didn't even say 'Howdy"...😔 How the heck are you? Has the move and new position been everything you've hoped for? I miss our times together, but hoping you've simply moved on to 'bigger and better things'. All my best wishes for you, as always. Hugs!


    1. Elisel


      Lyra!!  Miss you.  I hope you are well.  Please know thinking of you!!!

    2. Lyrazel


      Hello!! Yes, I'm alive and well and still gaming, but 100% absorbed by and into FFXIV. The story, the job classes, the housing (not quite as good as ESO but still fun). It's just sooooo good! I'm playing on a Japanese server though, not the one that ROH members are on.


      Will try and come on and catch up one day soon! Weekends tend to get taken up with the horse now that I'm living close to him. :) Hugs to you both! :)

    3. Elisel


      Thank you for letting us know how you are doing.  Can't wait to hear about your FFXIV adventures :)  And pics of your baby please? I really appreciate that you are staying with us, and keeping active on the forums, so some day, we can play together again *hugs*