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    Rahil Xiv (Templar Healer), Kaarc Xiv (Stamblade, don't play much), Kadir Xiv (Warden HP/survival tank)

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  1. Warden tank, magplar dd, stamcro dd, support templar, templar or warden heals. My warden healer is running twilight remedy and naviintaas, so a strong focus on synergies which would give minor force, huge hots, and resource help to whoever uses it. I will check tonight to ensure he has purge. Stamcro is far better dd than magplar, but less utility, though multirez is a thing.
  2. Warden tank, magplar dd, (less damage more utility and survivability), stamcro dd, (less survivability more pewpew) Actually, let me mark this as tentative, i have another commitment that afternoon i just remembered but the time may new flexible.