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  1. This certainly was not what I was trying to convey. Under no circumstances would I wish a Division ill. My statement was meant to be more about my particular evaluation of both games as pertains to my personal preferences only. New World may not be my jam, but I understand I did not word that well -- apologies! This is definitely true. There are aspects of the game that are a little more "par for the course" than I prefer. This also applies to their class system -- it certainly isn't what you would call "groundbreaking". New World is obviously classless, which is definitely my favorite aspect of the game, but AoC is effectively "factionless", which I also think is pretty cool -- you're just a citizen of whichever town/city/metropolis you contributed to most in that node/empire. In terms of what they plan to do with the game at a macro level with ever evolving nodes (103 to date) with vassal states, player run governments/diplomacy/trade routes between kingdoms, it's pretty insane. Whether or not they pull off what they say they're trying to do still remains to be seen, but I'm cautiously optimistic so far. Yes, I agree about the combat system -- I think it goes back to what Scoobs said in his post regarding it seeming like a "hotbar" combat system. I'm certainly hoping for something a little less "vanilla", but what really attracts me to the game so far is that there will be so much to do than queue up a bunch of quests to "kill X 10 times", which I badly need to get reinvested into MMO's. Will certainly continue to keep an eye on it!
  2. Was wondering if this interest group was still active? This is legitimately the only MMO I'm interested in at this point. If Intrepid Studios does with this game what they say they will, it's going to smash New World to pieces
  3. Happy happy birthday @kiwiSpecial!!

  4. I absolutely loved my GameBoy Advance. Soooo many hours on that hand held. I remember cable linking with my 3 other siblings so that we could all race against each other in Mario Kart on our 10 hour car trips down to Florida every summer. Life was so much simpler back then As for Switch games, I play the following the most (excluding Pokemon as you said you weren't interested) 1) Civilization VI: There's a reason this franchise is decades old with the track record for success that it has -- it's incredible if you're a fan of 4X games and is a fantastic port to the Switch. Hundreds of hours in this game for me thus far. 2) Diablo III: Great for killing some time, even just 15 minutes or so. Super flexible time-wise, and playable offline. 3) Super Mario Odyssey: My favorite Mario game since Mario 64, and that is saying a lot. This game is straight up amazing. 4) As previous peeps have noted, Breath of the Wild is also incredible. A good bit of DLC is out for it now with a full on sequel in the works. 5) Isaac Afterbirth: Classic randomized dungeon clearing. Procedurally generated dungeons maps with hundreds of randomly generated items so every run is different. Tons of fun. 6) There are also tons if really neat indie games on the store that are regularly on sale. There is going to be a gem hidden in there for everyone. Happy Switching!
  5. Hey all! Just looking to see if anyone does end game competitive breeding in Pokemon Sword/Shield? I've been farming 4 stat Ditto's for a week now, and can not for the life of me cover all of my stats (I just need a Best Sp. Atk Ditto now). Since I have seven 4 stat Ditto's lying around, I figured I might be able to trade them to someone for their Best Sp.Atk Ditto (I don't even care what the other 3 stats are) so we both benefit! Let me know if you're interested and we can get our trade on!
  6. Not nearly as much as you would think, @MrChavez1234
  7. Name: kiwiSpcial (gotta love only be allowed 10 characters) Friend Code: SW-2446-9646-0306 I have pretty much all the multiplayer staples: Mario Kart Super Smash Mario Party Diablo III Civ VI (even though it's local only on Switch, boooo) Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu @Jaark I'll definitely be picking up the new Pokemon coming out. I think I'm getting shield and my wife is getting Sword. Hit me up!
  8. Another one I need to get back into. The Switch is becoming more and more of my go-to gaming choice just for the sheer convenience alone. And being able to crush the occasional rift here and there is always satisfying.
  9. I saw this when it came out. To say I was unnerved by these individual does not even begin to describe my very uncomfortable feelings while I watched this. I had to cover my daughter's eyes while it was playing just so that they didn't suck her soul out through the TV. That all being said, I think this game looks amazing! I wasn't so sure at first (largely probably because I was still coming to grips with the actors), but the more the video went on, the more excited I got. I haven't pre-ordered it yet, but am definitely looking to get it. Good on Nintendo for always finding fun creative ways to get people off the couch while playing games. All the kudos. Just.... just let me hire the actors next time
  10. Whoa! That is many hours. Recently I've just been so into games that I can sporadically play for a few minutes at a time. Civ VI on Switch has very much been that game for me so far. I do need to pick up Three Houses again. I think my wife is almost through her first play through as Blue Lions.
  11. Thanks for the birthday wishes, all! Spent the second half of it sick, but so it goes!

    1. Elisel


      Happy belated Birthday!!!!!  Hope it was good except for the being ill :(

    2. kiwiSpecial


      More over-exhaustion than anything else. Moved into a new house 2 weeks back and I hadn't given my body a break since. It decided to revolt and auto-shutdown yesterday in protest xD


      I'm feeling much better after 12 hours of sleep in the last 24. Thanks Eli!


    All happiness to you, kiwi! :D 

    1. kiwiSpecial


      Thank you, General Felipe! o7

  13. Happy birthday @kiwiSpecial! May this be your best day and year ever.

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