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    New Jersey, United States

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    Sith Juggernaut
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    Urameshiya, MisterChavez, Yo Soy Un Oso, Ever Rend
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    Horde - Risáko (Orc Warlock- Main), Risâko (Orc DK), Risàko (Mag'har Shaman), Sekuharako (Panda Warrior), Nikakko (Goblin Priest) among many others.

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  1. Hey all, just wondering if we have a clan or want to share Steam names. My steam name, unsurprisingly, is mrchavez1234. Feel free to drop a friend request and, if we have the clan hookup already let me know please! --Chavez
  2. Anyone else have it or interested in playing? --Chavez
  3. MrChavez1234

    GW2 HP Train

    Count me in!
  4. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/rune-factory-4-special-switch/ Love me some farm sim / romance / slice of life games!
  5. Currently 10 days in and at level 22. Planks are killing me.
  6. You don't like your actors to look like they regularly feast on peyote and human flesh @kiwiSpecial? Better?
  7. Just a disclaimer - the two presenters in this video look like they were assembled from leftover Mii parts. Haunting. I have this bad boy preordered.
  8. @kiwiSpecial & @ShogunTairaOkay, I am on my second play through - did Black Eagles (Bleagals) and now Blue Lions - and I am at 200 hours and starting to slow down. I am on Chapter 21. I plan to finish tonight and set Three Houses aside until the DLC stuff comes out in later (I think 12/31/2019).
  9. Also 100+ hours deep. Finished my Black Eagles playthrough and now am working on New Game + with the Blue Lions.
  10. https://us.diablo3.com/en/blog/23093786/season-18-the-season-of-the-triune-begins-august-23-8-15-2019 Season 18 starts today! A new mechanic that is useable from level 1.
  11. Love the Disgaea 5 random name generator.
  12. @Jaark I an not a Pokemon player but I will add your friend code this evening. I obsessively play Diablo 3 and now Fire Emblem Three Houses.
  13. I chose Black Eagles and played for 20 hours. Then I restarted ALSO with the Black Eagles. The learning curve is real.
  14. My Nintendo name is (unsuprisingly) MrChavez1234 Friend Code: SW-3600-6315-6721
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