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  1. Frarry

    VMOPs Explosive Conflict


    Looks like you could still use another mdps, I'll come along if you'll have me Looks like you could still use another mdps, I'll come along if you'll have me Edit: looks like there are strange thing afoot in the land of the forums...
  2. until

    Backup DPS or Heals
  3. until

    Good for backup DPS or Heals or second group
  4. until

    Either Heal or DPS, but if someone new wants to come, they can take my spot.
  5. until

    DPS or heals.
  6. until

    mdps on my assassin, unless a jugg is needed
  7. Frarry

    VMOPs Explosive Conflict


    I'll be a backup DPS since I want others to have a chance to sign up first.
  8. until

    If you need me, I'd be happy to come heal. Want to get that practice in
  9. until

    backup dps
  10. until

    Healing, sorc
  11. until

    mdps (sin)
  12. until

    I'll bring along a chaperone, er, I mean lvl 75 if we want a second group. Not sure who yet.
  13. Frarry

    VMOPs Eternity Vault


    I'd be happy to be a backup DPS, ranged or melee.
  14. until

    I can be a backup and can bring either mdps or rdps as needed.
  15. until

    I can always use the credits, so I'll join in if you have the room. If others want to go for leveling, give them the spot first.