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  1. until

    Healing with my sorc
  2. until

  3. Frarry

    DreadFortress VMOPS

    I can't make it today since I have my daughter today until after first pull.
  4. until

    I can offer my melee DPS if you need it. Just wanted to give others the spot if they want it first.
  5. Frarry

    VMOPS Dreadfortress


    Melee DPS or ranged if needed.
  6. until

    Melee or ranged DPS please
  7. until

    melee DPS please
  8. until

    Melee DPS preferred, but can go with ranged if needed
  9. until

    I'll be there with melee DPS.
  10. until

    I can do ranged or melee DPS as needed.
  11. until

    Good luck! Not that you all need it. I'll still be driving otherwise I'd come along.
  12. until

    I wish I could, but I'll be leaving for GA the morning after, so most of my stuff will be loaded in the moving truck. Good luck and give Master and Blaster my best. EDIT: Assuming all goes well, there is a chance for me to raid again the following Wednesday.
  13. until

    Just a heads up, I won't be at the next one on the 17th, but should have internet at the new place by the 24th.
  14. until

    I can offer my DPS (melee or ranged), unless you want my weaksauce(tm) healing
  15. until

    I can do either melee or ranged DPS