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    Video games, sci-fi, anime, and many other things geeky and nerdy. :D

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    Kara Emberfury, Frarry
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  1. I can be there.
  2. until

    I'm at the airport in Baltimore and should be home tonight. Barring anything really bad happening, I'll be looking forward to gaming with you all again.
  3. until

    I'd be up for it Friday evening, Saturday any time, or Sunday evening after I drop off my daughter.
  4. until

    I'll be there with my melee DPS.
  5. until

    I'll be bringing my sniper for ranged DPS. Her gear needs attention.
  6. until

    Torn between ranged or melee DPS...
  7. until

    There is a chance I'll be late getting online. If I am and you have an alternate, please don't wait.
  8. until

    Melee DPS, my usual role.
  9. until

    DPS, can fill either melee or ranged
  10. until

    Yes, sorry, it's been a crazy week. I'll be there with my melee DPS.
  11. until

    I'm sorry but I can't make it tonight due to a migraine. Next week hopefully.
  12. until

    I'll be there with my melee DPS.
  13. until

    Melee DPS
  14. until

    I can make it, and am bringing a DPS. I'll probably go with melee this time.
  15. until

    I have a work call that starts at 7pm eastern that's supposed to only last 30 minutes. Saying that, the last call was supposed to be quick and lasted an hour and a half. Edit: Hence the maybe.

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