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    Well, let's see how my newer gear does against them all then. Melee DPS for me. @Aedi LanigiroDid you know your title is for 2/17, but the event is 2/19?
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    Gives me more time to work on my ranged dps then.
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    Or at least be consistent.
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    For better or worse, I'll be there with melee DPS
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    Probably the same as last week, unless my knee says no to exercise.
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    Melee DPS, getting used to the new gear.
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    As always, I'll be there with my melee DPS.
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    As usual, melee DPS for me.
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    Sorry, with all the ops recently I thought I had RSVPed already.
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    I trust you on that.
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    This is one I may have been in a couple times, but can't remember if we ever finished it.
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    Uber craziness at work has ended, so I should be able to join you all again.
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    Thank you Chelly! *super hugs* I never knew how much I missed a normal week schedule until this last week. Last week and this week were split into three short-weeks with later than normal hours, but shorter hours total. I've also been sick through some of it which just makes everything a blur normally, so there have been days I wasn't sure what day of the week it was. Tonight is the last night of this, and my boss is telling me I have an extra day and a half since I was sick on my first flexed day/day off. So confused from how it all works out, but as long as work is happy, I can stay employed. Take care everyone, see you all next week.
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    I wish I could, but this last week, or whatever, has been nuts with late shifts at work. I have to re-re-adjust my sleep schedule Wednesday night to return to a "normal" schedule since the late shifts are over. I'm at work right now and barely awake. Sorry folks, next week!
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    I should be able to make it this week. Next week may be a problem thanks to work. I have an altered shift from Sat-Tues meaning I'll be at work from 5pm until midnight, so I'm not sure if I'll be completely exhausted then or not.
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    I don't have a cold, or if I do it's just stealing my voice. I think it's just the stress of work added to the fact that my throat has never handled lots of talking well, and I've been having to talk lots at work. Going to see someone about it soon.
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    I'll be there, with or without a voice.
  18. I can be there.
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    I'm at the airport in Baltimore and should be home tonight. Barring anything really bad happening, I'll be looking forward to gaming with you all again.
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    I'd be up for it Friday evening, Saturday any time, or Sunday evening after I drop off my daughter.
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    I'll be there with my melee DPS.
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    I'll be bringing my sniper for ranged DPS. Her gear needs attention.
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    Torn between ranged or melee DPS...
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    There is a chance I'll be late getting online. If I am and you have an alternate, please don't wait.
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    Melee DPS, my usual role.