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  1. Frarry

    VMOPs Eternity Vault


    I'd be happy to be a backup DPS, ranged or melee.
  2. until

    I can be a backup and can bring either mdps or rdps as needed.
  3. until

    I can always use the credits, so I'll join in if you have the room. If others want to go for leveling, give them the spot first.
  4. until

    mdps or rdps depending on what is needed. Just a heads up, click the "Going" button too.
  5. Frarry

    VMOPs The Nature of Progress


    mdps please
  6. until

    I can come for practice on my sniper, but all my imp side toons are leveled. Let me know if you need me to fill a spot.
  7. Frarry

    VMOPs Gods from the Machine


    I can come as mdps or rdps as needed.
  8. until

    EIther mdps or rdps as needed.
  9. until

    I'll bring my mdps.
  10. until

    I can bring either my rdps or mdps depending on the need.
  11. Frarry

    SMOPS - KP


    I can offer melee dps pub side if you still need it.
  12. until

    Pub side, right? I could be a backup mdps if needed.
  13. until

    bringing rdps, but swap over to melee if needed
  14. until

    I'll be a backup DPS, ranged or melee as needed.
  15. Frarry

    VMOPS FUN Progression


    I won't be back from dropping my daughter off until 7:15 at the earliest, probably more like 7:30, in case I'm needed.
  16. until

    Planning on more rpds unless we need melee.
  17. Frarry



    Thanks @Vorn and @Katalaw!
  18. Frarry



    I can't make it this week since I'll have my daughter on Saturday.
  19. until

    Can do rdps or mdps as needed.
  20. until

    Healing with my sorc
  21. until

  22. Frarry

    DreadFortress VMOPS

    I can't make it today since I have my daughter today until after first pull.
  23. until

    I can offer my melee DPS if you need it. Just wanted to give others the spot if they want it first.
  24. Frarry

    VMOPS Dreadfortress


    Melee DPS or ranged if needed.
  25. until

    Melee or ranged DPS please