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  1. Hi everyone! While in this group, I am not EC Dave. I'm just regular Dave, because RoH declared WoW classic to be its own game outside of the RoH community. I've found a great group of people to play with, and we're on the Skeram PvP server, east coast time zone. The GM of that guild has a good head on his shoulders, and he's connected to the other guilds in the community. He recognizes that many of us aren't as young as we were 15 years ago, and so the expectations in the game have changed. Of course, you don't have to do anything to join that. Please forge your own path and enjoy classic in whatever way you feel best! But if you want to play with a familiar face, say something and I'll leave their Discord link for you to check out (or directly invite you into the guild should you roll on Skeram). -Dave
  2. until

    I just added you both to the main veteran notification list. I look forward to seeing you guys there!

Congratulations to Pupp, Jed, Feladris & jermz1804 on being chosen Members of the Month for October for their primary divisions!

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