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    MMORPGs, Anime, Dogs, and Husband...not necessarily in that order!

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    Anaria Shola (lvl 61...only own the original game atm)
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    Eon Hawklight, Aeon Hawklight, Ion Hawklight, Inaria Hawklight, basically a first name with last name Hawklight :D (Started the game 03/23/2018)

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    Loupebovine (Horde Tauren Hunter), Inanity (Blood Elf Mage), September (Troll Priestess), Memorylost (Tauren Druid), and numerous others...it has been a year since I have logged on!
    WoW are the achievements all messed up for the older players... :( makes me sad to look at them :(

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  1. Happy birthday! Good to see you're still around.


  2. HA!  Figured out...how to read >.>  Use DISPLAY name to get into the forums, NOT your email address ./cough >.>

  3. Happy Birthday!!! 

    1. Eon_Hawklight


      Thank you :D  We went out to Cedar Point, and had a blast!