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    United States
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    Football, Gaming and Colognes.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Character Reference

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    Devvorah, Stymmila, Kyravaine
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    Jedi Sage
    Sith Juggernaut
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    Dorn Chillblood, Anaerys Moonchild

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    Aryalice - 110 Blood Elf Frost/Blood Death Knight
    Blitzkrieg - 110 Protection/Arms Warrior
    Zadeka - 110 Orc Outlaw/Assassination Rogue
    Valniq - 100 Troll Arcane/Frost Mage

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  1. Happy birthday!

    1. TGIKay


      Thank you for the wishes! I was away for an extended period of time at Naval Basic Training and A-School and just got back last week! I hope all is well!

  2. But here are my go to champions in my other roles: Support- Soraka Blitzcrank Leona Mid Lane- Fizz Yasuo Leblanc
  3. Orchisma Primary roles: Fighter/Tank/Marksman Jungler (Vi, Volibear and Graves) Bottom Lane ADC (Jhin, Draven and Miss Fortune) Bruiser/Assassin Top Lane (Darius, Illaoi and Fizz) I am a ADC/Jungle main but I can play Top well. I am shaky at support and unreliable at best in the mid lane.
  4. Orchisma: 1. Darius 2. Master Yi 3. Vi 4. Volibear 5. Elise
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