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  1. Happy Birthday!!  Hope you are doing well

  2. I'm still alive and kicking RoH family ❤️ Sorry I've been so absent. My health is slowly getting better. :) Finally got glasses and man, I didn't realize how bad my vision was before having these haha! Now just to get started on new meds... The most difficult part. Lol. Love and miss you all! 

  3. Happy Birthday!! 🎉

  4. Happy Birthday!  Miss you @Curious_Dani and hope all is well!

  5. Happy birthday, @Curious_Dani! Hope this day and year are awesome!

  6. 2019 has started out rough. It's made me even more of a recluse. Just know I think about you, RoH! ❤️

    1. Telana


      Thanks for checking in! And sorry to hear about your RL troubles. Sending good vibes your way, @Curious_Dani! We miss you ❤️ 



    2. Koro


      Miss seeing you @Curious_Dani! Hang in there, and know that we think about you too and hope you come back to game with us regularly soon!

    3. Elisel


      So sorry to hear it's been rough @Curious_Dani :(  Hang in there! You are missed and hope you can sometime make it back to playing regularly with us.  ❤️


  7. Happy Birthday! I miss you and hope you're doing well. :D

    1. Elisel


      Thank you Dani!  I am doing well.  Hope you are and you are feeling okay.  Miss you :)

    2. Curious_Dani


      I am doing so-so. Trying to pick the pieces up. I've been logging into ESO but that tends to be when everyone is asleep due to my silly sleep schedule I have right now. xP

  8. I am sorry for being MIA so much, RoH. I do think about you guys on the daily. ❤️

  9. Happy Birthday, @Curious_Dani!



  10. Happpy Birffffday!

  11. Happy birthday! I hope it was awesome! 

  12. Happy Birthday!!!

  13. Happy birthday @Curious_Dani! May you have a most excellent day! :)


    happy birthday cat GIF

    1. Curious_Dani


      Haha I love that gif. Thank you for the birthday wishes. :D