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  1. I'm still on Midgardsormr, what information are you looking for? (I haven't finished SB yet so i don't quite have access to all the zones fyi)
  2. Add me to pve and raiding as well please
  3. Ifrit extreme was a favorite of mine when I played last, I'm excited to do it again. And I already have Titan's mount so that's one less to farm
  4. What time do you anticipate starting the runs? Wednesday and Fridays are inconsistent for me as far as when I can log on
  5. Hopefully this will still be of use, I was pretty busy the past 2 weeks and am catching up on things. Your Character Name: Zulune Pathan (not on server yet) How long have you played FFXIV or are you new? I played for a while prior to and through the launch of the Heavensward expansion but haven't been in game for a few years. Favorite thing to do in game? Raiding and dungeons, Hard modes and Extreme modes included. Greatest accomplishment in game? In ffxiv? Probably completing the relic weapon for my whm before Heavensward launched. How long have you been in Remnants of Hope? About 9 months Have you every been in a leadership or assistant position? Currently a raid assistant for GW2 Have you ever ran for any offices in RoH? nope Have you any projects that you worked on in RoH? I assisted in the creation of the raid department for GW2 if that counts.
  6. Played around the launch of heavensward, did some minor raiding but didnt really have a regular group so I left ffxiv for other games. Been talking to @SilentTheGray recently and have become interested again. Havent activated my account yet, also not on server so i’ll have to transfer to join you all. I am on the same datacenter though so i could do dungeons and raids. I have mnk and whm at 60, probably will level up some others (and push those to 70 once i own stormblood). Primarily interested in raiding, thats why i play mmo games, and those who know me likely won’t find that surprising lol.
  7. I've only played the standard one so far but I want to try riverlands and wilderness. I'm still very new to the game though haha
  8. That's awesome! Nice job you guys!