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  1. hello :)


    thank you for your kind reaction.


    Hope to get to know you.



    1. SirenRae


      Thank you, Cappy!

      It would be my pleasure to get to know you. Please feel free to message me anytime you'd like, and I hope to see you in game, too!



  2. thank you for your re-action to my post 


  3. Thanks Limmy, for the response.

    I hope to get to know you, but I am totally lost in this place and don't really know how to post yet. 

    I will continue trying until I am familiar enough to navigate to where I should go. In the meantime, thank you for all your kind responses. :)



    1. Limmy


      Hi @cappy329

      Anytime you need help, just yell! More than happy to help out :0

  4. so sorry, not sure how (or where) to respond. 

    Can you help?


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    2. Elisel


      Glad to do it @cappy329!  So you are joining as a trial member in GW2 and suspect that they were talking about guild missions for tonight?  (Sorry, I don't play GW2, only SWTOR and now of course ESO is my game with RoH.)  All of our events are indeed at EST.  I'm going to tag @Squeeks @Limmy @Halindar and @Siscia , who are the GW2 recruitment team so they can see this and clarify.

      PS - No bother at all and of course you will be worth the trouble.  I think you will find we are the best guild ever, (I might be biased, but still true :) )

    3. Siscia


      hiya, @cappy329! I think you must have talked with @Zang (Neleh Blu or some other character with the last name "Blu"). I'm going to private message you to help you figure things out! :) 

    4. cappy329


      Today I join in SiverWastes with Squeeks group and we took him down.

      I was sooo proud of my DragonHunters performance as a Berserker, he held is own and then some.


      Anyway, Squeeks was kind enough to let me apply this as an activity on my application. So here I am. And I am ready to do it again :) cu soon

      did i post this correctly?