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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. 12k execute from miles away, HoT in a nut-shell


  3. Done ez frac yolo no heal Thx @Halindar and @CeitAmiot for learning with me. Also two pugs...
  4. I've practiced with some pug on t4. This frac looks really beautiful This frac requires pulling mobs either from DH or chrono. Use special action a lot. that's it ez frac Looking forward to learn again in fractals event tonight. @Tanksk @Halindar @BlixBlix @Colathan @Kagrenac @Peureki @demonbunny @Deyna @Squeeks @snowhawk @Drubid @RaVem @Griff @AceGonzalez @Pixid @Zulune @IntensePrehistoricButerfly @Gestalt @Itsscience @Altoid @Arianor @tiu359@Silver
  5. Hey guys, I'm gonna learn new frac after the episode hit. I usually play around guild event time. I will call in guild chat when I am online if you want to join. I'm not sure the time that episode will launch tho. Hopefully it's on the fractal event. @Tanksk @Halindar @BlixBlix @Colathan @Kagrenac @Peureki @demonbunny @Deyna @Squeeks @snowhawk @Drubid @RaVem @Griff @AceGonzalez @Pixid @Zulune @IntensePrehistoricButerfly @Gestalt @Itsscience @Altoid @Arianor @tiu359@Silver
  6. Tanksk

    Guild's first 100CM!

    2 months ago I didn't know what is fractal, 1 month ago I didn't even know how to do normal 99 and 100. Ty all of you, I can do cm 99 100 pretty gud now all because of our guildees. Also ty @Peureki@Kagrenac@IntensePrehistoricButerfly@Altoid@demonbunny@CeitAmiot for learning cm100 with me and help me get this far.

    1. KageSennen


      Mew mew! :D Thanks @Tanksk!! :) 

  8. I did it finally!


  9. Tanksk

    Learning CM

    @BlixBlix@Halindar@Kagrenac@IntensePrehistoricButerfly@demonbunny Tomorrow you wanna do CM 100? and what time are you available? We can shift from 5 pm to something early like 1 pm.
  10. Tanksk

    Learning CM

    @Kagrenac not sure but the download just stuck at 0% somehow.
  11. Tanksk

    Learning CM

    Hey I'm downloading some patch, pls wait for me@Peureki@Kagrenac I'm not dead in bed yet.
  12. Tanksk

    Learning CM

    @BlixBlix@Halindar@KageSennen@demonbunny @IntensePrehistoricButerfly Peu, Kranec and I will continue progression from last time at 5.00 pm! Come join some fun! Who wanna come pls post under me need chrono and dps or banner! @Peureki@Kagrenac
  13. Bautchh pls I look fabulous.


    1. IntensePrehistoricButerfly


      I approve of this.

      If you dont. Dont let the door hit yuh where the good lord split yuh.

  14. I'm too fat to get out Help!


    1. Stargirl


      It looks like a wolf is behind you or a ghost monster

    2. Tanksk


      Oh yeah, that's my staff lol.

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