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  1. Knock knock. You'll find me online almost every night, although my hours vary. I play anywhere from 6PM to 12AM Eastern on weeknights; I got on around 10ish last night. Some nights are sparse. If you haven't joined the discord yet, you should. Https://discord.gg/FQEuqmk
  2. General notes to all of us, in response to your general notes: How is the trading company run? What is the hierarchy / how do people join / do we recruit / etc. I assume the RP TC is not a literal copy of the FC? How does the trading company interact with others: ie Aine's primary duties are to/with the Conjurer's guild in Gridania, but she's been with the TC for years. Is she a contractor, affiliate, friend, member, etc? Are we hiring adventurers (FC members who have not written themselves into the TC in character (IC)? I think there was more, but my brain is just not working today, so.
  3. Hi! Time to learn about Aine before we have the event on Thursday. We're gonna use a trust method here. So, Aine has been working with/in the trading company for almost the entire time it's been around. If you're affiliated with the trading company in general and have been for a while, here's what you know: - Aine (ANYA! lol) is in her mid twenties (24, if you know her personally) - You may have seen her out and about on missions. You're likely aware that she has both close combat and healing skills. - She lives in Gridania and has her own home - She's handfasted with S'erenitee Nekira and they'll be Bonding (soon) (don't pressure me yo) Don't click this if it doesn't apply to you . If you're a member of the trading company and/or have worked (closely or multiple times) with Aine before, you probably know the following. Don't click this if it doesn't apply to you . If you're friends with Aine (and you'll need to message me so we can coordinate), you know the following as well: If you clicked the first spoiler, you should be nice and talk to me about your character so we can mesh. If you clicked both spoilers, we really need to talk. If you are close friends with Aine, and it's quite possible some of you are (cough people I always play with), you might know more than what is listed here. There's more! It's not getting written here because you don't know it unless I tell you! Talk to me if you're interested! Private message me on Discord please, so I have notes in case I forget something.
  4. Are we doing this? Is it happening? The motivation has built up?
  5. Been searching for more lore stuff. Regarding jobs (this was written during HW, and remember, it's just a guide): https://kilieit.tumblr.com/post/159315531877/just-how-obscure-is-that-job-crystal-in-lore Also been lurking the http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com forums. The conversations are not sanctioned or anything, but the viewpoints give you an idea of pros and cons of stuff. Tis helpful.
  6. I just wanted to drop a comment in here; whatever process we end up with, I think it should be as light/easy as possible even if that means people are more "surprised" by the application process if we become a division down the road. This is for a couple reasons. First and foremost, I think a majority of people looking to join a guild are generally not interested in an out-of-game application process; it becomes a psychological barrier to entry even if the process is easy (and let's be honest, applying to RoH is easy). I came in from the outside hearing about all the games we have a presence in, but people in FF14 will be coming from the opposite direction. Secondly, getting the FC up and running and adding members can be a fitful process at the best of times (I probably shouldn't be the one mentioning this lol). I saw the application impact on the Horde side in WoW, when people would hear about the need to apply and then just "poof," gone. And I forget what the third point I had was. Maybe rather than an out and out "application," we could point out that hey, if you're sticking around and you've liked hanging out with us, there's actually a lot more of us in a bunch of other games? Why not check out our forum and apply to join the community if you're interested? Two birds, one stone. Get 'em in and hook 'em first, and then if they become a member, we don't even have to worry about that part of divisionhood (I realize that's overly optimistic). There's no reason we can't say, we like getting to know people before we make things "official" and track their participation on our side so that it's hands off for them. So there's 2¢.
  7. Hi there. I'll leave IC for in game and just give you an OOC description of some pertinent details/description. First off, nice and simple, Aine is pronounced "Anya." The job toss up is gnb/pld and sch/whm (in training?). Once I have done more research I will likely settle on 3 tops, hopefully I can get it to two. I am leaning hard toward PLD/WHM. The archetype is powerful magic user that is tank/healer mix: a defender of those in need. That's 5 sentences, so I'll keep brainstorming outside this post.
  8. So, I feel like I got this link off the forum, but I can't find it. If I'm poaching, please take credit. I found this site with an index of lore related materials, I will let someone more familiar with the game judge its accuracy. It does, however, have a TON of topics: https://mirkemenagerie.tumblr.com/post/167534982764/mirkemenagerie-update
  9. 200 episodes would last me like 3 weeks LOL
  10. Thanks for hosting. Here's my photo:
  11. You're out of line dude, chill. You're adding tone that isn't there.
  12. Hi! At the moment we have two branches, Mateus and Malboro. Both are on the Crystal data center. I think Malboro has more people online more often, but I'm biased because I'm on Malboro. It is a little less crowded and has a more opportunity for personal housing, if you're interested in something like that. If you're unsure, why not make a new character just long enough to get a feel or each server and then decide?
  13. Hi all. With the world visit system now in place, we can all go to any specific server as a group (have to transfer individually). So RP is a non-issue, we cam just visit whatever is convenient. Same with hunts. Duty finder is cross server, so it's fine too. I am torn, because I *really* want a house, and I'm strongly considering an xfer to goblin as they have a lot of plots available. I was browsing last night, and I found one I want >.>
  14. Seeker4015, PC. edit: @Michael Ex, I get two options: Michael_Exley, and Michael_Ex1993
  15. Please add me to PvE and RP for the time being. Probably add raids eventually, but I'm not high enough yet anyway.