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  1. You're out of line dude, chill. You're adding tone that isn't there.
  2. Hi! At the moment we have two branches, Mateus and Malboro. Both are on the Crystal data center. I think Malboro has more people online more often, but I'm biased because I'm on Malboro. It is a little less crowded and has a more opportunity for personal housing, if you're interested in something like that. If you're unsure, why not make a new character just long enough to get a feel or each server and then decide?
  3. Fenrir is a wolf mount from the gold saucer. It costs 1 million mgp, but you can get over 60k a week in about 5 minutes. Fashion report (weekly) Cacpot (weekly) Mini-cactpot (daily, but just do it once with the other two) Should average 65-70kish
  4. Posting again for visibility, I know it was in the other thread: Duty finder is *always* cross server within a data Center (and was before this, too). Finding random groups wont be a problem. World visit allows us to group, as long as we are all on the same data center - you just cant be in an FC cross-server. And likewise, we can all meet for RP. Being on the same (edit: server) just allows us to have an FC together. One note - I havent checked Coeurl recently, but Malboro still has a number of open small plots for an FC House. Coeurl may as well.
  5. Full disclosure: I voted for Malboro because I server transferred last night. I have found it really frustrating that our FC leadership has been silent in these threads; I was unwilling to miss the opportunity to move to a server while it was still free, and to be able to get the plot I wanted. It has also been super frustrating to see the FC go from 10-20 people on with some fair regularity, to only myself and maybe 1-2 others on occasion. Drog, as one of the ranked FC members I want to thank you for being an active participant in these threads. I hope that circumstances end up with us making the move to Malboro, but if not, drop me a friend request and we can get together and play any time. I'll also still be here on the forums and in the discord. -Vis
  6. For everyone's convenience: Balmung (this is high pop, so not here) Brynhildr Coeurl Diabolos Goblin Malboro Zalera
  7. Hi all, Bear in mind this thread may just end up as unofficial because I'm not an officer. My RL friend has already moved servers, and we (and I) don't have much time to make a decision. If we're going to move, we'll still need to discuss what server to move to as well. Please cast your vote so the data is available for our leadership when they have time to check it. This poll will close tomorrow, Monday April 29, at 11:59 PM ET. -Vis Thanks Tzu
  8. Hi all. With the world visit system now in place, we can all go to any specific server as a group (have to transfer individually). So RP is a non-issue, we cam just visit whatever is convenient. Same with hunts. Duty finder is cross server, so it's fine too. I am torn, because I *really* want a house, and I'm strongly considering an xfer to goblin as they have a lot of plots available. I was browsing last night, and I found one I want >.>
  9. Seeker4015, PC. edit: @Michael Ex, I get two options: Michael_Exley, and Michael_Ex1993
  10. If you'd like to make a list of bullet points for topics you want covered, I can draft something for you.
  11. so it's the end game that lets you play the endgame game at the current end of the game? Or something like it? I'll come when I hit 70.
  12. So this week is possible if you have a level 50+ caster. Find a pair of Rainbow Slops of Casting, then go to a vendor and buy a level one hat and boots. Dye the hat and boots aldgoat brown, done.
  13. This week may not be newbie friendly according to reddit. @Deyna can you offer advice?
  14. Thank you! I never bothered because it seemed a pain, but for 60kgp a week I'll do it every time. PSA: if you have a glamour on, it judges the glamour item, not the base item! Dont buy claws of the beast again if you already have them!
  15. Please add me to PvE and RP for the time being. Probably add raids eventually, but I'm not high enough yet anyway.

Congratulations to Kingston75, Katalaw, Stormtree & DoohickeyJones on being chosen Members of the Month for June for their primary divisions!

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