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  1. Hope you have a great day today! Happy Birthday!

    1. Nyx


      Thank you, Monk! ❤️

  2. Enjoy your special day! :D

  3. I just downloaded the game after watching some of Exilecon. A lot of resources I see on here and a lot to learn, here we go
  4. Happy Birthday Tyrlo! Hope you have a crunk one!

    1. Tyrlo


      Thanks, Monk :) Hope you're well!

  5. I have had this 'battle someone in the great league' quest forever. I have yet to battle any other player, is there some easy way to do this other than get a friend to 3 stars and hope they're both on and accept when you request?
  6. @KlondikeBear why you send me gifts and not open mine? My gifts not good enough for you?!
  7. I have been pretty active last couple months, looking for friends for gift exchange and battles! 6962-5740-2630 Added you @Handsome-T.K. and @WhitePhoenix!
  8. Bumping this. I hardly play any Blizzard games anymore, if anyone is interested in taking ownership of this interest group to get stuff going, please let me know and I'll gladly give it up
  9. Happy Birthday! Get super crunk! Crunk means whatever you want it to mean :)

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      Thanks @DigitalMonk! ❤️


       Maybe we should consult @Hippy on the crunk thing LOL

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      Happy Birthday!! 


      You know I got the turn up Juice.

  10. Have a great bday Lager!

  11. until
    How to Win Cyrodiil Welcome to this Introduction to Group Play in Cyrodiil, led by @Siynn and @Bubbli! Where: Cyrodiil, Sotha Sil Campaign When: Mondays, starting May 6th at 10pm EDT Requirements: Level 10+, Ebonheart Pact, Teamspeak, an open mindset and willingness to follow directions Whether you are a veteran of Cyrodiil or this would be your first time, come join @Siynn and @Bubbli as they lead us through the basics of Cyrodiil. Learn the strategy and tactics of what it takes to achieve victory in Cyrodiil! Here is what you can expect to be covered during this event: How to enter and move around in Cyrodiil. Understanding how and why to use the map in different situations to earn victory. Common terminology used in Cyrodiil. Interpreting the short hand communications saves on valuable time. Group play tactics. In Cyrodiil, we live and die as one. Building a character that is more focused on group play than solo. Gear and skill choices that benefit the group go a long way. Tactical movement and engagement strategy. Moving smart is better than moving fast. Siege strategy and formations. Well positioned siege can be the difference between taking a keep and certain death. Prepare yourself and we'll see you out in Cyrodiil!

  13. Late Friday Night Cloudrest Trial Run Where: Cloudrest, Summerset When: Friday, May 3rd at 11pm EDT (right after Leveling With Friends) This is something hosted by myself, @DigitalMonk and not the PvE department. I wanted to try and put together a late-night run for Cloudrest (+0). This is a one-time event. There is a limit of 12 people (including myself) that are available to do this so invites will be available based on order of sign up and role available. Please note that if we do not have enough signups, this event will be cancelled. Also, if our group completes this content in a timely fashion, we may run it again as it can be pretty short). This event is available to all that meet the minimum requirements. If you are of appropriate level and need help with gear, consider filling out a crafting request as many crated sets are viable for this content. The RaidNotifier Addon is optional for this run but extremely useful, please consider using it. If you need help with what to do with your character, downloading addons or knowing what gear to attain for your character, reach out to myself or our PvE department. This event is great for: First-time trial adventurers, this run will be going at a slow pace with everything being explained. People looking for non-jewelry trial gear. Fun times with awesome people. Minimum Requirements Character Level 50 with 160 Champion Points All gear is CP 160 with at least one complete 5-piece gear set Summerset Chapter Teamspeak, microphone is preferred but listening is required (Click here to learn how to set it up if you have not already) How to Sign Up Read above and make sure you meet the minimum requirements Reply down below stating your role (Tank, Healer, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS) If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me and I will be happy to assist you. See you then!

    excited happy birthday GIF

  15. DigitalMonk

    April Division Assembly

    Remnants, Assemble! When: Friday, April 19th at 8:15pm EST Where: Teamspeak We will gather to conduct our monthly Division Assembly! All the cool kids are doing it. Doing what? Attending the Division Assembly, that's what! Come hang out in TeamSpeak with us to hear about what's going on in our division. Agenda Intro by @DigitalMonk Crafting with @Darnavian Roleplay with @Icy Housing and Fashion with @Daizey Player versus Environment with @Calypso589 Player versus Player with @Ezoura Recruitment with @Telana Open Floor for Questions/Suggestions/Feedback Have any questions, suggestions or feedback? I have set aside time at the end of this assembly to open the floor up to anyone that has something they'd like answered, suggestions or feedback they have. Please note that this assembly is in lieu of Social Hour this week. Come join us as we talk all the goings-on before grouping up for Leveling With Friends! Don't have time to join us? This assembly will be recorded and this post will be updated for your listening pleasure. See you there!
  16. Hope you enjoy your day Koro!

  17. Hey Jarkuta I know we don't really know each other but just wanted to say happy birthday and have heard you are an awesome RP'r!

    1. Jarkuta


      Thanks Monk! Appreciate the compliment, though I'm not sure who'd say such nice things about their former evil GM xD

  18. Hope you have a great birthday @Solanias!

  19. oh, hey there...just wanted to say...



    rebel wilson party GIF by How to be Single


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      😁lol Thanks Monk  

  20. DigitalMonk

    New Player Orientation

    New to ESO? Come Learn the Basics and Bring Your Questions! Teamspeak will be necessary to listen as this discussion will be done verbally (Microphone not required) Where: @DigitalMonk's house (Optional, for demonstration purposes if necessary) When: Saturday, April 6th from 3-5pm EDT (Come join for all or only part of this) Who: All are welcome! ESO is a unique game with a lot to learn. Yes, it's an MMO but it definitely has a lot of features, systems, lore and more that truly make it unique. In RoH, we help each other understand this game that we love. This event is geared towards new players as we will be doing an overview of the basics in ESO. Please bring any and all questions! Please note that if some questions are more advanced or require a large amount of time to go over they may be tabled for discussion at a later time. This is the first time I am attempting something like this. We may or may not get to all of the topics listed in the time frame and if we do not, I may have a part 2! Without further ado, here are the topics I plan to cover (more may be added between now and the event): Base Game/DLC/Chapters Alliances Races Roles Classes Roles (PvE/PvP) Skill Trees How ESO Rewards Exploration Wayshrines and Fast Traveling Experience gains and boosts Mundus Stones Food Potions Inventory Management Gear Combat Basics Crafting Basics Achievements Even if you have a question about a topic that is not listed above, please bring it to the Orientation. If you know members who are new to the game, please spread the word and tell them about this event! If you can't make it, this event will be recorded. So bring your notepads and your questions and I look forward to seeing you on March 30th!
  21. Hey @Aishya hope you have a GLORIOUS bday!

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