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  1. Happy  birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!


    You are missed Val!

  3. Have a lovely Birthday 🎉

  4. Yesterday I proved to myself I could still do 5km (actually, did 2 2.5 Km and a 5 km walk :D) Yea, I dusted off my Pokemon Go
  5. At the moment, I weigh 131 kg (289 lbs) I am aiming for 125 by the end of the month. Now, I will accomplish this by doing a calorie limit diet with (I hope) a daily walking regime to get back to walking 5 km a day. Unfortunatly I am unable to do intense cardio like runnign due to my knees, and food is expensive I have however, decided to go on a sushi diet! Sushi I make myself from scratch, so I control what goes into it. Though rice is a high carb food, I will need those carbs to keep feeling full and not be tempted to eat everythign in the fridge
  6. I have reserved room 4 for us
  7. letting you know the league info shows draft on saturday still On an unrelated note, my pre-draft selections got me a 97% score on a Mock-Draft
  8. as long as i can convert to Australian Eastern I should be fine
  9. This guide is to get you started mining on my pool, Account Creation Go to Click New User Write down the automatically generated passphrase, or create your own. Make it LONG and DIFFICULT for anyone but you to remember Hit Next, then confirm the passcode and hit Next again. Your account is Created! Getting a Public Key Post your Burst Address in the "Faucet" Topic. Someone will send you 1 Burst to get you started Once you receive your burst, click "No Name Set" at the top left of your wallet. Set your account name and description, and then click "standard" to set the fee. If requested, re-enter your passphrase, then hit Update Account Info You now have sent and received burst, finishing the public key setup Joining the BTFG Pool Go to Enter the Reward Recipient as 9146480761707329845 Enter your account passphrase Hit Submit If everything worked well, you will get something similar to the following: {"signatureHash":"77765d5f8929f67e752c7yaddayaddad9c1bc7190a0a79e6ae876717b770", "unsignedTransactionBytes": "yadda yadda yadda } {"senderPublicKey":"52c52de00b69b239a1etceteracfe83fc415b41c8d07a2e07831d", "signature": "yadda yadda","feeNQT":"100000000","type":20, "fullHash":"c23ddc18786bd89e2a } More to come))
  10. Burstcoin is a Green Cryptocurrency that uses your hard drive space to generate Burst. Unlike energy wasting algorithms such as Proof of Work like Bitcoin, Burstcoin is a Proof of Capacity. All that is required is that you dedicate a portion of your hard drive to mine with. People are mining with USB drives, old hard drives, or just leftover space on their laptop. How energy efficient is Burstcoin compared to Bitcoin? Recent changes made by this Community owned and operated coin has actually improved energy efficiency even more, to 0.0024 KWH per transaction by introducing Multi-Out, allowing many different transactions to be processed via a single entry to the blockchain. I personally run a Pool for the last two years that is dedicated to the hobbiest and small miners who want to enjoy the benefits of mining without owning a huge mining rig. This group is dedicated to Burst Mining, and will be a place to ask questions, and get help in setting up your own miner. Enjoy! More info on Burstcoin can be found at
  11. Just a shout out to our wonderful ESO Forum RPers @Vil , @SerenityKellan, @Simple, @Elisel , and @Lyrazel

    You have done an amazing job of moving forward between yourselves, allowing the RP to develop from YOUR imaginations, with me only needing to provide general direction. This makes my job much easier.


    If anyone is interested, just fill in your name in our RP Waiting list (you wont wait long!) 

     Never Rped before? Thats ok! Need help making a character sheet? We can help! Don't have a character sheet?? Well, you can start without one!  ESO not your primary division? Forum RP allows you to RP at a time YOU wish! Join us now!

    1. Vil


      Thank you for the awesome set up and running it. Having lots of fun. 

    2. Elisel


      Yep having fun!!

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