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  1. Yes, I was thinking of a weekly meetings to discuss the chapters, but I think it would depend on the book for how many chapters we could read before each meeting. For example, Skyward would probably go a lot faster than some of the other options. I also wouldn't mind starting a discord group, because I rarely go to the forums and they sometimes seem buggy to me.
  2. Thanks everyone! I'll add the vote tomorrow for people to select the book. I want to do a weighted poll so that we since there are a lot of options and this will give you a chance to pick your top 3.
  3. Hi everyone, I love reading and after chatting with @Randal Arin, we thought it would be great to start up this book club since it doesn't seem to be used recently. I'll try and organize the first book of the month for reading, but want to do a a survey to vote on what book we want to cover. Please update what book you want to add to the survey and I'll send out the survey on Feb 25th and give people until Feb 28th to vote on what book they want to read. We will break the book down into chapters once we decide on the book we will read together and meet either in discord (voice) or through the interest group if you cannot make the meeting time to discuss the chapters we had assigned. The book I'll be adding to the vote will be the new book out by Christopher Paolini. This was the author of Eragon and the Inheritance Cycle, but he's all grown up now! Warning: This book is not a children's book (I read a sample from Amazon). The book is called "To Sleep in a Sea of Stars". Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks. Also, if anyone know how to @ the book club members, let me know. Thanks!
  4. Simralin

    DreadFortress VMOPS PIEROGI


    Hi, I'm going to be away this Sunday and won't be able to make it. Good luck and I'll be back next week!
  5. Simralin

    VMOPs Terror From Beyond


    I can be backup for rDPS or heals.
  6. Simralin

    VMOPs Explosive Conflict


    rDPS > mDPS > heals
  7. Simralin

    VMOPs Explosive Conflict


    I can make this one. I bring rDPS > heals > mDPS. Also willing to drop if it gets full.
  8. Simralin

    VMOPs Double Feature


    Can do mDPS or heals.
  9. Simralin

    Dread Fortress 7-9pm VM PROG

    Do you know why there is no button to say you're going? I usually see one on events.
  10. Simralin

    VMOPs, Dxun SM Double Tap


    I can sign up for backup. Since it's imp side I can bring mDPS, rDPS or heals.
  11. Simralin

    VMOPs Storymode Dxun


    mDPS or heals
  12. Simralin

    VMOPS Progession (YOUR PICK)


    But we made so much progress last night! That was even after our rough start. Edit: In case it wasn't obvious, my vote is for vmops df.
  13. until

    I can bring healer, mDPD or rDPS on imp side
  14. until

    I can be backup for mDPS or operative heals.
  15. Simralin

    VMOPS Progression


    Oh, I don't have teamspeak...
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