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  1. Simralin

    VMOPs Explosive Conflict


    I can make this one. I bring rDPS > heals > mDPS. Also willing to drop if it gets full.
  2. Simralin

    VMOPs Double Feature


    Can do mDPS or heals.
  3. Simralin

    Dread Fortress 7-9pm VM PROG

    Do you know why there is no button to say you're going? I usually see one on events.
  4. Simralin

    VMOPs, Dxun SM Double Tap


    I can sign up for backup. Since it's imp side I can bring mDPS, rDPS or heals.
  5. Simralin

    VMOPs Storymode Dxun


    mDPS or heals
  6. Simralin

    VMOPS Progession (YOUR PICK)


    But we made so much progress last night! That was even after our rough start. Edit: In case it wasn't obvious, my vote is for vmops df.
  7. until

    I can bring healer, mDPD or rDPS on imp side
  8. until

    I can be backup for mDPS or operative heals.
  9. Simralin

    VMOPS Progression


    Oh, I don't have teamspeak...
  10. Simralin

    VMOPS Progression


    I can bring mdps if you need. No ranged yet, but working on it.
  11. Simralin

    VMOPS Progression DF


    I can come as backup with mDPS if your normal DPS can't make it. I don't have a rDPS.
  12. until

    I can bring mdps or heals
  13. until

    mDPS - Willing to drop to make room for others (if somehow too many people sign up... ). Also have a healer if needed since this is imp side.