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  1. I'm open to reading almost everything, but fantasy and sci-fi are my favorites for sure. I'd suggest almost anything by Mercedes Lackey for fantasy, just 'cause I adore her books and she has a couple of different styles. Robin Hobb is also a good author, I've enjoyed her The Rain Wild Chronicles.
  2. It’s been a while since I read the inheritance series but I remember that I liked each book less until it almost felt like a chore to read them. Which was sad because I really wanted to like them!
  3. Ah, @ZEE88 you are sneaky. "I hear it is pretty awesome" and here you are! So you know it really is! Haha. Super excited that there is a book club though. Books are awesome. I'm actually not reading anything just this moment. But only because I just finished a book. It's called "The Outsorcerer's Apprentice" by Tim Holt. It is delightful. Not a heavy read so if you want something fun and light to read, I definitely recommend it. I'm going to get his other books too because I had way too much fun reading this one. I finished it in two days, and that's reading it at work between calls, so not much time at all! Oh man, the description of the Night Angel seems so familiar! I think I've read part of it. I should look into reading it.